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The best freezers: from compact storage to freestanding designer appliances

Packing your weekly shop into your freezer sometimes feels like a game of tetris -bags of chips battle for space against joints of meat and ready meals for lazy Friday evenings. And when you finally close the door, you’re suddenly filled with trepidation as you wonder how on earth you’re going to reach that bag of peas hidden at the back of the second draw underneath several packets of mince and lamb chops. 

Whether you’re a bulk buyer or a food-on-the-go kind of person, you’ll need to ensure that whichever freezer you choose to purchase has enough space for you to comfortably store the frozen items of your weekly shop - nobody wants to get home to find they’ve got to cook up several packets of something just to create space. 

You’ll also need to consider the shape of your freezer. For example, our list of best freezers consists of a range of shapes - from industrial sized upright freezers to chest freezers that sit tight against a back wall. And what does your ideal freezer layout look like? If efficiency of access is key, do you want several drawers to keep meats, veg, chips and ready meals separate or do you simply need the largest expanse possible to provide you with enough space to store food for a small army?

And did you know that designers really go all out these days to bring you all sorts of tech features. In-built ice machines to cameras and alarms, freezers offer so much more than just a unit capable of keeping producing temperatures as low as minus 18 degrees.

From freezers so flashy they’re almost space-age to retro freezers that endorse your kitchen with effortless style, you’ll find our list of best freezers breaks down all the options so you can make the best choice for your kitchen. 

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1. John Lewis JLUCFZW6010 Frost Free Freezer

A great little stash away for small spaces

Features: : Quick freeze, frost free
Capacity: 78L
Size: H85xW60xD63.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Great for small kitchens+Frost-free for ease of use
Reasons to avoid
-A little noisy

If you’re struggling for space, this compact freezer will do the job nicely. Perfectly sized to sit snugly under the counter, it doesn’t use up any spare floor space, leaving you enough room to slide around your kitchen and whip up something truly scrumptious for dinner. With its four drawers, the organised among us have enough ammo to create an efficient storage system, which lessens the risk of accidentally hoarding 4 bags of frozen peas or not being able to pull together a last minute meal. It’s also been installed with a handy alarm that shouts at you if you’re taking too long to store your shopping away.

2. Siemens KG36NHI32 Fridge Freezer

Organise your chaotic storage system with this modern fridge-freezer unit

Best for: Tech lovers
Features: : Camera, remote monitoring and control, WI-FI connectivity
Capacity: 86L (Freezer)
Size: H187xW60xD65cm
Reasons to buy
+Lots of gadgets+Sleek design
Reasons to avoid
-More scope for technology faults 

If you’re into nifty gadgets - this is the freezer that rules them all. While you certainly need  generous spare space to slide this monster in, it makes up in performance what room it takes up in the kitchen. Take the internal camera for example; now, we know your food shouldn’t require a CCTV system - but you never know, the eggs may decide to host a party- but the gadget is handy if you get halfway round the supermarket and forget what you’ve come in for - it happens to us all! The freezer consists of three large drawers which can be pulled out for optimum arrangement convenience.

3. Russell Hobbs RHCF150 150L White Chest Freezer

A fantastic cost-effective buy from the king of kitchen appliances

Best for: Chest freezer
Features: : Wheels for convenient moving
Capacity: 146L
Size: H84.5xW76xD56cm
Reasons to buy
+Great for overflow frozen food+One for large families
Reasons to avoid
-Large base area

So you love your fridge-freezer. It fits perfectly in its allocated cupboard space and you have no desire to change it. But, you’re fed up with the task of packing away the weekly shop turning into a full on mission. Solution- a chest freezer. In addition to being the most cost-effective option on our list, this straight-up no airs and graces white freezer chest is great for the garage or utility room. While it’s hard to negotiate order among the bags of chips, smiley faces, pork chops and the chicken for Sunday dinner, it’s the ideal overflow freezer that won’t fail to make your life easier.  

4. Samsung RS7567THCBC 523 Litre

For some more bells and whistles take a look at this beast from Samsung

Best for: American Style
Features: : Water/ice dispenser , electronic touch controls
Capacity: 176L
Size: H91.2xW74.7xD10cm
Reasons to buy
+Fantastic fridge-freezer+Convenient ice making facility
Reasons to avoid
-Not the biggest freezer size 

This American-style fridge embraces the well-assumed go hard or go home American attitude, with magnitude and modern styling at the forefront.  With the fridge-freezer unit as a whole boasting 361 litres worth of space, this is certainly one for those who have a large family or enough room in the kitchen for a statement fridge. Once all plumbed in, the fridge-freezer can offer you ice cubes, ice shavings and refreshingly cold water, which is pretty nifty for when we get that week’s worth of summer weather sometime during July. 

5. SMEG CVB20LNE1 Tall Freezer

Harmonise style and substance with this tall freezer

Best for: Designer interiors
Features: : Fast freezing
Capacity: 170L
Size: H151xW60xD54.2
Reasons to buy
+Smooth style+Food frozen quickly
Reasons to avoid
-No bells and whistles

SMEG remains religiously retro with this super stylish upright freezer. As the second cheapest on our list, they’ve compromised on gadgetry to give us a beautiful looking freezer that doesn’t break the bank. With heaps of room (9 shopping bags’ worth) to store no end of frozen delights, it does a wonderful job of doing what it says on the tin while giving your kitchen a designer touch.  Available in three eye-catching colours, you’re sure to find a SMEG freezer that fits harmoniously with the feng shui of your current kitchen space. 

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