Best Projector Screens

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To get crisp pictures from your projector, you do need a projector screen.  A sizeable screen will have you looking forward to every movie night, epic gaming session, or business presentation. While the industry standard aspect ratio for home projector screens is 16-inches by 9-inches, you can also opt for 21-inches by 9-inches if you are a movie fanatic. Whether you prefer to have a fixed screen for a dedicated media room or a retractable for smaller spaces, here is a helpful guide of the best projector screens.

Staff Favorite

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Silver Ticket Products STR-169120

Zero resolution loss at any angle

The STR-169120 is a 120-inch, 4K Ultra HD Ready fixed frame projector screen that is built with incredibly smooth vinyl for crystal clear and bright pictures. The surface offers a 1.1 uniform gain with a full 160-degree viewing angle and no loss in resolution. Fitted with a Tension Rod System, the screen is pretty easy to assemble without leaving wrinkles on the surface. A black velvet fabric delicately wraps the aluminum frame and absorbs over projected light creating crisp images. It comes in a range of sizes, formats, and screen materials perfect for varied preferences.

Retractable Screen

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VIVO 80 inch Projector Screen

Perfect for small spaces

If you are not able or willing to dedicate a chunk of your wall to a screen, a retractable projector screen always saves the day. The VIVO 80 inch Projector Screen can be wall or ceiling mounted, rolled down when it's time to play, and roll up (out of sight) when not in use. With a 1.1 gain, a black backing, and black borders, the projector achieves superb light control so you can enjoy crisp pictures. Also, It's an absolute steal for anyone working with a tight wallet.

Premium Feel

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Delux Ultra HDR Projector Screen

Uncompromised quality

You can easily replicate a theatre-like viewing experience in the comfort of your home with the fixed frame Delux Ultra HDR Projector Screen. A screen with premium features without a premium price tag. The edges come built from an aluminum frame with a high-quality black velvet finish. The black finish absorbs over projected light and gives the screen a sleek and sophisticated feel and look. With a 16-inch by 9-inch aspect ratio, 4K Ultra HDR-ready, 1.1 gain, and a 160-degree wide viewing angle, the projector screen brings your favorite characters to life. Delux uses a spring tension system to achieve a smooth and wrinkle-free surface.

Best Motorized Screen

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Elite Screens Spectrum 2

Perfected for commercial and residential presentations

 This Elite Screen is compatible with all HD and UHD projectors as it comes 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR ready. One of the best deals you are ever going to get for a motorized projector screen is with the Spectrum 2. It boasts a MaxWhite 1.1 gain, a 110-inch diagonal watching space, and a 180-degree wide-viewing angle for naturally sharp images. The screen includes an up/down/stop toggle switch for easy control. This screen has an aspect ratio of 16-inches by 9-inches and is available in various diagonal sizes — 91, 100, 110, and 120 inches. 


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P-JING Projection Screen

Quality viewing anywhere anytime

Wouldn't you like to be able to set up a projector screen anywhere? That would be fun, right? At 2.2 pounds, it's impressive how the J-PING can be folded into a small portable package and open up to a 120-inch screen with a 160-degree viewing angle. The projector screen is compatible with most LED, LCD, or DLP projectors and perfect for both indoor, outdoor, and office projection. As much as it folds into a small size, you don't have to worry about wrinkles appearing on the screen. The projector screen comes with metal finished grommets for easy setup and takedown.

Manual Pull-Down

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Elite Screens Manual B

The best way to get started

Are you just realizing that you need a projector screen? The Elite Screens Manual B series is a perfect starting point. It comes in a sturdy steel case with the option of mounting on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. The front is a MaxWhite B, 4K Ultra HD ready material with a wide 180-degree viewing angle. It's fitted with a lanyard and a Slow Retract Mechanism, which enable the screen to retract slowly into its house when not in use. The 2-inch interval auto-locking system allows you to pick your preferred height between 3 and 17.7 inches.

Get the big picture

For projector screens, bigger may not always be better. Do not be tempted to go for a massive one but instead choose one that correctly fits your space. Our favorite pick has got to be the Silver Ticket Products 4k Projector Screen. This fixed frame screen is perfect for dedicated theatre rooms and comes in several sizes and aspect ratios to meet various watching needs. You get a screen with real projection material rather than a sheet — high-quality vinyl with a 1.1 gain.

If you aren't able to dedicate an entire wall or room, the retractable VIVO 80 inch Projector Screen is such a great option. It can be rolled down when it's time to play, and roll up (out of sight) when not in use. 

 For all your outdoor entertainment needs, the P-JING Projector Screen has got you covered. It folds into a small package that turns into a 120-inch projection screen with finished metal grommets that can be hung on a wall using hooks or ropes. It's also easy to set up and take down.