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The best makeup setting sprays

Finding that the makeup that you carefully applied in the morning has all but rubbed of is particularly annoying, especially when you don’t make a habit of taking your makeup bag out with you. While many of us use a primer, which helps to keep your makeup in place, this often isn’t enough when you’re busy at work or out and about.

Recently, there’s been a flood in the increase of makeup setting sprays on the market. During our younger years, when going out was more of a past time, we all probably, at some point, pointed a can of hairspray towards our face, eyes squeezed shut as we hoped that it set our makeup as well as it set our hair. As you’ve probably realised by now, this isn’t the best thing for our skin, so a proper makeup setting spray should be on the cards.

Most makeup sprays do a grand job of keeping your efforts in place for longer periods of time, while others will offer that and more. Included in our list of the best makeup setting sprays is a range of products that are tailored towards different requirements. From sprays with moisturising powers to those primed for sensitive skin, make sure you research the best makeup setting spray for your face so you buy the right one for your skin’s needs. 

1. Clarins - 'Fix' makeup setting mist 30ml

A makeup setter that hydrates at the same time

Best for: Moisturising and refreshing | Size: 30ml | Skin type: All skin types

Keep your makeup in place
Refresh skin in drying environments
Expensive for the size of the bottle 

Clarins intend for this makeup spray to double up as a moisturiser as well as a makeup setter and as the reviews go, it does a pretty good job of doing that. Whether you require a quick spritz in the morning or want something to boost your skin after a day sat under the air-conditioning unit, reviewers say the revitalising properties of this makeup setter are noticeable. An added bonus is it smells pretty good too!  While not the most expensive on our list, the bottle is smaller, giving it the least value for money - you are paying for Clarins though.

2. NYX Makeup Setting Spray - Matte Finish

A makeup spray for a matte finish

Best for: Matte finish | Size: 60ml | Skin type: : All skin types

Gives makeup a matte finish
A great budget product
Not the same effect on oily skin 

If you’re looking to give your makeup a shine-free finish, give this setting spray a go. Reviewers say it does a good job of making sure makeup stays put, however those with oily skin say they don’t see much difference on the shine levels. NYX promise it to be lightweight and comfortable, making it a decent product to wear on a daily basis and with the price being as affordable as it is, you shouldn’t feel too bad wearing it often.

3. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

A light, oil-free makeup setting spray for all skin types

Best for: Long-lasting results | Size: 110ml | Skin type: All skin types

Ensures the longevity of your makeup
Oil-free - great for greasy skin
No particular smell 

Urban Decay have certainly thought about this product - a lot.  In addition to promising 16 hours of flawless makeup, it’s free of oil and parabens to ensure your skin remains smooth and shine free. The brand says it works by lowering the temperature of your makeup, essentially ‘freezing’ it in place - great if you’re looking for a product that combats warm or humid conditions. The majority of reviewers are left impressed by the product but there’s a certain emphasis on using quality makeup alongside this spray to ensure the best results. 

4. Skindinavia - The Makeup Finishing Spray

The original makeup setting spray - according to some

Best for: Movie-set luxury | Size: 118ml | Skin type: All skin types

Prevents makeup from slipping, melting or creasing
Used by makeup artists
Won’t be as effective on oily skin 

Many people believe that the original is often the best and the fact that Skindinavia claim that this product is the oldest on the scene yet is still used by makeup artists goes to show that it’s still making a good impression. Lightweight and oil-free, it has similar qualities to the Urban Decay product - it should also last up to 16 hours. While it helps to keep your makeup in place, some reviewers say there’s still some noticeable transference and for oily skin, a little more. Paraben-free and hypoallergenic you can be confident that it will be kind to your skin.

5. ARMANI - 'Giorgio Armani Refreshing Make-Up Fix'

A refined makeup setting mist from a refined designer

Best for: Ultra-light | Size: 150ml | Skin type: All skin types

Forms a barrier to protect against external environment
Not hydrating 

Despite the fact that this bottle of makeup spray comes with the Armani label, for the price and the size of the bottle you receive, you’re not exactly paying a premium. The brand promises an extra-fine weightless mist, which they say acts as veil and an aeroshield, thanks to the active ingredient. In addition to holding your makeup in place, it protects the skin against toxins in the environment, helping to keep skin healthy.

6. Bobbi Brown - Face mist

A hydrating face mist that also acts as a makeup finisher

Best for: Hydrating | Size: 100ml | Skin type: All skin types

Hydrating for dry skin
Green tea and cucumber for soothing
Not the strongest makeup finisher 

While not the strongest makeup finisher, reviewers say the spray does a great job of refreshing the skin and your makeup at the same time whenever it's applied throughout the day. With active ingredients including Chamomile, caffeine, cucumber and green tea, Bobbi Brown promises the spray will hydrate, soothe and refresh your skin. Whether you want to revitalise your face after a stressful day at work or spruce up your makeup before meeting your friends for coffee, be kind to your skin with this face mist.

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