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Best ring light for selfies

best ring light for selfies
(Image credit: Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash)

The best ring light for selfies should have some lighting options to give a warm, cool, or natural light to your pictures. You can choose between lightweight portable ones, or more solid ring lights that sit on tripods that you can also mount your camera to for better shooting. 

The size of ring lights for selfies varies, but the general rule is that the bigger the circumference, the softer the light. To really up your selfie game, 12" is the size to aim for - although it's harder to find, and makes the light less portable. 

Staff pick

Begleri ring light for selfies

(Image credit: Begleri)

Begleri 12" selfie ring light

Biggest light ring

This ring light for selfies has a big 12" circumference for softer lighting. It also comes with a stand that you can mount your phone or camera on, to make sure your face is evenly lit. The tripod is just 8", so it's portable and easy to maneuver. 

This ring light has three colour modes and 14 levels of brightness. It's powered by a USB plug. Plus, it comes with a remote control for hands-free shooting.

Clip-on light

Diyife ring light for selfies

(Image credit: Diyife)

Diyife rechargeable selfie ring light

Packed with features

This rechargeable ring light from Diyife has 20 cold lights and 20 warm lights, to create three lighting modes. It's also dimmable, and there's no glare when you look into the light ring. It's charged by USB and can be clipped onto the top of your phone or laptop. 

Budget tripod

Soft Digits ring light for selfies

(Image credit: Soft Digits)

Soft digits 10" LED ring light with tripod

Hands-free selfie taking

This ring light will improve your selfies as you can mount your phone or camera on the tripod, in the middle of the ring. It has three colour modes and 10 brightness settings, and it's powered by USB. Plus the camera mount is bendable for selfies from any angle.


TaoTronics ring light for selfies

(Image credit: TaoTronics)

TaoTronics 10" selfie ring light

Cool accessories

This TaoTronics selfie light has a 10" diameter ring light and comes with a bluetooth remote, two phone stands, and a 61" tripod stand. There are three lighting modes that are dimmable. Plus, it comes with a really long USB lead so you can keep it plugged in for great performance.

The perfect picture

When you're choosing the best ring light for selfies, you need to think about where you'll be using it. Do you need something portable, like the Diyife clip-on light or do you want to turn your room into a mini studio with a more high-tech option like the one from TaoTronics?  

For something in between, the staff pick is the Begleri ring light that has the biggest circumference for the softest lighting. The Soft Digits 10" ring light is also a good option.