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The best compact Christmas trees for smaller homes

There are two types of people that emerge in the run-up to Christmas. On the one hand, there are the Grinches, the Scrooges, the humbuggers who steadfastly ignore every bit of festivity until absolutely necessary. On the other, there are the Christmas-lovers, the enthusiasts who, modelling themselves on Buddy the Elf,  start their shopping (and their singing) somewhere around October. This list is for the latter, the most dedicated celebrators who won’t let a little thing like having no space for a tree stop them from decorating to the nines on Christmas.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to, because we’ve rounded up the best compact Christmas trees for even the tiniest spaces. Once you have worked out where you are going to place your compact Christmas tree, you'll need to work out what sort of 'compact' you're after.

There are half-trees that fit flush against the wall but stay deceptively full as they face the room (because who looks at the back anyway?) and wall-hanging trees for minimal interior schemes and trip-free floors in your house’s busiest byways. Tabletop trees are becoming a popular choice for small homes at Christmas, bringing cheer to every surface, so long as you don't have little ones running around who are likely to pull them from the table! If it is a classic Christmas tree for small livings rooms that you are after, slimline freestanding pencil Christmas trees work well in the corner of compact living rooms.

There is a choice of finishes on most Christmas trees, from the natural-looking to the pristine, the basic to the fabulously frosted. Plus, if you are the type of person who dreads putting the lights up on your festive tree, many of the compact choices are pre-lit.

Whatever kind of space you are working with, don't let Christmas 2017 be a tree-less one. There’s sure to be a space-friendly alternative on our list, so go on: think big!

1. Argos Green Pencil Christmas Tree

For a traditional-looking tree in a smaller space, look no further

Best for: Classic slim tree | Height: 6ft | Type: Classic slim tree | Pre-lit: No

Dense branches for a full look
Great price
Doesn't deal well with heavy decorations

A compact Christmas tree that still looks full and dense is a rarity indeed, and this Argos Christmas tree is as dense as they come, giving it a classic look. If you want all the style of a regular Christmas tree in a more slimline package, go for this one. It doesn’t look cut down or skimped-on, it’s tall enough to hold an abundance of decorations, and its branches are full and green. This is the best classic artificial Christmas tree for hallways or small living rooms. Top marks for value and design.

2. John Lewis Pre-Lit Potted Christmas Tree, 4.5ft

A handsome artificial pine for indoor and outdoor use

Best for: Pre-lit | Height: 4.5ft | Type: Classic slim tree | Pre-lit: Yes

High-quality, classic look
Lovely stand

While noticeably pricier than our first pick, this pre-lit Christmas tree from John Lewis is a very worthwhile investment, if you can spare the extra cash. It comes with its own lightweight fibreglass stand with a graphite-grey finish. Each deep green branch is finished with fine, realistic-looking needles and is pre-lit with 100 warm LED's for convenience, plus, it has the added bonus of being suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The festive addition of 24 berries and 10 pine cones scattered among the branches gives this compact Christmas tree an high end finish. If the price is a little steep, the 3ft Artificial Green Frosted Potted Christmas Tree further down the list is a great budget alternative.

3. Argos Pre-Lit Half Christmas Tree

This half-Christmas tree saves space without skimping on fullness or height

Best for: Narrow spaces | Height: 6ft | Type: Half tree | Pre-lit: Yes

Half-design saves space
Pre-lit for ease
Not great in corners

As space-saving solutions go, the half-Christmas tree is a corker, and this pre-lit Argos version is an especially delightful answer to small-space conundrums. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a tree that looks as if it’s been cut lengthways, so that the back can sit flush against the wall while the front stays looking full. Plus, it’s pre-lit. For a compact Christmas tree that doesn’t look sparse and fits easily into small spaces, this is a great choice. We've chosen this as our best Christmas tree for hallways.

4. 3ft Artificial Green Frosted Potted Christmas Tree

This tabletop artificial tree offers a tiny bit of cheer in any room

Best for: Tabletops | Height: 3ft | Type: Tabletop tree | Pre-lit: No

Small size means it can go anywhere
Subtly frosted branches look great
3ft height includes pot, so the tree itself is quite small

This tabletop Christmas tree adds a wonderfully festive touch to any surface, and its bijou size means it’s not confined to living rooms: put it on the dining table, the hallway console, or in shared houses, use it to add a holiday touch to your own room. It’s full for the size, the frosted tips mean it sports its own decoration, and it comes with its own attractive wicker basket. Cute, compact, and a great deal.

5. 6ft Snow Tipped Pencil Christmas Tree

A standout snow-tipped tree for corners and compact rooms

Best for: Slim snowy tree | Height: 6ft | Type: Classic slim tree | Pre-lit: No

Lovely snowy branch effect
Slim but dense
Snow can drop a bit

It can be difficult enough to find a compact tree even when that’s the only requirement, so to find a compact tree with a touch of magic about it is a real treat. Such is the case with this snow-tipped tree from Argos, which is tall and slim for small spaces but goes big on Christmas cheer with its attractive frosted finish. Unlike many trees of Christmas past, the frost effect is subtle and beautiful, making this an extra-festive addition to the lounge or hallway without going overboard. If you liked the ideal of the skinny pencil tree at the top of our list but want something that fits more of a winter wonderland theme, this is the best frosted Christmas tree for small spaces that we have come across.

6. Birch Branch Hanging Christmas Tree

Scandi fans and minimalist mavens look no further, this tree is straight out of a Copenhagen loft

Best for: Limited floor space | Height: 88cm | Type: Wall hanging | Pre-lit: No

Great looking tree for minimalist design lovers
Wall-hanging design takes up no floor space
Not a traditional tree by any means

If a traditional Christmas tree isn’t really your style, or you want to bring that holiday vibe to a house with no floor space to spare, cast your eye over this wall-hanging Christmas tree, beautifully crafted from rustic birch branches. Fans of minimalism and Scandi chic will find this stark tree a delight, with its natural materials and simple shape. Just add lights and a few bits of foraged foliage for extra hygge factor. If you really do have 'no space for a tree' but still want to spruce up your home for the festive season, this is not a bad substitute for a Christmas tree.

7. 6.5ft Slim Christmas Tree

The best compact alternative to a natural tree this Christmas

Best for: Natural-looking slim tree | Height: 6.5ft | Type: Classic slim tree | Pre-lit: No

Looks more natural than some compact trees
Slim but without compromising on height
Not pre-lit and quite tall

If you have a hankering for a natural tree, but either can’t get to a lot, hate the extra hoovering, have someone in the household with an allergy, or just would rather invest in a long-lasting artificial model, this is the tree for you. If our admittedly uniform and pristine number one tree was a little too neat for you, this is a wonderful alternative, with its more natural shape and staggered branches.

8. Wall Mounted Half Christmas Tree 4ft

Wall-mounted and cut lengthways, this little tree is the ultimate in space-saving cheer

Best for: Simple space-saving | Height: 4ft | Type: Half tree | Pre-lit: No

Wall-mounted to save space
Un-lit half tree for your own lighting
Not great for rental properties

If our bare-bones birch hanging tree got your attention for its space-saving kudos, but you’d like something a little more traditional, we think this is just the ticket. It’s both a half-tree and a wall-hanging tree, making it perfect for hallways. And, as it’s not pre-lit, it’s a good alternative to Argos’ free-standing half tree if you like to be in control of your own decorations, although you’d be best-placed going for the former if you’re in a rental where wall fixings are frowned upon.