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The best dating apps for finding love in 2018

In a world of technology, dating has never been so easy. Although going out and meeting someone in person seems like a nice idea, the likelihood of finding your dream man when out on the piss on a Saturday night isn’t all that high. The great thing about dating apps is that they open you up to a network of people that you might not necessarily cross paths with in your daily life, thus you have plenty more options and a higher chance of meeting someone who is looking for the same things as you. 

Dating websites no longer have a stigma attached to them about being reserved for those who are just a little anti-social, but as a millennial generation who now know technology as such a major part of daily life, digital dating is the new norm. With a whole array of dating apps that allow you to browse a plethora of singletons right in the palm of your hands, you can meet your match wherever you are, whether it be on your commute to work or filling the time during the ad break of your favourite TV show. 

There are also many different types of dating apps available depending on what you’re looking for. Whether you’re seeking a committed relationship or want to start out slow with casual dating, our list will have an app suited to your lifestyle. Browse the profiles of local men and women to find those who have similar interests and hobbies, and no matter what your age, sexuality or type, our roundup of the best dating apps is bound to get you a hot date this weekend!

1. Bumble Dating App

Who run the world? Girls.

Best for: Meaningful relationships | Available on: Android & iOS | In App Purchases?: Yes | Size: 89.7MB

Girls make the first move
Only talk to those who match with you 
App sometimes crashes if your operating system is not up to date 

This is one for the ladies. Bumble set out to change archaic views of dating, and this app has a rule in place which means the ladies must message their matches first. With heterosexual matches, the woman will have 24 hours to send their match a message, and with same-sex matches, both have the opportunity to send a message within 24 hours before their connection expires. This is designed to bring people out of their comfort zone and move the relationship into the real world as soon as possible. Those who have used bumble like this as it gets you more dates, which allows you to quickly establish whether there is a spark by meeting someone in person rather than engaging in idle chit chat online and then never actually meeting. Some men who have used this app find it a little frustrating that they don’t have the power to message first, but for the most part they also found it to only introduce them to genuine people who are looking for relationships. Make sure your iOS or Android operating system is up to date for the best experience with this App.  Download from Google Play or iTunes now.

2. Tinder Dating App

The quickest and easiest way to date

Best for: Easy dating | Available on: Android & iOS | In App Purchases?: Yes | Size: 130.1MB

Fun and easy to use
Customise your searches
Sometimes there is a GPS lag 

It seems Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps currently available, and it is also one of the easiest, fun and social apps you can have. The idea is simple; swipe right for yes, left for no, and if that person likes you too, you match and are able to direct message. You can personalise your search for people of a certain age and distance away from you, and the app will automatically recognise when you’re in a new location to bring you matches that are close by. One of the downsides to this is sometimes there can be a delay, so you could find yourself matching with someone quite a distance from you if you’ve recently visited a different city. Any bugs are usually fixed very quickly by Tinder, and other than the occasional bad egg, most users found their Tinder experience to be pretty successful for getting real life dates.  Download for Android or iOS now. 

3. Match Dating App

One of the most reputable dating sites now in a handy app

Best for: Staying in touch with matches on the move | Available on: Android, iOS & Windows | In App Purchases?: Yes | Size: 94.1MB

Browse profiles 
Monthly subscription means serious members
Too pricey for some is one of the most well-known dating sites, and it is regarded as one of the more serious dating apps due to its monthly subscription. Users find this definitely only attracts those who are genuinely looking for a relationship, whereas free sites can attract time wasters. The only downside is for a lot of people the monthly subscriptions might be a little out of their budget, but if you can afford it then you can expect to meet only like-minded people who are serious about dating. The app itself is said to be user friendly and it has features which include allowing you to block any members you don’t wish to speak to. People found their experience a safe and successful one. You can get this app for both Android and iOS, or download it to your desktop. 

