Best USB-C to USB-C Cables

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USB-C is the latest industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power on a single cable. It has been readily accepted by more than 700 major manufacturing companies like Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, and Microsoft. Hence, most new devices now come with a USB-C port.

We have reviewed the market to make our following recommendations for the best  USB-C to USB-C cables.

Staff pick

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Anker Powerline+ USB-C to USB-C Cable

Durable and double braided

The double-braided nylon exterior and toughened aramid fiber core provide superior toughness from end to end. It will last at least six times longer than any comparable cable. You also get an adjustable pouch, which is not only convenient for storage but also allows you to adjust the cable length for any situation. Pick from a choice of red or black.

Close second

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Anker Powerline II

Get the best speeds

Get 10Gbps data transfer as well as audio and 4K video with the Anker Powerline II cable. It will also power any current or future USB-C device by delivering up to 100W of power. Moreover, you also get a lifetime warranty on the continued safe use of the cable.

Colorful and durable

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AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB-C Cable

Double braided in cool colors

Ideal for charging and powering USB-C devices, the AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB-C Cable provides 5Gbps data transfer speed. The double braided nylon protection prevents damage with it tested to bend 95-degrees two thousand times without fraying. What's more, you can pick from stylish contemporary color options for a trendy appearance.

Many colors available

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WiRoTech USB-C Fast Charging Cable

Fast charging and sleek look

Pick from nineteen trendy colors for the right WiRoTech USB-C Fast Charging Cable to fit your decor. You also get a range of lengths from 1-10 feet. The cable is nylon braided to provide fast charging with up to 15W power. The machined aluminum connectors provide durability throughout the life of the cable.  

Safety approved

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Cable Matters Gen 2 USB-C to USB-C Cable

Excellent data transfer rates

The high-performance Cable Matters Gen 2 USB-C to USB-C Cable can also support 10Gbps data and 8K video transfer rates. It's completely safe to connect your valuable devices with confidence knowing this cable is USB-IF certified. Its construction combines molded strain relief, a flexible rubberized TPE jacket, and bare copper conductors. You get a high performing cable that's also good value for the price.

Dark and durable

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UGREEN USB C to USB C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable Type C

Get the shorter lengths for a neater look

Supporting the same USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 standard, this cable comes in shorter sizes to comfortably fit on a desk or connect to a power bank. Transfer HD movies in seconds with the 10Gbps data transfer speed and also get 60W of fast charger power. The charging rate may vary depending on your device and wall power adapter.

A USB-C cable connection is a must with all new computing devices

Having a spare USB-C to USB-C cable is handy anytime you want to connect or charge a compatible device. You need one at the home, office, for travel and so on.

We think the Anker Powerline+ USB C to USB C Cable is the most suitable cable for its durability and the convenient pouch it comes in.

You will always need a USB-C cable so why not get a silky color with the WiRoTech USB-C Fast Charging Cable, and stand out from the crowd. It's a sturdy braided cable with aluminum connectors.

Consider how and where you're going to use the cable to determine the type and length you want

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