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The best iPhone cases for teenage girls

iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones on the market today, and boy do they cost a lot, so why not spend that little bit extra to make sure your phone is protected? Whether you love or loathe the rose gold backing introduced by Apple a few years ago, it's worth covering it with a durable case, as the devices themselves, while they may look pretty, are incredibly slippy and thus susceptible to a whole range of fatalities including dropping, knocking and scratching. 

There is nothing worse than seeing your brand new iPhone slowly slip out of your hands and down the stairs, or worse, the toilet. With a protective case, you may just be able to save your device from an otherwise very expensive repair job. By no means does your phone case have to be dull and boring! In fact, there’s a whole host of different cases on the market to cater to the younger generation of smartphone owners. 

From techy  cases to enhance your camera, to subtle designs and a bit of bling if that's your thing our list has it all. We’ve rounded up the best iPhone cases for teenage girls that will stop them from damaging such an expensive gadget the minute they get their hands on it. Plus the one’s we’ve picked out they’re bound to want to show off to all their friends…

1. LuMee Duo iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus Case - Rose Gold

Be Insta-ready always with this light up phone case

Best for: Taking selfies | Colour: Rose Gold | iPhone size: 6+/6s+/7+ | Material: Plastic

 Adds a warm glow to photos 
 Friends will love it
 Expensive for a plastic case 

LuMee have really hit the nail on the head with this light up phone case. This plastic iPhone case features natural, warm lighting on both the front and the back to allow you to take the perfect photos wherever you go. Whether a keen photographer or you simply like taking selfies with your mates, this case will ensure you’re looking flawless anywhere, anytime (oh, and that your phone is protected, of course!). It’s quite pricey for a plastic case, but it’s endorsed by Kim Kardashian, and she would say you can’t put a price on a good selfie. 

2. Personalised Rose Marble Mobile Phone Case

A simple phone case that you can personalise with initials

Best for: Personalisation | Colour: Rose Gold & Marble | iPhone size: 5 - X | Material: Plastic

 Add a personal touch 
 On-trend design 
 No screen protection 

Teenage girls will love this rose gold and marble design as it’s bang on trend right now, and what’s more is you can personalise this iPhone case to feature your initials- great for when all the girls have the same case! It’s a great way to show off your iPhone without the risk of damaging it, as the hard plastic casing will prevent any scratches from appearing. You’ll still need to be careful with the screen though, as this case doesn’t come with a screen cover or protector. If you liked the style of the LuMee but don’t want to spend that much on a case, this one will keep you up to date with the latest trends perfectly.  

3. REBECCA MINKOFF Stylish Liquid Glitterfall Protective Case

Add a touch of sparkle to your smartphone with this holographic case

Best for: Glitter fanatics | Colour: Clear & Pink | iPhone size: 7 | Material: Plastic

 Sparkly confetti backing 
 Thick protective lining 
 Only for iPhone 7 

Get on board the glitter train this year with this Rebecca Minkoff holographic liquid phone case that makes for the perfect accessory. It’s fun, and best of all, its super protective. The thick hard plastic will protect any vulnerable edges from getting dented during falls or drops and it comes in baby pink or clear, so you can still see the original colour casing if you prefer.  

4. Speck Presidio CLEAR + GLITTER with Glitter Crystals

A subtle sparkly shock absorber for those with clumsy hands

Best for: Clumsiness | Colour: Clear, pink & gold | iPhone size: 7 | Material: Plastic

 Shock absorber  
 Fits well 
 A little basic 

If you’re known for dropping your phone, then this protective hard case should save you from the cost which comes with clumsiness. This case features shock absorbers which soak up the impact of a drop or fall up to 8 foot and can protect your phone from getting smashed, dented or scratched. So if you’re conscious about damaging your phone, this is the best iPhone case for extra protection. Other than the protective features, this case isn’t too in your face, so is great for those who want a more subtle design.  

5. Cactus Print Phone Case

A summery print for girls who don’t like pink

Best for: Funky design | Colour: Clear, green, blue | iPhone size: 4-X | Material: Plastic

 Hand-drawn design 
 In all iPhone sizes 
 Not the thickest case 

Not all girls like pink, so when looking for the best iPhone cases for teenage girls, don’t just go straight for the standard pink or glittery case. This cactus case is a hand-drawn design that has been digitalised to create this lightweight, transparent protective casing. It has a nice smooth finish so is comfortable to hold and can be easily clipped on to fit your size iPhone perfectly.