4. Happn Dating App

Don’t let them be the one that got away

Best for: Finding people you’ve crossed paths with | Available on: Android, iOS &Windows | In App Purchases?: Yes | Size: 94.1MB

Find someone you’ve seen in real life
Timeline shows you who likes you nearby
In busy cities it can be overwhelming 

Seen someone hot across the bar but too scared to go and say hi? If you’ve both got Happn, then you’ll be able to match with them and let them know you like them through your smartphone device. This is the great way to find that super cute person you saw walking past you on the street or on the bus. This app will show you people close to you or those you’ve crossed paths with who also have the app, and will give you the opportunity to say whether you are interested in them. Your location is not disclosed to them unless you say you are interested, and then you will be able to chat. However, in order to chat you have to purchase a “say hi”, or sign up to a monthly subscription. Users found this app to work well in smaller towns, but in denser cities the matches can become quite overwhelming. You can download Happn from the Google Play or iTunes store today. 

5. Once Dating App

Tired of swiping? This is the effortless way to find dates

Best for: No nonsense matches | Available on: Android & iOS | In App Purchases?: Yes | Size: 100.1MB

A match a day 
No swiping 
 Have to upgrade for more matches per day

Sometimes we can end up going into auto pilot and not really pay attention to the people we’re swiping on, but with Once, you’ll no longer have to take the time trawling through endless profiles and instead this app will send you one match a day for you to focus your attention on. This match will be one that has been specifically picked to match your own interests and hobbies, so you are more likely to meet someone you click with. You’ll have 24 hours dedicated to their attention, and if they’re not the one, you’ll have a brand new match the next day to speak to. It removes time wasters and helps you establish a deeper connection with someone. The 24 hour time limit can make it tricky if you’ve got a busy schedule, and if you want more matches you have to upgrade, but most people who used this app found that it really did suggest people who were just their type. Worth it if you have the time. Download Once for Android or iOS now. 

6. Now Dating App

Set a date and just go!

Best for: Quick matches | Available on: iOS | In App Purchases?: No | Size: 58.2

Choose an available date time
View who is in the area
 Not for those who don’t like spontaneity

It can be easy to get sucked into dating sites; mindlessly swiping and not really paying attention, but with Now, you can take away that faff and date the smarter way. Now allows you to create a profile just as you would on other dating apps, but you set an allocated time that you are available for dates. You can then browse other people in the area and invite them on a date. It takes away the awkward small talk, and is designed to stop time wasters contacting you. Those with busy schedules found this dating app to work extremely well for them, and say they have had many successful dates using Now. The Interface is also said to be very simple and user friendly unlike a lot of dating sites, the only downside is there aren’t as many people on this app compared to something like Tinder as it’s a fairly new concept.  

7. Hinge Dating App

Find your next date through common connections

Best for: Meeting through friends | Available on: Android & iOS | In App Purchases?: Yes | Size: 93.2

No swiping
Meet friends of friends
Monthly subscriptions 

If you’re concerned about the dangers surrounding online dating, then Hinge is a great way to only meet people who are connected in some way to people you already know. The app will use Facebook (it does not post anything online) to draw out singles in your network so you can choose who to chat to. There’s no swiping, no blank profiles and no time wasters. This app is designed to get people talking again and to help you realise your perfect match could be right under your nose. Users found this app to have a few teething problems as it's fairly new, but overall it has been rather popular, so keep your eye on this one.  You can download from Google Play or the iTunes Store now. 

8. Wingman Dating App

Help your friend find love

Best for: Matches for your friend | Available on: Android & iOS | In App Purchases?: No | Size: 58.2MB

Set up a single or wingman profile
Feels like a game
Not the most serious dating app 

Wingman is a great way to have a bit of fun and potentially find your mate a date at the same time. Now, this may sound absolutely terrifying to those who think their mate might match them with totally opposite people they’re looking for, but if you are open to having a bit of a laugh with this app then it could be a fun game for you and your mate to play. It’s also genuinely good for those who are too shy to date for themselves, and you may find you actually do hit it off with someone. Those who have tried it said they love the idea, and it’s perfect for helping out family members who want to take their first steps into online dating. Overall, it may not be the most serious dating app on the market, but something new for you and your single friends to try together.  Download Wingman for Android or iOS now and help your mates find love. 


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