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The best desk lamps: stylish home office lighting

If you’ve got a home office, the type of lighting you invest in can make all the difference. Despite the fact that technology has taken over and we’re often staring at a lit screen, a decent desk lamp is still worth having to take some of the strain off of your eyes when reading on paper or on screen. 

There are a range of stylish lamps available, many of which use either a standard halogen bulb or LED bulbs that are brighter and much more energy-efficient. However, when choosing a lamp that’s best for you, there are a few things to consider. If you have sensitive eyes, opt for a lamp with a lower wattage or less lumens so that you’re not straining the eyes. A lamp with a dimmer is also a good option for adjusting the light to your personal preference.

Most prefer to opt for a warm yellow tone which is softer on the eye. A brighter white/blue light looks more modern but provides a cooler atmosphere, so it is completely down to personal preference what kind of effect you wish to achieve in your home. 

You’ll also want to consider the desk space you have and where you wish to put your lamp. If you want to place it on a bedside table for reading purposes, opt for something more compact such as a cordless or clip on lamp that could be moved between your table and desk if needs be, or if you have an extra-large desk, a lamp with a long neck can be handy when switching between laptop and books, for example. 

Other than that it’s down to personal style and budget. We’ve picked out some modern ones and some traditional ones with a range of different features so that you can match them to your home office perfectly. 

1. Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp

The original desk lamp that shines bright and looks smart

Best for: Classic style | Bulb: 60 watts, E27 | Size: H45.8xW31.4xD17.2cm | Material: Aluminium | RRP: £140.00

Classic design
Adjustable angles

When you think of desk lamps, this is the one that comes to mind. It is the classic style lamp which looks sleek and provides just the right amount of lighting at any angle necessary. It comes in black, silver or white depending on your décor and provides a soft warm glow so it is not too harsh on the eyes. Although pricey, this lamp is built to perfection and will stand the test of time in terms of office style and functionality. 

2. Design Project by John Lewis LED Desk Lamp

A softer version of the Anglepoise with a soft and warm glow

Best for: Designer alternative | Bulb: LED | Size: H55xW50xD15cm | Material: Brass, Concrete | RRP: £75.00

Soft design 
Warm lighting
Not as flexible as Anglepoise 

If you like the look of the classic Anglepoise lamp but don’t want to spend that much, then this John Lewis version is a great alternative that some prefer in terms of design. It features softer angles and warmer lighting, plus it’s a fraction of the cost! This lamp would look great in any room of the house as a table lamp or desk lamp, and comes in black and cream so you can choose one to suit your décor.  

3. John Lewis Xavier LED Desk Lamp

A modern looking lamp that folds away and can be used anywhere

Best for: Small spaces | Bulb: LED | Size: H1xW6.5xD20cm | Material: Aluminium | RRP: £45.00

Folds away
Cold lighting 

This John Lewis LED lamp looks cool and is extremely functional in the home. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with and often find yourself sitting in bed or at the dining table to do work, this lamp is ideal because it folds away neatly so it doesn’t take up space. It is super bright which is ideal for those who end up working late into the evening and don’t want to disturb others by having the main lights on in the house.  

4. Lloytron Advocate Classic Bankers Lamp

An old fashioned lamp for vintage lovers with big desks

Best for: Vintage look | Bulb: 60 watts, E27 | Size: H46xW36Xd27CM | Material: Aluminium | RRP: £33.99

Soft lighting
Quite a large base 

This traditional library style lamp is perfect for lovers of all things retro and vintage. It would really look the part on a big wooden desk or equally as good on a bedside table. It features a gold base and green shade which boasts pure elegance, and has an easy to reach on/off switch. It has a fairly large base so it’s not ideal for moving around but would make a great staple feature of any room with old-fashioned décor.  

5. Lumie Desklamp

A bright light for bringing sunshine to those with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Best for: Mood lifting | Bulb: LED | Size: H55xW29xD14cm | Material: Plastic | RRP: £144.00

Great for treatment of SAD 
Touch controls
Short neck 

If you find that working during the winter months is getting you down, you may be suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The Lumie Desklamp is a certified medical device which produces a high-contrast light which simulates sunlight in order to lift your mood. It has several different brightness settings so that you can have it on all day when working or put it on for a shorter amount of time to help boost your mood if feeling down. This is especially good for those who work in the evenings or in a room with limited sunlight.  

6. Tom Dixon Bell Table Lamp

A stylish copper lamp ideal for desks or dining tables

Best for: Copper lovers | Bulb: 42W, ES Eco Halogen Classic | Size: H44xW28cm | Material: Steel with copper finish | RRP: £450.00

Looks cool
Soft lighting
Very expensive 

Copper is bang on trend right now and this bell-shaped lamp would look fantastic in any home. Although expensive, it is a style investment and if you’re big on interior design, this is a must-have that would look great as a centrepiece on the dining table in a modern kitchen. It also comes in silver for those whose décor reflects a colder atmosphere. 

7. Linea Cora Table Lamp

An extendable lamp that is both stylish and functional

Best for: Varying heights | Bulb: 60 watts, E27 | Size: H48xW23cm | Material: Metal | RRP: £75.00

Extendable neck
For any room in the house
Quite bright  

This extendable table lamp looks great and can provide light at a range of different heights depending on what you’re doing. It is a thin and simplistic lamp that would look good in a studio and provides a bright light for working on art or textile projects, but works equally as well in other rooms such as bedrooms and lounges for providing a cosy evening atmosphere.  

8. Habitat Peeta Metal and Wood Desk Lamp

A small but contemporary lamp that won’t break the bank

Best for: Students | Bulb: 40 Watts, E27 | Size: H40xW25xD12cm | Material: Metal & wood | RRP: £11.99

Not adjustable 

For students or those on a budget, this Habitat Desk Lamp is a great budget buy that looks stylish and is compact enough to fit on a smaller desk or bedside table. The contrast between the metal and the wood would suit any style of home but would look particularly good as part of a shabby chic style office. The head and neck are not adjustable and cannot be angled, but for the price it provides a bright light that cannot be beaten.  

9. Heart of House Slane Leaning Task Desk Lamp

A great value lamp that would look great in any contemporary office

Best for: Value for money | Bulb: 40 watts, E27 | Size: H47xW20xD30cm | Material: Metal | RRP: £39.99

Copper detailing
Not very adjustable 

For those who love the design of the Anglepoise and the John Lewis LED Desk Lamp, but find both of them a little out of their price range, this is a stylish lamp that is affordable and will help you achieve the look you desire in your office. Although not as flexible as the others, this lamp can be focused in any direction and provides a bright but warm light that is ideal for working under. The chrome accents and detailing on this lamp also make it bang on trend right now.  

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