Best wireless doorbells

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Are you tired of that same old doorbell chime? Why not replace your old wired doorbell with a wireless battery-powered door that can play a ton of different tunes. Wireless doorbells are easy to install and are way more customizable than the pre-existing hardwired doorbell on your house. These are five of the best wireless doorbells you can buy and install in your home in minutes! 

Best overall

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Honeywell series 9

Staff pick

With a range of 450-feet, programmable sleep mode, and adjustable volume, the Honeywell Series 9 wireless doorbell is a great value. It comes with eight different tones programmed, but you can add your MP3 files to the device, making your doorbell sound like anything you want! Plus, it even has a colorful LED light that can turn on or flash when someone presses the doorbell. 

Best video

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Ring video doorbell 3

Best smart doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a fantastic doorbell for those looking for a little extra security. Its wide-angle camera captures video in 1080p, and it's microphone and speaker allow you to talk to whoever is at your door through the excellent Ring app. The onboard night vision will help you see people in the dark. And the Ring will even automatically start recording and alert you as soon as someone enters its proximity, meaning it can be useful to see if your packages got delivered. 

Great range

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SadoTech CXR

Two receivers are better than one

The SadoTech CXR comes with one doorbell and two receivers and a range of 500 feet, meaning you can ensure your whole house can hear the doorbell when it rings. With over 50 different chimes and rings to choose from and adjustable volume that goes from 25db to 110db, you should have no problem hearing when someone is at the door!

Best value

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1byone Easy chime

Affordable option

The 1byone Easy Chime is as simple as it gets, but it's also a great value. It has a 500-foot range allowing you to place it in the most optimal spot, three different notification modes, 36 ringtones, and adjustable volume. Plus, its LED light on the receiver can help those, even hard of hearing, know when someone is at their door! 

Lots of different chimes

Wireless doorbells are pretty easy to install in most cases and offer a wide variety of features that your old hard wired doorbell just doesn't have. If you're looking to replace your doorbell wireless is the way to go. 

The Honeywell Series9 is loud, highly customizable, and has a LED light to give a visual signal when someone presses your doorbell, making it an excellent product for most people looking to replace their old doorbell.

If you love variety, the SadoTech CXR comes with over 50 different chimes, making it easy to switch your chime up whenever you want. Plus, it also gets really loud, which is useful for making sure you hear when someone is at the door. 

Lastly, if you want to upgrade into the smart doorbell market, there's nothing better than the Ring Video Doorbell. It's not only a doorbell but a security camera that allows you to see who's at your door through the app. You can even speak to the person at the door with the built-in microphone and speaker, making it easy to tell your UPS driver to leave packages for you if you can't make it to the door. 

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