Best TV bias lighting

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Instead of using a lamp in the room where you're watching a show or movie, consider the addition of TV bias lighting. You can change the colors to match what you're watching, which will ease the sudden light changes in the room. Most sets will include a remote and offer several lighting modes, so it can always match the mood. We've gathered a collection of the best TV bias lighting for you to enhance any room with a screen. 

Staff pick

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Long-range remote included

Choose from 16 colors, which can be dimmed with four different modes, on this set of 36 lights. The strip is 78.7-inches long and uses 5050 LEDs to enhance TVs that range from 40 to 60 inches. This option also includes an AC adapter in case your TV doesn’t have a port to provide power. And you’ll be able to use the remote from farther away than most bias lighting sets.

For huge TVs

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Power Practical Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting

Lights can be adjusted with in-line controls

Some TVs are truly massive, but this option from Practical Power has you covered. It will work on TVs up to 80-inches and turns on and off with your screen. There are fade modes and 10 brightness levels that can be applied to 15 color options. The included 3M adhesive makes sure lights stay in place. 

Best remote

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Vansky TV Backlight Kit

Uses an RF connection to adjust lighting

Unlike our other options, the remote that comes with this lighting kit uses an RF connection, instead of infrared, which means you won’t need to point the remote directly at it to change settings. To fit your TV, the lighting strip can be cut and comes with spare tape to secure it in place or fix any mishaps. There are 27 LEDs on this strip, and their color, brightness, and speed can be adjusted with the remote. 

Most color options

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Bason TV Backlight

Thirty-minute auto shut-off

If the choice of colors for your bias lighting is a top priority, this option from Nason won't disappoint. It supports 4096 possible colors, with six dynamic modes and 16 brightness levels. You'll also get both plastic clips foam adhesive to attach it to your TV.  

Light it up

Setting the mood in your living room is much easier with the help of bias lighting. In most situations, we think the PANGTON VILLA LED Strip Lights are the top choice of this bunch. The long-range remote lets you refrain from any living room rearrangement to use your new bias lighting. This set also has 16 colors and multiple settings to choose from and can be plugged into a wall outlet if necessary.

For anyone who absolutely loves to fine-tune their color choices, consider the Bason TV Backlight. Offering support for 4096 colors, the only difficulty you may have is selecting your favorite one. And for anyone who watches TV before bed, this set offers an auto-shutoff after 30 minutes, so the lights won’t disturb your sleep.