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The best lip plumper for fuller lips

Let’s throw some names out there; Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson- they’re all celebrities who have managed to make a pretty penny or two from their perfect pouts. And while we could debate over a couple of days whether they’re real or not real, it leaves a number of us looking in our mirrors every morning, wishing our lips could look that little bit fuller. 

These days, you don’t have to take drastic action; there’s absolutely no need to book yourself into a clinic to achieve bigger lips. In fact, horror stories of over inflated pouts are enough to put anyone off resorting to fillers or any other form of procedure. 

Instead, we’ve come up with some of the best lip plumping products on the market right now. Some of them, we admit, are a little on the peculiar side - take capsaicin for example, which actually derives from plants like the chilli pepper and acts as a natural irritant. While others use peptides and other plump inducing properties to provide you with the perfect pout. 

Naturally, we warn you, some of the products will make your lips sting for a while. After all, it’s all about irritating them and making them swell-in a safe and controlled way. And while that brings to the forefront the old expression - no pain, no gain- at least we can take comfort in the fact that we’re not having some back street technician injecting us with something dodgy. Our round-up features our pick of the best lip plumping lipsticks, balms and glosses to help you achieve a subtly plumper pout for those all important night outs.

1. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Nudestar Lip Plumping Gloss

All in one colour and plumper to achieve the perfect pout

Best for: All-in-one
Colour: : Nude
Size: : 7ml
Plumping Ingredient: : SUPERFILLTM Lip Plumping Spheres
Reasons to buy
+Plump and colour in one+Easy to apply
Reasons to avoid
-Sparkle may not be for everyone 

If you’re looking for an amazing all-in-one that offers lip plumping action, explosive shine and fabulous colour, there’s no need to go any further than our number 1 product. Whether you wanna rock the going out look or require a boost of confidence to get you through the day, Soap and Glory aim to transform your pout in seconds with one application. The product owes its plumping ability to its microscopic spheres, which expand as soon as the wand tip touches your lips. You’ll get a slight tingly sensation as the gloss does its thing- then cue the fabulous pout! This plumping lip gloss is rated highly for its subtle nude colour and noticeable results in the plumping department, an all round winner.

2. Too Faced Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss

A long lasting lip plumper with a lovely scent

Best for: : Fragrance
Colour: : Pale Pink
Size: : 4ml
Plumping Ingredient: : Capscacin
Reasons to buy
+Smells yummy+Subtle colour
Reasons to avoid
-Dries out lips 

We’re not going to lie, some of the lip plumpers on our list aren’t expecting to receive bonus points for a delicious smell, particularly those that pack in copious amounts of peppermint leaving you wondering if it's gloss or toothpaste you're applying! Good news is - this one scores highly on the 'nice scent' scale. But yes, ultimately you’re not after whether it smells of strawberry or chocolate orange, you wanna know whether it’s gonna give you a pout to shout about! Well the tingle-inducing ingredient in this one is Capsaicin, which works alongside the brand’s patented blood vessel dilating technology aiming to bring you the most luscious lips in the land. The effects are reportedly limited in terms of longevity, lasting just a couple of hours for most users but if you are looking for the best lip enhancing gloss for a night out, this might just be the one.

3. L’Absolu Gloss Rôsy Plump

Use for subtle plumping and hydration

Best for: : High shine
Colour: Pink
Size: : 8ml
Plumping Ingredient: : Hyaluronic acid
Reasons to buy
+No harsh chemicals+Natural boosting
Reasons to avoid
-Not for dramatic plumping 

It’s no secret that lip plumping products will, over time, dry out your lips. This product, however, aims to overcome this downside. This is largely down the the fact that it’s main plumping ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is actually an industry-favourite hydrating ingredient rather than something designed to agitate the the skin into swelling. It works alongside the high shine gloss and menthol which when applied, aim to create a plumping sensation that gives you a perfectly natural pout for up to 6 hours. The subtle pink colour of this gloss is loved by users.

4. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL

Apply for some middle ground plumpness and a splash of colour

Best for: : value for money
Colour: : Pink, red, nude, coral
Size: : 10ml
Reasons to buy
+A lot of product for your money+Not as plumping as other products
Reasons to avoid
-Colours may not be to everyone’s taste 

If you want a product that gives you more plump but that perhaps isn’t as harsh sounded as our number 1 pick, then you have the answer here in this alternative Soap and Glory product. While this is probably down to the fact that they’ve used peptides (which increase hyaluronic acid levels) as a base, rather than chilli juice, those who are after that satisfyingly tingly sensation won’t feel like they’re missing out. This is the best coloured lip plumper on our list, so if you are looking for a plumping gloss that packs a powerful colour as well as a powerful plump, opt for Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL.

5. Lip Voltage Chamber Made

You control the plump volume with this innovative product

Best for: : Styling
Colour: : Clear
Size: : 5ml
Plumping Ingredient: : Capsacaicin
Reasons to buy
+Greater plump control+Neutral colour
Reasons to avoid
- Can get a little painful

We’re going back to chilli-power with this innovative lip plumper. With it’s special mechanism, you can increase the amount of the lip plumping ingredient you pump onto your lips, providing you with the power to change your style according to purpose. On a night out? Fire up all cylinders and whack up the power. Need a little for a day time boost? Dab a little around the lip edge for a healthy rise. We do have to mention that the bigger the boost the intenser the tingle but for 3-4 hours of lusciously plum lips, it’s totally worth it.  

6. Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper

For gentle lip plumping that adapts to your lip colour

Best for: Gentleness
Colour: : Adaptable
Size: : 10ml
Plumping Ingredient: : Gingermint
Reasons to buy
+Natural ingredients+Adapts to your lip colour
Reasons to avoid
-Not as effective as others 

As we’ve already discovered, you don’t need harsh chemicals to get the pout that you’ve always wanted. For those after a subtle result, this lovely lip plumper uses natural ingredients to enhance and adapt to the natural colour of your lips, while glossing them over with voluminous shine. If you’re after a dramatic effect, you’re going to have to go for something a little harsher, but if you’re going on a date with the BF and don’t want to give him the chilli tingles too, give this one a go. 

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