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The best Christmas jumpers for teens

Ahhh, the Christmas Jumper - love them or hate them, they’ve become an essential Christmas gimmick that makes an appearance year in year out and probably will forever more. From broadcasting the most ridiculous Christmas puns in a bold typeface, to taking Christmas characters and blowing them up into hilarious cartoons, the Christmas jumper craze has become a way of channelling the silliest of designs that we wouldn’t get away with any other time of the year. 

A Christmas jumper doesn’t have to be cringeworthy though, they can actually be tasteful, subtly incorporating symbols and sayings commonly seen throughout the festive period so as not to look out of place as part of an everyday outfit. 

Choosing a Christmas jumper doesn’t have to be hard. Just think - would you or the person you’re buying for want to be seen walking down the street in a sparkly, sequinned ensemble, or would you or the recipient rather incorporate the jumper into everyday attire so it can be worn throughout winter, not just the run-up to and the days after Christmas Day?

Whether it’s style or humour you’re after this year, we have a selection of the best Christmas jumpers for teens available in the shops right now. 

1. V by Very Elfie Embellished Christmas Tunic Jumper

A play on the word ‘selfie’, this Christmas jumper is stylish and current

Best for: The typical teenage girl | Material: Cotton and polyester | Colour: Grey and gold

 A stylish jumper 
 Clever motif 
 Comes up longer than suggested 

It’s fair to say that the majority of teenagers are obsessed with one thing in particular, and that's the selfie, so we can’t help but feel that this jumper is very appropriate for our top spot. Very haven’t just paid attention to the slogan, reviewers have commended the quality of the material, which apparently feels soft to the touch. The length seems to come up longer than suggested in the promotional images, which makes it a great item for matching with a pair of warm leggings and fluffy boots.  

2. Batch1 Avo Yourself A Merry Christmas Men's Avocado Sweatshirt

A ‘punny’ jumper that plays on the avocado - great if you or the recipient loves them

Best for: Cheesiness | Material: Cotton and polyester | Colour: Black, grey, navy blue, royal blue and red

 Big, bold design 
 Made from soft material 
 Not everyone will relate 

Avocado isn’t to everyone’s taste and if we’re being fair, neither is this jumper. But if you or someone you know loves mushing up an avocado on some sourdough or cubing it into a prawn cocktail, this jumper is certainly a winner. With its cute little face, it’s hard to resist and with the manufacturer promising super-soft material, it won’t be taken off anytime soon either. The jumper is also available to purchase in a variety of colours including navy blue, royal blue, black, grey and red so it can be perfectly matched to any wardrobe.  

3. Dear Santa I Can Explain Sweatshirt

A humorous jumper for misbehaving teenagers

Best for: Comfort | Material: Cotton and polyester | Colour: Black and grey

 Simple yet statement 
 Unique printing process for longer lasting quality 
 Only available in black or grey 

If you’re looking for a Christmas jumper that has been designed to provide superior comfort, this one ticks the box. The designers promise a soft material combination, while the crew neck sweat style and set-in sleeves make it a good one for matching with jogging bottoms or a pair of jeans. The designers are particularly proud of their printing technique, which they say will withstand a good few washes, meaning you can expect this one to make a repeat appearance next Christmas too.  

4. Collection WEEKEND by John Lewis Embroidered Snowflake Knit Jumper

A subtly Christmassy jumper that can be worn all winter

Best for: Trendiness | Material: Acrylic, nylon, cotton, wool | Colour: grey and white

Can be worn all winter
Subtle, stylish design
Not the most cheerful

Pulled from John Lewis’s WEEKEND collection, this jumper has been deliberately designed to be the perfect finishing touch to an everyday outfit. While it isn’t a garish Christmas jumper that plasters Christmas in everyone’s faces, the embroidered snowflake design gives it a subtle connection to the festive season that will make it perfect for the big day and beyond. It has been created using a blend of materials which together create a soft fabric for comfortable wear.  

5. George at Asda Sequinned Christmas Jumper and Selfie Kit

The ultimate Christmas jumper competition contender

Best for: Humour | Material: Viscose, polyester, nylon | Colour: Black, green and gold

 Pun on a hugely popular song lyric 
 Peers will get it 
 Older people may not get it 

There’s no doubt that this jumper will attract attention and plenty of chuckles. In fact, George have deliberately created this Christmas jumper for appreciation. With the inclusion of ‘selfie props’ such as antlers and a Christmas hat, it guarantees the ultimate Christmas photo. There’s no end of compliments from reviewers, who commend the hilarity of the design and the softness of the material, which means George haven’t compromised comfort for gimmick - great news all round.  

6. V by Very Boys Reindeer Christmas Jumper

The perfect jumper for cool dudes

Best for: Young teen | Material: Cotton | Colour: Navy, red and white

 Cool design 
 Comfortable and fitted 
 Likely to appeal to younger teens only 

It’s almost certain that this rude boy reindeer jumper won’t look so cool to older teens; but for the younger ones, it’s sure to be a hit. Made from cotton, it’s designed to be warm as well as a Christmas fashion statement, and its reviewers agree. Perfect for pairing with jeans, this jumper is a must for Christmas Day festivities. In fact, you may find that it’s such a hit that parting with it come January may be a difficult task.  

7. George at Asda Snowman Christmas Jumper

An outrightly garish jumper for those wanting in-your-face attire

Best for: Garishness | Material: Acrylic | Colour: Red, white and black

 A statement jumper 
 To and from gift tag for present idea 
 Not as thick as other jumpers 

If you’re looking for a statement jumper, this one is a no-brainer. Bright red and busy with snowmen and snowflakes, it is a strong contender for a Christmas jumper competition and will make a great addition to festive photos. Some reviewers like the fact that it’s a little thinner than others, while others would prefer it to be warmer, but the common agreement is the jumper is very comfortable and incredibly Christmassy - can’t be too bad!

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