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The best beard oils

The beard; women either love it or hate it, but it’s safe to say it’s become a huge trend for men in 2017. In turn, male grooming has become much more popular in order to keep facial hair looking neat and tidy. Say hello to beard oils; the new beauty essential for men. Whether you have a modest layer of stubble or something to rival that of Jack Sparrow and his comrades; there is beard oil out there for every man and you would be surprised at what these little bottles of oil can actually do for your beard - more than just a fad, these are tonics that will add softness and shine to your fuzz as well as protecting your beard in harsh weather to prevent it becoming brittle. Sold? Read on for our round up of the best beard oils available now.

Similar to women’s hair products, the beard oil is a product that promises tamed locks and silky smooth skin. There are many out there to choose from, including different scents and an endless list of oils from Jojoba to hemp, pumpkin and avocado oil; all of which have different properties. Let’s face it, most men hate shopping at the best of times, so here’s our top picks explained to help you find the best beard oils 2017 has to offer. 

If you want to brave the beard, then you’ve got to know how to tame the beard. No one likes prickly stubble or beardruff (yes, that’s a real word!), and most beard oils essentially double up as a face moisturiser that will make your skin soft and kissable- what man wouldn’t want that!

The general idea of beard oils is that they hydrate and moisturise not only your skin, but the bristles themselves, which in turn helps them grow smoother, making them easier to tame and style. Most beards only require 2-4 drops applied daily or slightly more for extra-long or bushy beards and dry skin that is prone to breakouts. Some oils come with a funky scent for those men who want to smell fruity, fresh or sweet, but there are also plenty of unscented ones tailored to those with sensitive skin or those who simply don’t want to smell like a mango. 

1. Da’Dude Da’Beard Oil

The oil to suit all beards

Best for: All beards | Scent: Unscented | Oil type: Jojoba, Argan & Saffron | Comb Included: No | RRP: £13.00

Good for sensitive skin
100% money back guarantee
Some like a fragrance 

If you’re looking to buy your first beard oil then this ‘one oil suits all’ is a good place to start. The Da’Dude Da’Beard Oil is an unscented oil that conditions and softens the beard and tackles combination skin at the same time. This is great for those with sensitive skin or who don’t want scents to clash with their aftershave. Users report much smoother skin after using this product without leaving it feeling greasy. 

2. Duck Butter Beard Oil Beardsman Pack

A set of oils for the experimental beardsman

Best for: Gift idea | Scent: Assorted | Oil type: Assorted | Comb Included: Yes | RRP: £30.00

Variety of scents
Brush & comb included
Not the best presentation

Ladies, if you’re looking for a gift idea for your man then this Duck Butter Beard Oil Beardsman Pack is a great idea for a stocking filler or birthday treat. The set comes beautifully packaged and includes four natural oils and fragrances as well as a natural boar brush and peach wood comb for taming all lengths and styles of beard. We’re sure your man will love how smooth his beard feels after using these, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the kisses, too! 

3. Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

For those who take grooming seriously

Best for: Everyday styling | Scent: Natural Scent (Fragrance-free) | Oil type: Aloe Vera, Jojoba & Chamomile | Comb Included: Yes | RRP: £10.00

Styling e-book included
 Not as shiny as others 

If your beard is becoming wild and unruly, then tackle the frizz with the Prohpet and Tools Beard Oil. This is a natural infusion of oils that is designed to be gently worked into your beard or moustache before using the comb to style in the way you wish. This is one of the best beard oils for styling; perfect if you find yourself spending hours in front of the mirror trying to tame unruly facial hair. 

4. The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil

For the Jack Sparrows of the world; a rum-scented beard oil!

Best for: Novelty scent | Scent: Bay Rum | Oil type: Coconut, Sunflower, Argan, Jojoba & Evening Primrose | Comb Included: No | RRP: £30.00

Masculine scent
Easy to apply

If the idea of male grooming makes you feel anything but masculine then opt for The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil. Not only will this tackle stray whiskers and make it less coarse, you’ll get the manly scent of Bay Rum which is a subtle spicy scent which will turn you into a real life Jack Sparrow! You only need a few drops each time and it’s very easy to apply, meaning you don’t have to spend hours grooming in front of the mirror. 

5. Mo Bro’s Beard Conditioning Oil

Stay fruity fresh with this flavoured beard oil

Best for: Budget buy | Scent: Vanilla & Mango | Oil type: Almond & Grapeseed | Comb Included: No | RRP: £5.00

Handy little bottle
 Very sweet scent 

If you want to look and smell good on a budget, then this Mo Bro’s Beard Conditioning Oil is a must-have item for your wash bag. This beard oil contains vital essential oils that will leave your beard feeling super-soft and shiny. We’ve chosen the vanilla and mango scent but this brand has a variety of other scents to choose from based on your own personal preference. It’s a small 10ml bottle so it’s easy to carry around and only a tiny drop is required for long-lasting results. 

6. King Comb Beard Oil

For beginners who want to brave the beard

Best for: Beard Growth | Scent: Citrus/Earthy | Oil type: Anti-bacterial | Comb Included: No | RRP: £18.00

Large bottle
 A little pricey 

Have you decided to jump on the bandwagon and grow a beard? It can be trickier than it sounds. If your beard just won’t budge, then try the King Comb Beard Oil which is designed to promote healthy beard growth. This oil has anti-bacterial properties which is great for those who suffer from breakouts or stubborn ingrown facial hair that may be getting in the way of your natural beard growth. This oil is suitable for all beard types and has a nice subtle scent. The large 100ml bottle lasts around four months so it is great value for money and a worthwhile investment for those who take their beard seriously.  

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