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The best Bluetooth speakers under £50: experience awesome sound on the cheap

The best Bluetooth speakers under £50

Bluetooth speakers are an incredibly handy thing to have. They’re very portable, pretty stylish, and thanks to the ever improving small speaker technology, are capable of some pretty awesome sound. And good news is, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for one either. With the likes of Aukey, Sony and JBL creating their own mini audio masterpieces, we’ve put together a list of the best speakers under £50 that’ll make you a hit at gatherings and parties. 

The best Bluetooth speaker will combine exceptional music quality with a great price. Our top pick, the Aukey Eclipse, is a fantastic alternative to the Bose Soundlink Mini II because it costs just a quarter of the price, yet still promises to deliver the rich bassy sound of a much bigger speaker. 

Before you buy a Bluetooth speaker, consider additional qualities such as waterproofness, especially if you’re looking to take it camping with you–great British summer equals rain. Battery life is also important– most have around an 8-12 hour battery life, but you have some exceptions like the Lava BrightSounds 2 which promises to deliver up to 32 hours of charge and doubles up as a power bank to boot. 

The best Bluetooth speaker under £50

1. Aukey Eclipse

Promising dynamic sound and a weighty base, the Aukey Eclipse won’t fail to get the party started

Best for: Sound quality | Waterproof: No | Battery life: 12 hours | Weight: 800g

10W drivers deliver room filling audio
Great value for money

If it’s sound quality you’re after, this Bluetooth speaker ticks all the boxes. Thanks to 2x10W drivers which promise to deliver rich base, the Aukey Eclipse should deliver a room-full of sound for the ultimate party piece. Users commend the quality of the sound, with many commenting on its clarity at even the highest volume. On the outside, the speaker is stylish and features an easy to use control panel for connection and input modes. 

Lava BrightSounds 2

2. Lava BrightSounds 2

Tripling up as a power bank and a lantern, campers should take a look at this handy speaker

Best for: Multi-functional | Waterproof: No | Battery life: 36 hours | Weight: 670g

Bottom half doubles up as an LED lantern
Holds 36 hours worth of power for charging phones

Featuring a dimmable LED base and battery with a 36 hour run time, this is the perfect speaker for campers. Whether you’re using it to blast your favourite playlists, find your way across the campsite or charge up your phone, the Lava BrightSounds 2 is definitely a campsite essential. In addition to its main features, the speaker is water resistant – so it won’t mind getting caught in the odd shower – and it’s available in a wide range of colours, making it a great accessory, too. 

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

3. Ultimate Ears Roll 2

For motivation as you cover the miles, hang this speaker from your backpack

Best for: Robust | Waterproof: Yes | Battery life: 9 hours | Weight: 463g

Waterproof for up to 30 minutes
Shook proof, adventure proof

Featuring 360 degree audio and a base that is raved about among reviewers, the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 is certainly a great buy for sound alone. Factor in the fact that it’s waterproof and shockproof, and you have the ultimate adventure companion. Whether it’s swinging from your backpack or floating next to you in the pool, this speaker covers all the bases when it comes to functionality, making it well worth the spend. There’s five funky designs to choose from, too.

Sony SRS-X11

4. Sony SRS-X11

Use on its own, or pair it up with another for stereo sound

Best for: Small and mighty | Waterproof: No | Battery life: 12 hours | Weight: 215g

Impressive battery life
Powerful 10W speaker

With a bass that has users talking and a powerful 10W speaker for deliverance, the Sony SRS-X11 is certainly worthy a place on our list. Pair it up with another one of its type and it produces stereo sound, great if you’re watching a movie on your tablet or laptop or if there’s a party at your place and you want the fill your room with music. Available in a range of funky colours, this Bluetooth speaker makes the ideal bedroom accessory, as well as a speaker that you can take out and about. 

JBL Clip 2

5. JBL Clip 2

A cool alternative to our third pick, this speaker is also waterproof and can clip to your backpack

Best for: Travelling | Waterproof: Yes | Battery life: 8 hours | Weight: 310g

Features an attached audio cable - battery power saving
Wirelessly connect two JBL speakers together

JBL is renowned for producing small speakers that offer great value for money, and the Clip 2 is no exception. Featuring an audio jack so you can save battery power on compatible devices (Bluetooth does use up a fair bit of juice) and a handy clip that you can use to attach onto your backpack or even your swimming shorts (it’s waterproof), this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for travelling. You can also connect two Clip 2s together to create stereo sound, which is great if you’re having a gathering.

Creative Muvo Mini

6. Creative Muvo Mini

Promising loudness and a big bass, this is the best Bluetooth speaker for parties

Best for: Parties | Waterproof: Yes | Battery life: 6 hours | Weight: 272g

Oversized front base radiator
Full range micro drivers for loud punchy sound

Robust, waterproof, and featuring cool bits of tech for base and volume, the Creative MUVO is good choice for parties. It’s the only Bluetooth speaker on our list that features NFC connectivity, which is a faster and more efficient way of hooking up your device. With an aux-in option to extend battery life and a built in microphone for taking calls the Muvo Mini packs in a lot of features for the money, and users certainly agree.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker

7. AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker

Those on a budget should consider this value for money Bluetooth speaker

Best for: Cheap and cheerful | Waterproof: Yes | Battery life: 12 hours | Weight: 132g

Shockproof and waterproof
Clips onto a rucksack 

Lightweight, waterproof,  shockproof, long battery life– there are plenty of features that make this Bluetooth speaker well worth the money. While it certainly doesn’t feature the highest wattage – our top pick, the Aukey Eclipse delivers a total of 20W of power compared to meagre 3W – it’s price and bonus features certainly make up for it. And if you’re planning on going travelling or adventuring, you may want to keep things as cheap as possible anyway.

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