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The best bathroom towels and towel sets

The bathroom towel is one of those trusty items that we just can’t live without, and we only remember that when we dare to forget it on our way to the shower. Attempting to dry yourself off with a sock as you stand there freezing cold brushing your teeth is an unpleasant experience and one that certainly makes us appreciate the benefits of the the big fluffy towel that we left in the airing cupboard. But what turns a bathroom towel into the best bathroom towel? Read on.

Everyone has a favourite towel; whether it’s an old beach towel that offers up ample size and fast-drying technology or a big fluffy white one that you always end up staining with residue makeup but reach for every single time. It goes to show how important it is to select the right towel; a small one may not offer enough material to allow you to wrap yourself up in its warmth, while an extra large one may need wrapping round your waist several times for the journey back to your room. 

In our list of the best bathroom towels, we’ve covered all areas, browsing through collections from the likes of John Lewis, The White Company and more to offer you a selection towels that provide completely different drying experiences.

Featuring 100% standard cotton for fast drying and Egyptian cotton and Hydrocotton for that soft and fluffy feel, make sure you choose one that appeals to you. We’ve also rustled up a range of sizes and weights too to ensure that huggable feeling of wrapping yourself up in your towel after a warm refreshing shower is the very best it can be. 

If you are looking for a good quality, soft towel that won't crisp after multiple washes you'll want to keep your eyes peeling for the Egyptian cotton offerings, with '100% cotton' being the key buzzword. Combed Egyptian cotton will take you up another level again on the fluffiness front, offering a soft to the touch feel that tends to last a lot longer that standards non-combed cotton. If you like a weighty towel like the ones you get in upmarket hotels, John Lewis is recommended for its hotel-esque offerings when it comes to towel sets.

1. The White Company Colour Border Towels

A towel that offers fluffiness and style finesse

Best for: Contemporary bathrooms | Size: W70cmxL125cm | Colour: White and grey | Material: 100% cotton | Weight: 550gsm

Soft, quality cotton
Simple, yet contemporary feature
Border only available in grey or light grey 

The White Company promise luxurious softness and a great level of absorbance in these Colour Border Towels.  Made from combed cotton-yarns with an intricately woven rim, they should look at home in any modern or contemporary bathroom. Reviewers absolutely rave about the quality of these towels and with an RRP of £18, they’re perfectly mid-range, making them great value for money too. With everything being said, we certainly think that these towels are worthy of our number one position. 

2. John Lewis Egyptian Cotton Towels

A luxurious towel with a rainbow of colours to choose from

Best for: Weightiness | Size: W70cmxL135cm | Colour: All colours | Material: 100% Egyptian cotton | Weight: 700gsm

Weightiness for the luxurious feel
Lots of different colours to match your bathroom
Too heavy for some people 

If you’re looking for a towel to envelop you in warmth and fluffiness, this is the one. Made from Egyptian cotton and featuring the heaviest weight and second largest size on our list, this is the luxury towel that everyone will want to fight over, so you may have to buy one for every member of your household. Available in 44 attractive colours, we’re pretty certain you’ll find a colour match for your bathroom and being colour safe to 60 degrees, they should even wash well if you’re doing laundry in line with hospitality regulations.  

3. The White Company Hydrocotton Towels

A supersoft ridge towel with great absorbency power

Best for: Softness | Size: W70cmxL125cm | Colour: White, pearl grey, slate, stone | Material: 100% Hydrocotton | Weight: 500gsm

Warm and soft
High absorbency rating
Light compared to other towels 

If you’re looking for a supersoft towel, The White Company promise their use of low-twist technology makes these towels gorgeously fluffy and fast drying. Available in a range of neutral colours, they’ll look great in any contemporary bathroom, while the Hydrocotton fabric should ensure the towels remain fluffy after going through the wash. The reviewers are hugely complimentary about the quality and the fluff factor of these towels, so we think they’re a pretty good all-round buy. 

4. HOME Aztec Contrast 4 Piece Towel Bale

Coordinated bathroom towel set for one for you and one for them

Best for: Coordinated towels | Size: W90cmxL120cm | Colour: White and grey | Material: 100% Cotton | Weight: 450gsm

2 different designs
Hand towels included
Smaller in size

This set contains 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels so you can coordinate your bathrooms with either the plain or patterned design. With a gsm of 450, they’re not the thickest towels in our collection but that should make them faster drying. Considering there’s four towels made from 100% cotton included in the price, this set gives you great value for your money - just don’t expect the same sense of quality as you would from the towels further up the list. 

5.The White Company Super Soft Pestemal Towels

A great addition to a holiday suitcase or just as an efficient drying tool

Best for: Fast drying | Size: W70cmxL125cm | Colour: White | Material: 100% Cotton | Weight: 280gsm

Quick drying
Pretty herringbone weave and fringe
Not made for luxury

If functionality is at the forefront of all of your thinking, this bath towel (or sheet) is a great one to consider. The White Company say that this Super Soft Pestemal Towel will happily double up as a suitcase must-have or superfast drying towel for busy bathtimes. It’s mentioned that this towel is lightweight, so don’t expect it to give you the cocooning feel of other towels on the list. However, if you happen to be lacking a cover-up for the beach, The White Company also suggest that you can use it as a surrong. 

6.The White Company Salcombe Stripe Towels

It’s no wonder these towels have been named after a top UK holiday destination

Best for: Taking to the beach | Size: W70cmxL125cm | Colour: White and navy | Material: 100% Cotton | Weight: 500gsm

Fast drying
Seasonal, nautical design
 Feel isn’t as luxurious as others 

With their subtle nautical theme, there’s something very ‘British Seaside’ about these Salcombe Stripe Towels. The White Company actually say they’re ideal for taking away on holiday, as they’re quick drying; great if the kids are running in and out of the sea throughout the day. The blue stripes also appeal to those who have a nautical-themed bathroom. Reviewers generally commend the softness of this bath towel, though bear in mind that it’s not as thick as other towels on our list, which means you won’t get the same luxuriousness.

7.John Lewis Scandi Astrid Towels

For adding a splash of modernism to your bathroom

Best for: Modern design | Size: W70cmxL130cm | Colour: Grey and Citrine | Material: 100% Woven cotton | Weight: 600gsm

Stylish towels
Luxuriously thick
Design won’t please everyone

Made from 100% woven cotton and featuring a 600gsm thickness, this towel offers plenty of luxuriousness. The design is the main feature of this towel though, with John Lewis praising the idea that it’ll make a beautiful addition to your bathroom. With it’s citrine perimetre, the design certainly isn’t for everyone but against the patterned grey backdrop, it makes for a great statement piece. You’ll also see that this towel is a tad longer than other towels on our list too, making it a great one to wrap around yourself. 

8. Argos Kingsley Hygro Bath Sheet

A small price for a big towel

Best for: Large towel | Size: W90cmxL165cm | Colour: White, Slate, Midnight Blue, Taupe, Teal | Material: 100% cotton | Weight: 550gsm

Large size
Superior absorbency
May be too big for some people 

Argos aren’t wrong in saying that this is a bath sheet. With the size being that much bigger than others on the list, you should be able to wrap this towel around you without leaving any gaps for the chill to get through. At 550gms it’s not the thickest on the list but any thicker and you may find that it swamps you. Argos have mentioned that the hollow core yarn allows for faster drying, while it absorbs warm air in the tumble dryer to form a fluffy towel for that awesome hug-like feel. 

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