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The best 10 inch tablets

A tablet is the perfect middle ground between a laptop and your mobile; a device on which you can FaceTime your friends, or watch Netflix. It has the battery life of your smartphone, but can easily be used to type up your work emails, and thus it makes for the perfect accessory to have wherever you go. 

It has been found that 10 inch tablets specifically seem to be the most popular and most functional sized tablets to opt for. It’s compact enough to fit in your bag but you still get a large enough screen to be able to use it as a hub for your entertainment. iPads have been leading the way in the tablet world, but there are plenty of other great devices on the market that run on Android or Windows. 

When buying the right tablet for you, it is important to consider what you’ll be using it for and what features you need most. It’s safe to say that for most of us, battery life is going to play a considerable role in which tablet you choose. If you’re buying a tablet for all the family to share, to watch movies when on road trips, for example, a decent battery life is a necessity, along with a clear and crisp screen. Our research suggests that Samsung tablets seem to have the best battery life, with iPads coming in a close second. 

If you want a tablet to assist you with work, then you may prefer to opt for a tablet that runs on Windows, and then you can even attach a mini keyboard to turn it into a makeshift laptop so you can get your work done on the go. You’ll also want to pick a tablet with lots of storage space if you plan to keep files and other information stored in one place. If this is what you’re after, make sure you check out our entries by ASUS and Microsoft for a smart business tablet. 

10 inch tablets can cost anything from £150 to £1,000 for some snazzier looking models, but don’t always assume the most expensive is the best. Make sure you check the specs to see what aligns with your intended use for your tablet. We’ve picked out some of the best 10 inch tablets from popular retailers and brands and aim to enlighten you on the right tablet for your lifestyle and budget. 

Image of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, black

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

A powerful tablet for all your daily needs

Best for: Most powerful | Battery life: 12 hours | Operating System: Android 7.0 | Storage System: 32GB

 Fast charging  
 Slim design  
 Susceptible to fingerprints 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is regarded as a popular choice for an all-round tablet that provides a hub for both business and entertainment. This device comes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint all pre-installed for those who want to use it for business, and it is said to have an incredibly bright and crisp screen which is perfect for watching all of your favourite movies on. Those who have this tablet say that with constant use, the battery life isn’t quite 12 hours, but they didn’t see this as an issue as it charges pretty quickly. This slim device is only 6mm in thickness which users found easy to carry in their bag, but they wouldn’t do so without a protective case so that it doesn’t get damaged when on the move. If you want a tablet for all purposes, then you can expect this tablet to provide you with the daily power you need wherever you are.  

Image of Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch, Space Grey

2. Apple iPad Pro 10.5

A reliable tablet with fast performance

Best for: Performance | Battery life: 10 hours | Operating System: iOS 11 | Storage System: 64GB/256GB

 Fast browsing  
 Lots of storage  

Many customers feel that Apple is the best of the best, and if you’re looking for a tablet that will cater to all your entertainment needs, then you can’t go wrong with the iPad Pro 10.5. This 10 inch tablet has a large screen and plenty of storage; the perfect combination for web browsing and watching your favourite movies and TV shows when on the go. It’s also got a great camera and excellent quality images so you can get creative with this tablet. Customers’ main complaint is the cost of this tablet, but for a reliable tablet you can use every day, you can expect good things from Apple.  

Image of the Lenovo Tab 4 10 plus, black

3. Lenovo Tab 4 10 plus

A high-functioning tablet with an attractive price

Best for: Attractive price | Battery life: 11 hours | Operating System: Android 7.1 | Storage System: 16GB

 Great sound 
 Device casing is slippery 

You might think that a tablet under £150 might not be the best out there, but customers have been pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus. Admittedly, it’s not got the fastest response compared to others in the list, but it’s by no means a major issue. If you want a tablet for general browsing of the web, using social media and streaming TV shows, then the Lenovo could be all you need. Users say the sound from the speakers on this tablet is impressive, and the interface is intuitive – so if you’re not a fan of Apple devices, you can expect to find this tablet a lot easier to navigate.  

