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The best lightweight laptops

The best lightweight laptops

Instead of awkwardly lugging a large carry case with you on your morning commute, lightweight laptops can fit snugly into a laptop sleeve and slip neatly inside your rucksack. They’re packed with as many features as a heavier one, you’ll just have to set aside a much bigger budget. 

The best lightweight laptop will combine the following elements: it will feature the latest i5 or i7 processor, have plenty of RAM, a good amount of storage space, and of course, it won’t weigh much over 1kg. The laptop that meets those requirements is the Asus ZenBook 3. It’s one of the lightest on our list and, if you’re looking for 16GB of RAM, it’s quite possibly the cheapest you’re going to get. 

So long as you’re not planning on running super complex programmes and processes, a lightweight laptop with 8GB of RAM should suit you just fine. Those looking to use a laptop for everyday things, such as essay writing, watching films and browsing can get away with the i5 processor, too. 

The best lightweight laptop

1. Asus ZenBook 3

Slim, refined, intelligent and classy

CPU: Intel core i5-i7 | Weight: 1.3kg | RAM: 8GB-16GB

 Long battery life 
 Features Windows Hello 

With the choice of either an i5 processor and 8GB of RAM or an i7 processor with 16GB of RAM, there’s an Asus ZenBook for you, no matter your requirements. From the outside, it’s sleek and edgy, with a NanoEdge display delivering realistic images, a wide viewing angle and pin-point sharpness. There’s the benefit of SonicMaster Premium speakers which, packaged together with the display, makes watching your favourite film pretty immersive, and there’s the added benefit of Windows Hello, which uses your fingerprint to unlock the laptop rather than a password. All this, and a hefty 256GB of storage in a machine that weighs just 1.3kg, makes it our best.

Dell XPS 13

2. Dell XPS 13

A laptop that comes in different guises to suit all needs and budgets

CPU: Intel core i5-i7 | Weight: 1.21kg | RAM: 8GB-16GB

 8th generation Intel processor 
 Infinity edge display 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful laptop to carry out everyday work or a machine on which to carry out complex editing, there’s a Dell XPS 13 to suit your requirements. With an aluminum and carbon fibre body, this laptop is lightweight yet incredibly strong. It features an impressive Infinity Edge Display, the latest processor for both gaming and work and a massive 512GB of storage. This Dell is one of the lightest laptops you can get, and with a 4K Ultra HD screen on top of Windows Hello, probably one of the most impressive laptops, too. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Whether you require an everyday laptop or a heavy processing machine, the Microsoft Surface has you covered

CPU: Intel core i5-i7 | Weight: 1.25kg | RAM: 4GB-16GB

 8GB model available in a range of colours 

With the highest spec model setting you back over £2,000 and the basic spec model around a grand, the Microsoft Surface Laptop certainly has a lot to offer. While the basic model is only available in silver, it’s perfect for running everyday software and programmes. If you want to take it up a notch, the 8GB laptop has plenty of colour options for you to choose from, including Cobalt Blue and Burgundy, and will fare well running more complex programmes. No matter what amount of RAM you require, you’ll still benefit from its sleek, lightweight design, with the large 13.5” touchscreen giving you more control over your laptop.  

Apple 13" MacBook Pro

4. Apple 13" MacBook Pro

Offering a different operating system but the same processing qualities, the MacBook Pro is a great Windows rival

CPU: Intel core i5-i7 | Weight: 1.13kg | RAM: 8GB-16GB

 Bright, colourful display 
 Improved graphics for editing 

If you’re devoted to Apple, the MacBook Pro won’t disappoint. The 8GB version runs on an i5 processor which, combined with the retina display, should make it great for gaming, basic editing and creating graphics. If you demand more from your computer, the 16GB version will cost you over £2,000, but those who run demanding programmes will definitely be able to tell the difference. Aesthetically, the MacBook Pro is super thin and incredibly lightweight, with a Thunderbolt 3 port and a Force Touch trackpad for better data transfer and control respectively.  

Acer Swift 3

5. Acer Swift 3

A great budget option, perfect for students and everyday use

CPU: Intel core i5-i7 | Weight: 1.5kg | RAM: 4GB-8GB

 Basic model is a great first laptop 
 Full HD display 

The only lightweight laptop in this list that boasts a model under £500, the Acer Swift 3 should make a great lightweight laptop for students. While there are models that offer newer processors and more RAM, the attraction with the most basic model is the price. Whether you’re essay writing, researching or streaming a film, this laptop is more than good enough to speedily power this level of software. Featuring an HD screen and a speaker system that promises accurate sound reproduction and richer audio, the Acer Swift 3 in its most basic form still offers a huge variety of attractive properties.  

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