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The best blackhead masks for visibly clearer skin

Blackhead mask

Face masks have made a comeback to our skin routines in a big way lately, especially with the new charcoal beauty craze. Blackheads have been a pet hate for many of us over the years, and face masks are the best way to give your face a deep cleanse and remove any dirt or residue to leave you feeling clean and fresh.

Blackheads are caused by excess oils and sebum which can clog the pores and the only way to get rid of them is by extracting the debris and allowing the pores to breathe. With a range of different face masks on the market, from wash off masks to peel off ones, mud masks to charcoal masks, there’s something for all skin types and purposes.

We know there have been many videos gone viral of blackhead masks gone wrong, but when used correctly, the activated charcoal and other special ingredients do actually work very well, and have proven very popular. So if you’re looking to give this new skincare craze a try, we’ve picked out the best blackhead masks on the market that will leave your skin smooth and soft rather than red raw. 

Blackhead mask

1. Clinique Pore Refining Charcoal Mask

Absorbs oil and detoxifies the skin

Best for: Detoxifying | Volume: 100ml | Type: Charcoal | Skin type: All

Soaks up oils
Quite a thin consistency  

Everyone’s talking about charcoal face masks at the moment, so if you’re looking to give it a try then this one from Clinique is highly recommended. It is designed to soak up oils and allow pores to breathe, and it is fragrance free which makes it suitable for all skin types. Some have said the consistency is very thin compared to other charcoal or mud masks, but this makes it easier and less painful to peel off when dry. It comes in a large tube so you can expect to get multiple uses from this blackhead mask, which customers feel makes it great value for money.  

Blackhead mask

2. GlamGlow Gravitymud Firming Treatment

Leaves skin feeling firm and lifted

Best for: Firming | Volume: 50g | Type: Mud | Skin type: All

Application brush included
Smells nice
Has a tingly sensation some might not like 

If you’re looking to achieve a healthy glow, then customers will tell you that this is the best blackhead mask for you. It comes in a nice pot with a handy application brush, as well as being said to smell very nice (like Piña Colada, apparently!). This mask does have a tingly sensation, which some will like and some won't, but you can expect to feel it working as it turns from white to silver when on the face. It is then able to be peeled off and leaves the face feeling firmer and tighter. 

Blackhead mask

3. Jorgobe Skin Care Black Peel Off Mask

A soothing mask for sensitive skin

Best for: Sensitive skin | Volume: 100ml | Type: Clay and Charcoal | Skin type: Sensitive

Peel off
Not as effective as others

This is one of the original charcoal masks on the market that so many beauty buffs have raved about. It is designed to absorb excess oils and rehydrate the skin naturally so it’s left feeling moisturised. Because it is designed for sensitive skin, some users said they didn’t really see much of a difference after using it. However, this delicate product will be kind to pores for those who don’t normally use many products on their skin. 

Blackhead mask

4. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Unclog your pores with this all-natural mask

Best for: Unclogging pores | Volume: 100ml | Type: Charcoal | Skin type: Oily

Draws out debris
Dissolves impurities
 Wash-off formula

This all-natural face mask from Origins works to draw out debris in the skin’s pores and dissolve the impurities to leave you feeling clean and clear. This mask completely dries on the face but is easy to wash off with a hot towel, which some users prefer to peel-off masks, although some find the latter to be more effective. You get a large tube full which will last you some time, and it is recommended that you use this mask once a week for the best results.  

Blackhead mask

5. Shills Pore Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask

A deep cleansing mask for stubborn blackheads

Best for: Deep cleansing | Volume: 50ml | Type: Charcoal | Skin type: Oily

Extracts deep-rooted dirt
Loved by beauty bloggers
 Hurts to remove

Beauty bloggers everywhere have been trying this charcoal blackhead mask and users have said it works wonders. This mask works by applying a thick layer to the T-zone in particular, where it'll extract dirt and open pores. Don’t be fooled though, it’s not as easy as it looks. If you have sensitive or problematic skin then this mask may be painful to remove, as some users found it to leave their face a little irritated rather than glowing. Those with particularly oily skin found this mask did a great job at drying it out and leaving them with a matte finish. 

Blackhead mask

6. Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask

A rich and creamy mask for soft and supple skin

Best for: Texture | Volume: 50ml | Type: Mud | Skin type: Combination

Fruity ingredients
Feels soft on the skin
 Irritates sensitive skin

If you don’t like the sound of the pure charcoal masks that require ripping out your pores for results, then this rich and creamy mask could be for you. The fruity formula is said to feel luxurious on the skin and to smell great too. However, if you’ve got sensitive skin, this could cause irritation due to the ingredients it contains. If you want to feel like you’re in your very own spa, then this mask is highly recommended for its relaxing properties and for leaving skin super soft. 

Blackhead mask

7. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay

This all-natural blackhead mask has healing properties and leaves you refreshed

Best for: Refreshing | Volume: 45g | Type: Clay | Skin type: All

Fragrance free
A little goes a long way
Dries the skin out  

This clay mask is designed for those who have problematic skin or noticeable blackheads. The clay formula is thick and creamy, but a little goes a long way so be sure to apply it sparingly. Users have found this mask works incredibly well at clearing the skin of impurities, but it does dry out the skin in the process, so it's wise to moisturise immediately after use to keep the skin hydrated. Those who have tried this mask recommend using it before or after having a shower so that the pores are open and can breathe. 

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