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Best wall outlets with USB charging ports

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These wall outlets with USB charging ports will keep your devices powered for a long time. Because after all, USB outlets are essential to keep your devices going in this modern era. Please note changing your outlets can be dangerous so make sure you follow the instructions properly or get a professional to help you.

This is a list of the best available out there today.

Best overall

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USB Double Wall Plug Socket 2 Gang

One device will replace two wall outlets

At an affordable price and with a beautiful design, the USB Double Wall Plug Socket 2 Gang is perfect for your needs. Two USB ports and two sockets will allow you to charge several devices at once. Better yet, the USB ports are 2.1A and 1.0A, which stands apart from most sockets that have shared amperage.

Best design

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BG Electrical Double

A stainless steel look on your wall

The stainless steel design of the BG Electrical Double will make your charging devices look even more futuristic. The USB charging ports can adjust their charging patterns, allowing you to put a variety of iPhone and Android appliances in the socket. Installation is a breeze with in-line and colour-coded captive screw terminals.

Best extender

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Mscien UK Plug Extension

No tools required

If you're not handy with tools, the Mscien UK Plug Extension will give you an incredible 3 USB charger ports along with wall outlets. Just plug the extender into a standard outlet, and it is good to go. Built-in safety controls will keep you and your devices safe against power surges.

Best travel device

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LENCENT USB Outlet Plug Extender

Ready for the road

With 3 USB ports tucked on the underside of the LENCENT USB Outlet Plug Extender, you get a lot of power in a small package. The extender's diminutive size lets you slide it easily into a handbag or suitcase when you hit the road. The ability to charge four devices at high speed will keep you powered no matter where you are.

Bottom line

The best of the USB wall outlets is the USB Double Wall Plug Socket 2 Gang. You can squeeze in four devices on a single socket, making it easy to keep everything powered while you're at home. It's affordable and easy to install, making the switch out on the wall a breeze.

The included USB chargers have separate amperage that allows you to charge different devices with different power requirements at the same time. The clean white finish is built for durability and will help with your power needs for a long time.

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