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The best iPhone cases for women

How many times have you had to take your phone to get the screen replaced? If you’re anything like us, at least twice. But that no longer has to be the case (get it?). You’ve found the page that gives you everything you need to know about the best iPhone cases for women. In our list, we feature a range of products -from fashionable leather to practical polycarbonate - and one thing’s for sure, they’re all super stylish and practical.

Buying a case is the best way to protect and enhance the look of your phone. With so many different styles out there, there’s the opportunity to apply your personal taste and enhance your phone beyond its fairly corporate/universal exterior. Those who take regular trips to the repair shop may want to look into purchasing a wraparound phone cover or a pouch, as they ensure that the whole phone is covered. If you aren’t a complete klutz, a basic cover may fare fine, and you can always buy a screen shield separately. 

The variety of phone cases out there is endless. With shops dedicated to selling phone cases and hundreds of fashion brands jumping on the bandwagon, there’s cases to suit all budgets and tastes. Discover the the best selection of iPhone cases in our list below. 

1. iDeal of Sweden iPhone 6+/6s+/7+/8+ Case

An elegant case for those who like to make a fashion statement

Best for: Elegance | Colours: White, grey and gold | iPhone sizes: 6s,6+, 7+, 8+ | Material: Polypropylene

 Will complement a variety of looks 
 Compatible with the plus iPhones 
 No screen protector 

With its marble design and fashionable white and grey colouring, this case is certainly a crowd-pleaser. Anyone who drifts towards items that are simple and elegant should love the minimalist and exclusive feel of the case. iDeal have embellished the marble design with gold branding, which makes it look more expensive than it actually is. The addition of a magnet makes it compatible with the iDeal phone mount, which makes hands free driving easy.  

2. Michael Kors Electronic Leather iPhone 7 Cover

A simple leather snap case from accessories designer Michael Kors

Best for: Teams up as a card storer | Colours: Black, Burgundy, Red, Light Pink, Fuschia | iPhone sizes: 7 | Material: Leather

 Slots to hold your cards 
 Available in a range colours
 Only available for iPhone 7 

If you like the idea of keeping your phone and your cards in one place, this iPhone case from Michael Kors will help you to achieve it. While card space is often saved for wrap around cases, the fashion designer has extended the convenient addition to this snap on case too, which means you shouldn’t lose track of all your essentials when on the go. There’s a range of colours available; so whether you’re into bright bold colours or subtle shades, this case ensures all personal tastes are covered.  

3. Ted Baker Malibai Chelsea Grey iPhone Case

The ideal phone case with a handy mirror for checking yourself on the go

Best for: Phone screen protection | Colours: Black, White and Pink | Material: Synthetic

 Classic Ted Baker floral design 
 Wrap around for complete protection 
 Designer price tag 

Ted Baker are known for their floral designs and this iPhone case carries on the trend. Incorporating pinks, greys, white and gold, the colours on this wrap around case are stylish and elegant and certainly help to separate it out from the crowd. Best of all is the mirror on the inside flap, which can be really handy when on the go!

4. Michael Kors Jet Set Leather Travel iPhone 6 Case Purse

An incredibly functional iPhone case, perfect if you’re constantly out and about

Best for: Keeping everything in one place | Colours: Black, Pale Gold, Soft Pink | iPhone sizes: All sizes | Material: Leather

Space for all your essentials 
Not too Bulky 
 Very pricey 

If you love a Michael Kors handbag or purse, you’ll love this ‘phone case’. It’s more than just a case; it’s more of a miniature handbag in the way it stores your cards, ID and loose change. For those looking for a small, discreet bag for nights out, this is certainly one to consider, thanks to the loop wrist strap, which allows you to conveniently keep hold of it without it getting in the way. Available in three colours, you can pick one that matches your style.  

5. Radley Oak Hill Woods Leather Phone Case

A beautifully simple case that completely protects your phone

Best for: Simplicity | Colours: Black, Berry | iPhone sizes: All sizes | Material: Leather

 Pouch for complete protection 
 Simple with designer elegance 
 Take phone out every time you need to use it 

Radley are known for their simple, stylish designs and this case is no exception. With a leather exterior, it exudes luxury and is actually less expensive than the Michael Kors leather case we featured earlier. With a minimalist design, there’s no bells and whistles but it does come with a dust bag so you can keep it pristine if you’re not using it. The only niggle is the fact that it's a pouch, which means you’ll have to take your phone out of the case each time you need to use it. 

6. iDeal of Sweden Floral Romance iPhone Case

Another beautiful case from repeat performers iDeal of Sweden

Best for: Design | Colours: White, Pink, Blue | iPhone sizes: 6, 6s, 7, 8 | Material: Plastic

 Beautiful print 
 Compatible with magnetic phone accessories 
 No screen protection 

Combining fashion with practicality, this case contradicts itself with its light design and heavy duty shell. If you’re a fan of pastel, you’ll love the way in which the brand have used the soft colours to create the floral design. As with the first case on our list, it’s compatible with the iDeal of Sweden magnetic car mount- great if you’re constantly on the road.  

7. kate spade new york Floral Hard Case for iPhone X

A specially designed case for the awkwardly sized iPhone X

Best for: the iPhone X | Colours: White | iPhone sizes: X | Material: Polycarbonate

 Made to fit the iPhone X 
 Subtle design 
 No screen protection 

If you’re after a snap case to protect your newly purchased pride and joy, this subtle case is perfectly sized. If you’re hesitant about hiding the elegance of the new iPhone model, this case is clear, while the white floral pattern and sparkly jewels add just the right amount of bling, rather than being in your face. Made from polycarbonate, it’s incredibly durable, while the addition of rubberised bumpers adds that additional shock absorption if you happen to drop it.