Image of the Apple iPad 9.7 inch, Space Grey

4. Apple iPad 9.7

A slightly smaller version of the 10.5, but at half the price it’s still popular

Best for: Reliability | Battery life: 10 hours | Operating System: iOS 11 | Storage System: 32GB/128GB

 Easy to use 
 Slim design  
 Not as fast as the Pro 10.5  

If you are an Apple lover but can’t justify the price of the new iPad Pro 10.5, then the 9.7 is a great alternative. It may not be as new and shiny as the Pro, but it’s not far off and it comes in at just half the price. This would make a great purchase for anyone looking to invest in their first tablet, with many users saying how easy this device is to set up and use. The screen is of course slightly smaller than the 10.5, but this only makes it more handy to fit into a bag when on the go, and the quality of the images is said to still be just as bright. This tablet comes in both 32GB and 128GB depending on how much storage you need, and the battery life is reliable for frequent use every day.  

Image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, black

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Just like a smartphone, but bigger and better for all the family to use

Best for: Family tablet | Battery life: 13 hours | Operating System: Android 6.0 | Storage System: 16GB

 Great battery life 
 Kids mode 
 A little heavier than some  

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is one of the best 10 inch tablets for families to share, as it has a range of features for all to enjoy. Users confirm that the battery life is exceptional, and can sometimes last up to 7 days with occasional use. What’s different about this tablet is the “kids mode” which has a variety of children’s content already installed such as games and a kids camera. As the parent, you can set parameters and time limits on the tablet so that this manages what content they can view. This tablet has plenty of storage for both parents and kids to enjoy entertainment, and for the price, users found this to be a great little family hub.  

Image of the Asus Transformer Mini with keyboard, grey

6. ASUS Transformer Mini 10.1

The tablet that works just like a laptop

Best for: Closest thing to a laptop | Battery life: 11 hours | Operating System: Windows 10 | Storage System: 128GB

 2-in-2 tablet/laptop 
 Keyboard included  
 A little fiddly  

If you’re looking for something that you can watch your Netflix series on one minute, and type up that important email the next, then this ASUS is the perfect combination. Students in particular have said how convenient this tablet is for both work and leisure, and it comes with the detachable keyboard for ease of use wherever you are. Compared to other tablets, some found this one to be a little bit fiddly and couldn’t get used to the keys, but you don’t have to use these and if you only want to use it as a tablet then it’s generally thought to be reliable with excellent battery life.  

Image of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, grey

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

A versatile tablet for business people on the go

Best for: Business | Battery life: 9 hours | Operating System: Windows 10 | Storage System: 128 GB

 Pair with your computer 
 Large memory 
 Not the best battery life 

If you travel for business a lot, then carrying your laptop around with you all the time can get annoying. For those short trips where you don’t need such a big device, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a great alternative you can use that is much slimmer and lighter. This tablet has a huge amount of storage so you can still have all the necessary documents you need on it, and it can be linked up to your main computer when at home. It doesn’t have the longest battery life, but when only using in the day for business away from home, users found it to be sufficient. The keyboard for this tablet is sold separately, which some people prefer not to have, but it also comes with a surface pen to make navigating this tablet super easy.  

Image of the Amazon Fire HD 10, 2017 model, in red

8. Fire HD 10 2017 Model

A simple entertainment system

Best for: Entertainment | Battery life: 10 hours | Operating System: Fire OS 5 | Storage System: 32GB/64GB

 Durable design 
 Responsive screen 
 A little heavy  

The Fire HD tablet is considered one of the best 10 inch tablets for watching and streaming all your favourite music and movies. It’s great for use by all the family and is said to be excellent for commuting as it’s built with durability in mind, unlike some other very slim and delicate models of tablet, so any bumps and knocks won’t be fatal to this device. With that in mind, it does make this tablet slightly heavier than others, but that is made up for with its HD screen and responsive touch pad that makes that tablet really easy and smooth to use.