Best Bluetooth alarm clocks

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Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Ahhh! It’s time to wake up. If screeching buzzers aren’t your thing, consider one of these Bluetooth alarm clocks. They offer multiple audio options to set as alerts and some pair with your phone so you can fully customize your wake-up routine with the song of your choosing. Here’s a collection of our favorites.  

Best overall

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iHome Bluetooth Color-Changing Dual Alarm Clock

Ombre hues for when you wake up or to set the mood

Five vibrant, ombre color schemes can be displayed on the frame of this alarm clock. When the alarm sounds, there are six different lighting modes it can display. You can choose from Bluetooth audio, FM radio, or an alarm tone as your wake-up alert. This model also serves as a speakerphone via Bluetooth, and device charger with the onboard USB port. 

Big display

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Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock

The digital clock that is easy to read

This Bluetooth alarm clock has a cyan-colored LED display, which makes it easy to read in bright and low-light rooms. There's a USB port for charging your device, 20-station memory for the radio, and you can pair your phone to use it as a speaker for music or calls. Along the bottom of the unit is a night light, which will help you find your glasses or phone in a dark room.


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JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

Elegant design looks at home on your table

Wake up to your favorite song after you pair your phone or tablet. This option from JBL offers audio streaming over Bluetooth on the large speaker that encompasses the clock. The monochromatic clock face and the speaker will blend into any modern home. As an added convenience, there is an ambient LED light on the back of the unit to gently wake you.

Most color options

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WamGra Night Light Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Switch modes with touch control

Choose between an AUX input, MicroSD slot, USB port for thumb drives, and Bluetooth wireless to stream your music through this model. When you want to change color modes, simply tap the device a few times and cycle through all of the options. There are also three brightness levels of white light available. You can lock a specific color on, but you can also let the device cycle through them all, making this a fun choice for a kid’s room. 

Time to wake up

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect Bluetooth alarm clock. For most people, we think the iHome Bluetooth Color-Changing Dual Alarm Clock is the best pick. The color schemes are fun and can serve as mood lighting for your room. You can also avoid being jolted from sleep by the horrible sound of a screeching alarm clock, and instead, hear a song you enjoy. This option makes it easy to set the right tone for the perfect day. 

If you want something a bit simpler to blend into your home, consider the JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio. The design looks good on any side table, even if it’s not your bedroom. You’ll also get the JBL-quality sound from the large speaker when you pair your phone for music. Make the choice that you’re happy waking up to.