Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch Lite

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The Switch Lite is a fun and compact gaming system that's easy to take just about anywhere. You'll want a good carrying case to not only keep it safe from bumps and scratches, but to also keep all the accessories, games and charger together in one place. Here are several of the top Nintendo Switch Lite travel cases in a variety of fun colors and patterns. One is sure to catch your eye.

Staff pick

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Butterfox Compact Carrying Case

Case in point

This is a great case for bringing on extended trips. It has a hard shell to protect from bumps, offers 19 slots for Switch cartridges, has a storage compartment that stays closed via zipper, and also has a handle for easy carrying. With all of these features, it still manages to be one of the least expensive carrying cases you can get. Plus, ButterFox has a few different colors to choose from. 

Accessory carrier

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PDP Elite Commuter Case

Bring it all with you

If you want to bring extra controllers, cables, or other accessories with you on your travels, then this is the case to consider. In addition to carrying the Switch Lite, there's a designated slot for a Pro Controller, a section for an extra pair of Joy-Cons, and two storage pockets. The case is compact and will be easy to store in your luggage or backpack. The red handle also makes it easy to carry. 

Best slim case

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Hori Slim Tough Pouch

Call me Slim

Hori is known for creating quality licensed Nintendo Switch products. This particular case has a semi-hard shell, can carry 10 cartridges, and has a small storage compartment best suited for earbuds, cables, or other small accessories. You can get this case in either black or blue.


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ProCase Carrying Case

What are you really carrying?

This stylish case looks more like a folio bag or small purse. It isn't as protective as some other cases, but it has a soft inner lining to protect the Switch Lite's screen from scratches. There are slots for five cartridges, but you won't find space for any accessories. You can easily slip it into a purse or bag and bring it with you on any trip.

Double use

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PDP Deluxe Travel Case - Elite Edition

Extra pockets for extra stuff

This sweet case offers 14 cartridge slots, a designated Joy-Con Strap holder, and a storage section. It can be used for either the original Switch or the Switch Lite. You'll just want to use the included foam inserts if you're using the smaller system. 

There are three sleek designs - two of which are Pokémon-themed.

Pokémon fans

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Orzly Carry Case - Red & White

For the ultimate trainer

This case resembles a Pokéball with it's half red, half white coloring. It can hold up to eight Switch cartridges, has a zippered pouch for holding earphones or cables, and also has a storage area for additional accessories like a portable battery. If you like the design of this case but want it in a different color, you can choose from one of the seven other options.

Chic lite

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ACdream Case

Sparkling eye candy

Looking for a case that has a little more pizzazz? Check out this case. It carries up to six Switch games, has a wrist strap, and resembled a small purse or wallet. It's designed with PU leather to better protect your Switch Lite from dings and bumps. There are six different colors, including glittery options. 

Premium cases

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ButterFox Premium Carrying Case

Bright and cheery

If you like the functionality of our number one pick but would prefer something with more color than you should check out this premium case. It holds up to 19 cartridges, features a carrying handle, and has a storage pouch that zips closed. It also has a hard shell to prevent damages from dings and drops. There are five colors, including turquoise, black, grey, pink, and purple.

Shoulder carry

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Ipega Switch Lite Case

For the serious traveler

If you're looking for a way to transport you Switch Lite and several accessories hands-free, then this is the case to consider. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap as well as a handle so you can carry it the way you'd prefer. It also has slots for five Switch cartridges and allows you to store cables or an extra set of Joy-Cons.

Carry on

When you go traveling, you want to make sure that you have everything you need for a convenient gaming experience. When choosing the right carrying case, you'll want something that can hold a decent number of cartridges. It should also offer protection against damage, not take up too much room, have plenty of storage for accessories, and be easy to transport. It helps if it doesn't cost too much, either.

The case we recommend most is the ButterFox Compact Carrying Case. It's incredibly well priced considering it can hold 19 games, has a zippered storage compartment, has a hard shell, and even features a handle. ButterFox offers a few different zipper colors so you can get a look you like best.

If you're looking to bring a Pro Controller or extra Joy-Cons with you, we suggest looking at the PDP Elite Commuter Case. It has a classy design and is the perfect option for bringing additional accessories. Prefer something small and compact? Then you'll want to look at the Hori Slim Tough Pouch. It's much slimmer than other options while still being able to hold 10 cartridges. You can choose between a blue or black design.

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