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The best Christmas gifts for 4 year olds

Christmas is a magical time for 4 year olds. They are super excited about it because they have reached an age where they really start to understand what's going on at this magical time of year. Typically 4 year olds have started to develop their own interests and passions, making writing their wish list to Santa all the more exciting.

For parents buying for their children, you have many more options for gifts that are sure to stick with them for years to come, unlike toys and games that young toddlers quickly grow out of, meaning careful consideration should be taken to avoid expensive mistakes. However, hobbies and interests can change quickly, so you don’t always have to spend a fortune on something they potentially won’t even like come January. 

Now that they are slightly older they are also more independent, so the gift you buy them doesn’t necessarily have to be something that requires your full-time supervision. Therefore, opting for toys and games that they can play with independently will be great for them, and will allow you to have a well-needed break from time to time. 

Rather than playing it safe with Teddy Bears and Pyjamas, why not tap into their creative side with some fun toys and games such as magic sand or interactive learning pads? Or, if you’re looking to buy a more practical gift for kids, 4 is the special age where they are due to start at school, and there’s nothing better than being fully prepared  for a new term with new stuff. Think backpacks and stationary that they’ll love to show off to their friends. 

Check out some of our top picks of fun and educational gifts that won’t break the bank and are sure to keep your 4 year olds entertained right through until next Christmas! 

1. LeapFrog LeapSmart Primary School Interactive Learning System

An educational toy to prepare your little one for starting school

Best for: Starting school | Type: Educational | Educational: Yes | Power: 2 x AA batteries

Interactive games and tasks
Educational activities for reception to year 1 ages
Some books too advanced for 4 year olds

This interactive book allows access to a variety of interactive learning programmes from Leap Frog that can help your child prepare for school and develop new skills. Some parents have said there are programmes which are a little too advanced, but the great thing about that is you’ll definitely get your money's worth as they can use it for years to come. It’s simple and intuitive to use which means your child can entertain themselves in their room or in the car on long journeys. 

2. John Adam Sands Alive Glow in the Dark

A unique and creative way to draw

Best for: Creativity | Type: Arts & Crafts | Educational: No | Power: Battery included

Glow in the dark
Mould with sand
A little small 

For something a bit different, this glow in the dark sandpit will provide hours of fun. Use the pen and modelling tools to make a creation and then shine the UV light over it to see the sand come alive. This makes for a unique alternative to other arts and crafts gifts and they’ll love having it in their room on display for all their friends to see!

3. Avigo Hero Red Motorbike Ride-On

Watch your child's face light up as they race around the room on their new motorbike!

Best for: Racing | Type: Ride-on Toy | Educational: No | Power: Manual

Makes trips to the park more exciting
Encourages balance
Quite big to use indoors in small homes

Geared towards young lads more so than girls, this red ride-on motorbike will bring out the inner racer in your little one this Christmas. With exciting, colourful sticker designs and giant racing style wheels, this push a-long motorcycle as all the features of a truly exciting Christmas gift for your 4 year old to unwrap this festive season. This push bike also has the added bonus of being pretty sturdy, meaning you can take it out on family walks, to parks and pop it in the back of the car without worrying about scuffs and knocks breaking the the bike. A big, exciting gift for young children.

4. Disney Elena Storytime Guitar

Encourage creativity and music skills with the official Princess Elena guitar

Best for: Musical children | Type: Instrument | Educational: No | Power: 3 x AAA (included)

Official Disney Princess Elena guitar
Preset songs
Strings a bit flimsy

Calling all Disney fans! If you're little one is obsessed Princess Elena from the popular TV series, Elena of Avalor, this musical guitar gift is an absolute must have. With preset tunes including My Time, The Magic Within, and Ready to Rule, your child will be singing along to the most popular songs of this Disney hit (and you'll be humming the tunes for weeks to come too, sorry!). With all the features of Elena's own guitar from the show, including the pretty red floral stencils on the casing of the guitar, your little one can get straight to creating their own tunes in full Disney style with the classic guitar strings. A toy and instrument in one; sure to be a big hit.

5. LEGO 10736 Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Playground Building Kit

Frozen fans will love these Lego blocks

Best for: Frozen fans | Type: Lego | Educational: No | Power: n/a

Includes characters
Build your own 
 A little fiddly  

Any little girl who loves Frozen is going to be obsessed with this Lego set which includes both Anna and Elsa doll figures that you can play with and a polar bear cub. They can build a magical kingdom and launch snowballs into the air. The Lego pieces are a little small and can be fiddly for younger ones but once built it could also make a pretty decoration for their bedroom. 

6. Crayola Ultimate Tub of Colour

The ultimate gift for little artists

Type: Arts & Crafts | Educational: No | Power: N/a

90+ pieces
For boys and girls
A lot of mess to clear up 

What kid doesn’t like drawing? Just make sure they have plenty of paper and don’t get these felt tips on your cream carpet. This huge set of pens, crayons and paints is enough to keep your children busy for hours and would make a good gift for siblings to share and enjoy together. We imagine kids playing with around 100 pens could get a little chaotic, but this set comes with a handy tub to keep everything stored away neat and tidy. 

7. Children’s Mini Dinosaur Backpack

Keep all their toys and books together in this cute backpack

Best for: School/days out | Type: Bag | Educational: No | Power: n/a

For boys and girls
 Not a toy 

With all the other toys and fun things your child might receive from Santa this Christmas, they’ll need something to keep everything with them on their next trip round to grandma’s house. This cute dinosaur bag is spacious and fashionable and would also make a great first school bag for 4 year olds.  There are a variety of colours to suit both girls and boys, and for the price, you really can’t go wrong. It may be more practical than it is fun, but we’re sure your little one will want to show off their cool new bag to all their mates the next time you have a trip to the park. 

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