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The best jogging strollers

For the parent of young children, it can seem impossible to find enough hours in the day to eat, sleep and shower, let alone squeeze in exercise, too. But (for better or worse) some clever clogs came up with the idea of the jogging buggy, and thus a time-saving phenomenon, and a godsend for busy parents, was born. But finding the best jogging buggy for your individual needs can prove a bit of a pickle if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Luckily, we’re here to help.

If you’re planning to start exercising with your baby on board from birth (and most importantly, plan on keeping it up), start with a stroller that fits newborns, with a carriage system to upgrade seats as you go. Travel system compatibility is also a handy indicator of versatility: i.e. can the seat clip in and out and double as a car seat? It’s especially useful to consider a model with a travel system if you drive to the park, or wherever it is you like to do your running, so that you don’t have to worry about taking two separate bits of equipment.

While you can buy buggies with fewer, a jogging stroller will usually come with three wheels to better handle speed and offer stability on bumpy terrain, and the bigger the wheel — usually — the more stable and comfortable the ride. Of course, the bigger the wheel, the more space it’ll take up in the boot, too. Something to consider if you have a small car, or are planning to take your running stroller on the road.

After that, it’s all about the little extras, things that could make life with small children just a little easier, like soft padded handlebars, easy-to-use foot brakes, or ample storage for shopping or snacks. Keep reading to find the best buggy for all your exercising needs.

1. BOB Revolution SE Pushchair

A revolution in running buggies, the standard against which all others are judged

Best for: Best all-rounder | Age suitable from: 6 months | Travel system compatible: No

 Comfortable for you and baby 
 Easy to push and manoeuvre 
 No travel system 

This model from BOB is the running pushchair, perfected. It’s ultra-lightweight, gliding along with no effort at all — so you won’t end up more exhausted than normal after a jog — and supremely manoeuvrable, with a lockable front swivel wheel. It doesn’t cut down on comfort for the sake of ease, with a nice wide seat and multi-position canopy included to keep your little passenger comfortable. And then there’s the soft padded handle (finally, a treat for the parents) with wrist strap for added security. Add to that a quick and easy fold, and you have a winner. All-round, our best jogging stroller. 

2. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller

A handsome hybrid stroller for working out day-to-day

Best for: Easy to clean | Age suitable from: Birth | Travel system compatible: No

 Suitable from birth  
 Machine washable fabric inserts 
 Not travel system compatible 

This good-looking hybrid buggy boasts a seat that’s suitable from birth, so as long as you’re ready, it’s ready — if you’re nervous about taking your child on the road for the first time, there’s a 5-point safety harness and a huge canopy to keep them, safe, secure and comfortable, and your mind at ease. You can also lock the front wheel from the handlebar, and all the fabric parts are machine washable — after all, all that jiggling around is asking for trouble... An excellent everyday buggy. 

3. BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller

A flexible and adaptable buggy for multiple or taller users

Best for: Adjustability | Age suitable from: 6 months | Travel system compatible: Yes

 Height adjustable handlebar 
 Rugged and stable on all terrain 
 Hard to fold 

If you’re not the only one who likes to take baby for a spin, take a look at the ingeniously adjustable BOB Revolution FLEX. It has a height-adjustable handlebar that’s suitable for multiple users, or ideal for taller joggers who want to maintain form and keep back pain at bay. And it’s as comfortable for baby as it is for you, with a lovely wide seat to keep them cradled from A to B. For the family who all like to jog, this is a great bet. 

4. Thule Urban Glide

For a sleek and sporty look with plenty of space

Best for: Easy steering | Age suitable from: Birth | Travel system compatible: Yes

 Reclining seat for on-the-go naps 
 Lockable swivel front wheel with tracking 
 Big wheels take up space when folded 

This running buggy, with its plush padded seat, rear suspension and near-flat reclining, means that your precious cargo will be happy and comfortable whether they’re wide awake or fast asleep. The multi-position canopy provides protection on sunny days, and features a view-in roof so you can keep an eye on them while you work out. Unusually, its front wheel has tracking adjustment to keep you on course, even if your little angel distracts you. 

5. Out n About Nipper Sport stroller

Big wheels keep on turnin’ on the surprisingly rugged Nipper Sport

Best for: Lightweight | Age suitable from: Birth | Travel system compatible: No

 Very light 
 Rugged for all terrains 
 Not travel system compatible 

The lightweight aluminium frame of the Nipper Sport stroller makes it ideal for taking on holiday or carting around between home and grandparents’ houses. Don’t mistake “lightweight” for “not sturdy”, though — its large 16” front wheel makes it capable in off-road conditions and easy to push, and should you need to stop suddenly, the one-pedal easy-lock brake is simple to use. 

6. Burley Solstice

Packs down small to fit in all boots, with a surprising amount of storage

Best for: One-hand fold | Age suitable from: 6 months | Travel system compatible: Yes

 One-hand fold 
 Good storage 
 No top brake 

From a past producing bike trailers for little adventurers, American brand Burley know what’s what when it comes to keeping babies comfy on the road. As a mid-range jogging buggy, it’s excellent value, offering sturdiness, ease of movement, adjustability, and an impressive amount of storage, for around £400. It deals with changes in surface well, and laughs in the face of inclines with its simple footbrake. For the time-starved, it’s a great buy if you’re planning to take it on errands as well as exercise. 

7. Mountain Buggy Terrain Solus

A good-looking buggy that handles rough surfaces with ease

Best for: Off-road and urban | Age suitable from: Birth | Travel system: Yes

 Light to push 
 Easy to fold 

A really rugged, good-looking bit of kit is the Terrain Solus from Mountain Buggy. As well as sizeable 16” tyres and shock-absorbing suspension that make it good for rough terrain in wilder landscapes, its stable weight distribution and smart engineering mean that you can easily ‘pop up’ the front wheels to mount higher kerbs in towns, without disturbing your passenger. For urban runs, this is a sturdy and stylish choice. 

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