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Best portable CD players

Best portable CD players
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Portable CD players are perfect, simple options to keep your tunes with you on the road or in different regions of the house. These buying options bring the retro idea of using CDs into the 21st century, including advanced functions such as memory storage. Our pick is the Groov-e Retro Personal CD Player for its balance between affordability, design and functionality. This buying guide will help you make the right choice for your needs, based on price as well as on what the CD player does.

Best overall

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Groov-e Retro Personal CD Player

Anti-skip and programmable memory make this an excellent option

The Groov-e Retro Personal CD Player is the perfect balance between modernity and retro simplicity. Programmable memory onboard memorises up to 20 of your favourite songs. It supports CD, CD-R and CD/RW playback, allowing you to play even CDs that have been recorded upon multiple times.

Anti-skip protection keeps the device moving along smoothly while you're on the road, and functions such as intro, repeat and search allow you to customise your experience as required. Best yet, earphones are included so that you don't need to absorb the extra cost.

Best design

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Groov-e Portable CD Player Boombox

Such a pretty thing

The Groov-e Portable CD Player Boombox gives you the 1990s boombox experience while including 21st-century perks. An included LED display will keep you notified about the track you are playing, and an AM/FM radio will keep you tuned into your favourite stations just about anywhere. The design is highly portable and durable, just like the best boomboxes of a generation ago.

Best compatibility

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Tenswall Wall Mountable Portable CD Player

Includes desk and wall mounting options for tunes

The Tenswall Wall Mountable Portable CD Player has multiple functions for your device pleasure, including CD radio, FM radio, Bluetooth speaker, mini home boombox and USB flash drive player. It also mounts on the wall easily, allowing you to put it at your desired location in the house in between playing sessions. The design's classic look makes this is an ideal gift for those who want to have a nice decoration on their desk or their wall.

Best sound

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Roxel RCD-S70BT Portable Boombox

Allows you to play CDs and other kinds of music devices

The Roxel RCD-S70BT Portable Boombox delivers powerful sound in a compact package, with 4 C batteries letting you share your favourite music with friends and family no matter where you are. Playback choices are varied, including USP MP3, audio CD or a Bluetooth speaker for other devices. The included remote control allows you to adjust volume or change tracks even when you are steps away from the device, and you can also listen to FM radio stations.

Bottom line

The Groov-e Retro Personal CD Player brings a modern sensibility to the older trend of portable CD playing. You can listen to your favourite kind of CD, just like during the 1990s. On the other hand, programmable memory onboard lets you memorize up to 20 of your favourite tracks so that you can play those trusted songs independently of device.

For going on the road, the anti-skip protection lets you continue to use the CD no matter what external environment you are in. Headphones are included, and the built-in functions are excellent for keeping your songs close to you in other environments.

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