Best rechargeable AAA batteries

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Batteries give household mechanisms life. Conveniently cordless, these compact energy-providers power gadgets and gizmos. Devices requiring this classic power option often support AAA batteries. These slender cylindrical batteries find their way in tons of everyday items, including remote controls, clocks, fans, toy cars, and much more. Unfortunately, batteries don't last forever, but longevity can be achieved with a more sustainable selection. That's where rechargeable AAA batteries come in. With several opportunities to power up, these necessities become less disposable. For those with a greener mindset, our list of rechargeable AAA batteries is the answer.

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Green rechargeable AAA batteries

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Amazon Basics rechargeable AAA batteries (opens in new tab)

Multi-use AAAs available in several package options

Batteries cut down on the power cords necessary to run homes. Who doesn't love that? And those that are rechargeable even manage waste like these batteries by AmazonBasics. The substantial AAAs ace the power game, pre-charged right out of the package. Available in several quantity options from four to 24, these 800 mAh batteries offer hours and hours of power, whether used individually or paired together. Peak performance is even sustained for 24 months, delivering consistent energy at 80 percent. The best part? Since they're not a one-time-use option, they'll be around for eons. Each battery can be recharged up to 1,000 times.  

In-charge rechargeables

eneloop rechargeable batteries

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Panasonic eneloop rechargeable AAA batteries (opens in new tab)

Hardworking AAAs with over 2,100 charges

Rechargeable AAA batteries are a convenient, reusable incarnation of standard options to lessen waste and increase efficiency. As far as portable power goes, these long-lasting batteries by Panasonic will juice everything from sound machines to emergency lighting. Arriving pre-charged, these ready-to-go batteries will get to work, diligently delivering energy for up to 2,100 charges. Even when the batteries are not in use, they can't help but stay ready. In storage, they'll retain a 70-percent charge after ten years. Choose from several package options.


Energizer rechargeable AAA batteries

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Energizer rechargeable AAA batteries (opens in new tab)

700-charge battery basic in several quantity options

As far as tried-and-true battery brands go, Energizer is among the most trusted. And their rechargeable AAAs meet all quality expectations. These hardy 800 mAh batteries really take charge, providing unwavering power to every wireless mouse and gaming controller. And the best part is, their superior support doesn't end in one use. With up to 700 charges, the batteries offer much-needed stamina and stay out of the trash for quite some time. Built to go the distance with any device when needed, their ready-to-use design sustains charge in storage for up to 12 months. Several quantity options are available to replenish dwindling battery inventories.    

Copper-top classic

Duracell rechargeable AAA batteries

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Duracell rechargeable AAA batteries (opens in new tab)

Device-supporting favorite with 400 charges

Take charge of your battery arsenal with Duracell. Donning that familiar copper hue, Duracell batteries are known for unrivaled power and consistency. So, it's no surprise that their rechargeable AAAs are a top-notch choice. Walkie talkies and desk fans will get the jolt they deserve, the batteries providing lasting power and the opportunity for 400 charges. For stocking-up purposes, these batteries are especially great, supplying power for ten years out of the storage.  

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EBL rechargeable AAA batteries

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EBL rechargeable AAA batteries (opens in new tab)

Sizeable 16-count package with 1,200 charges

Quality and quantity combine as far as EBL's rechargeable batteries are concerned. Boasting tons of power, these 1100mAh AAAs provide a burst of energy that will keep educational toys and talking plushes lit and amplified. Each battery is constructed with a supercell lattice, its generous interior space offering support for optimum and reliable power. Aside from their strength, users will also enjoy their endurance, charging up to 1,200 times. Offering 16 batteries in total, this collection will support a bevy of mechanized marvels.  

Power up

Rechargeable batteries and charger

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Energizer recharable AA and AAA battery charger (opens in new tab)

Must-have charger with bonus batteries

Remotes are plentiful in most home environments. (Let's be honest, sometimes we lose track of what they control. That's how many there are.) So, they, along with other heavily used devices, will need battery replacements most often. To keep fresh batteries always at hand, rechargeable batteries are a must. And, logically, when it comes to rechargeable batteries a charger is necessary, and this one by Energizer is a great choice. The outlet-ready device accommodates both AAA and AAs and houses up to four batteries. With a simple plug-in, weak or dead batteries will be refreshed in 5 to 11 hours. To track progress, the charger features a red indicator light that alternates to green when charging is complete. With an automatic shut off for safety, this option is the ideal selection. As a bonus, four AA batteries are included. 

Get recharged

What kind of battery does it take? That's the age-old question when it comes to portable or wireless devices. If the answer is AAA, there are plenty of choices, but rechargeable options are hard to pass up. With the same functionality as traditional batteries, rechargeables provide all the power while reducing waste. Every battery is different, but rechargeable AAA batteries can be powered-up hundreds or thousands of times before they're ready for the trash or recycle bin. With up to 1,000 charges, the Amazon Basics rechargeable AAA batteries (opens in new tab) will energize plenty of devices including wall clocks and electric razors.  These standout standards sustain 80-percent of their power for 24 months. 

Though 1,000 charges are extensive, the Panasonic eneloop rechargeable AAA batteries (opens in new tab)max out the reusable possibilities with up to 2,100 charges. Their long life isn't the only draw either. They provide consistent and sustained power when they're stored, keeping a 70-percent charge after ten years. So, pack them away in your battery box, and they'll always be ready.