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The best log burners: for fuel efficient home heating

If you want a unique and energy efficient way to heat your home, then a log burner could be the answer. Not only are they a beautiful focal point of a room, but they can save you money on your energy bills in the long run. 

However, log burners don’t come cheap and it is important to consider all the factors before making such a big investment. You need to think about the space in your home and where you wish to put it to ensure it is the right size to adequately heat your home during the coldest winter months. 

For smaller spaces, or average sized rooms in the UK of 15.8 sq m, an output of around 5kw would be sufficient, whereas bigger homes and rooms may be better suited to something as high as 12kw. Anyone living in a built-up city location will also need to ensure that they opt for a log burner that is DEFRA approved, this means the burner has been tested for its emissions levels and that they are considered safe for high-occupancy, urbanised locations.

Log burners start at around the £500 mark, but then you’ll need to consider the cost of getting it properly installed and then buying the right type of logs to fuel the fire. You can also get log burners that burn other types of fuel such as charcoal. Investing in such a piece will make your home feel authentically cosy and keep you warm throughout the winter months in style.

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1. Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11

A large log burner that will keep all the family warm

Best for: Big families | Output: 11kw | Fuel: Multi-fuel | Dimensions (HWD): 638x625x381mm | DEFRA Approved: No

 Large output 
 Big window 
 Not DEFRA Approved 

The Aarrow Ecoburn Plus is large and can heat many rooms, making it one of the best log burners for large homes in the country. However, it is not DEFRA approved so it would not be suitable for homes in a smoke controlled area. We love the big window at the front for viewing the flames, and this log burner is particularly energy efficient as it can be used to heat your water and save you money. 

2. Charnwood Country 6 Wood Burning Stove

Beautiful double doors for an optional open fire

Best for: Open fire | Output: 6kw | Fuel: Logs/multi-fuel | Dimensions (HWD): 605x510x374mm | DEFRA Approved: No

 Open or closed fire 
 Classic look 
 On the pricey side 

This is a beautiful and traditional style log burner that would look great in a country kitchen or living room. It features large angled doors which can be folded back for use as an open fire, great for those cosy evenings in front of the telly. Logs are the main fuel source however you can pay extra for a multi-fuel kit for this burner. You’ll also have a range of colour choices to match your existing décor.  

3. Esse 1

A cute little log burner ideal for cosy homes

Best for: Value for money | Output: 5kw | Fuel: Logs/multi-fuel | Dimensions (HWD): 511x410x380mm | DEFRA Approved: Yes

 Choice of colours
 Quite small  

This cute little log burner would be ideal for smaller homes, and comes in a range of unique colours. It is also DEFRA approved so it is suitable for all types of home in smoke controlled areas. It also has a new feature which allows you to store your fuel beneath it for easy access when you need to top up the logs and if you are looking to purchase a log burner but don’t want to spend too much, this one is ideal for your first investment.  

4. Be Modern Ohio Solid Fuel Stove

A modern looking log burner to heat the contemporary home

Best for: Contemporary homes | Output: 5kw | Fuel: Solid fuel | Dimensions (HWD): 540x437x463mm | DEFRA Approved: Yes

 Ash pan & Glove 

 e love the contemporary look and feel of the Be Modern Ohio log burner. It comes in at just under £700 making it an affordable purchase for most homes, and it is smoke exempt meaning it could make a fantastic addition to the modern home. It has a large panoramic window for a beautiful view of the flames and isn’t too cumbersome for smaller rooms.  

5. The ACR Rowandale Stove

A reliable and stylish heat source for your home

Best for: Clear view | Output: 5kw | Fuel: multi-fuel | Dimensions (HWD): 575x555x370mm | DEFRA Approved: Yes

 Large viewing window 
 Choice of colours 

If you want to create a cosy atmosphere in your home then the ACR Rowandale Stove does just that. It has a large panoramic window with powerful airwash technology which keeps the window clean for the clearest and brightest view of your fire at all times. This is one of the larger log burners that would be ideal for a family lounge in any home as it is fully DEFRA approved. 

6. Stovax Stockton 5 Wood Burning Stove

A small and simple design that is energy efficient

Best for: Energy efficiency | Output: 5kw | Fuel: logs | Dimensions (HWD): 544x481x335mm | DEFRA Approved: Yes

 Energy efficient 
 A little small 

This wood burning stove is ideal for smaller homes as it is incredibly energy efficient and features a compact design that won’t take over the room or break the bank. It comes in a range of metallic colours as well as the traditional matt black finish and has a wide window to allow for bigger logs of up to 13 inches. It can also be fitted with an optional DEFRA smoke control kit. 

7. AGA Dorrington

A free-standing stove that is ideal for large open plan living areas

Best for: 24/7 warmth | Output: 5.9kw | Fuel: Logs | Dimensions (HWD): 1089x530x403mm | DEFRA Approved: Yes

 Large modern design 
 Overnight burn 
 Not ideal for small homes 

If you really want to make a statement then the AGA Dorrington Wood Burning Stove is the perfect focal point for any large home. It can provide an exceptional amount of warmth and even has an overnight burn function so you can stay warm 24/7. It’s not ideal for smaller homes but if you have the money and space to spare then this would make a fantastic addition to a modern décor. 

8. Invicta La Borne Wood Burning Stove

Surprisingly powerful without the hefty price tag

Best for: Value for money | Output: 10kw | Fuel: Logs | DEFRA Approved: No

 High output 
 Not our favourite design 

If you want a log burner that will heat your home quickly and efficiently but don’t want to fork out over £1000 for the AGA Dorrington or the ACR Rowandale, then this is a cost-effective alternative for you. It is fairly compact in size but extremely powerful and can easily heat a large space, guaranteeing to keep you and the whole family warm throughout the cold winter months.  

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