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Best Portable Batteries for Mac mini

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If you've picked up a recent Mac mini, then presumably you want to use it at a desk, as part of a home theater setup, or in some other way that would mean that it stays where it is. But, if you are looking to use your Mac mini as a portable computer, you'll need a hefty power supply to make it happen. While none of these batteries will allow you to use your Mac mini at maximum power, they'll allow you to use your Mac for some tasks, at least.

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Anker Powerhouse

Maximum power

Anker's Powerhouse packs a lot of power, featuring a 120000mAh battery, four USB-A ports for charging your gadgets, a 12V car charger, a DC/AC inverter, and a standard power outlet. It should give your Mac mini enough power to perform basic tasks for a few hours.

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Powkey 200-Watt Portable Power Bank

Power it all 

Powkey's power bank provides enough power to get your Mac mini up and running, featuring two AC power outlets, four USB slots, and a 12V power output. You can charge this bank through a standard wall outlet or a separate solar charger.

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GrantMaya-Power Portable AC Power Bank

Durable power

This battery bank is built for rugged adventure, unlike your Mac mini. This 300-watt, 64,800mAh power bank supports powering your devices through two AC power outlets and four USB-A ports. Accepts solar charging, with full solar charging taking about 10 hours.

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Jackery Portable Power Station

Power through it

This 67000mAh battery bank is ready for any adventure on which you want to take your Mac mini. It can be charged through an AC adapter, a 12V car charger, or a solar charger.

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Alikasala 200-watt Portable Power Supply

Lighting your way

This big battery features smart protection against overload and overheating, can power your Mac with its single AC outlet, and charge your other devices through its four USB ports. It's also got an LED flashlight with an easy-to-access switch on the handle to help light your way.

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Rockpals Portable Generator

Your power pal

This 64,800mAh battery will offer your Mac mini a few hours of usage. It features a couple of USB ports for phone charging as well as AC outlets you can use to power your Mac. Solar panels can charge it, so it's great for outdoor trips.

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Rockpals Portable Power Station

Power everything

The Rockpals Power Station has a 75,000mAh battery and can deliver up to 300 watts of continuous power. It has both AC and DC outlets, as well as four USB ports, two of which are USB 3.0 for faster charging for mobile devices. Two lights at the top of the battery allow extra illumination for your adventure.

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Aeiusny Power Station

Keep on going

This 400-watt, 85000mAh battery has three AC outlets for multiple electronics, and enough power for a few hours of Mac mini use. Supports solar charging if you've got some portable panels, and has four USB ports to charge mobile devices.

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Prymax Portable Power Station

So. Much. Power!

Prymax's power station contains a 90000mAh battery and features two AC power ports, along with DC power and USB, including a USB-C port. The cooling fan, necessary on batteries like this, is built for quiet operation, so you're not disturbed while using this hefty battery bank.

Our recommendations

Of all of these portable power supplies, we'd probably go with the Anker Powerhouse. It's expensive, but it packs a lot of power, more than any of the other batteries on this list. Just keep in mind, with any of these, that you don't want to push your Mac mini to its limits, or these power supplies will trip and cut off power to your Mac.

You could also take a look at the GrantMaya-Power battery bank. It doesn't have the capacity of the powerhouse, but it's also much less expensive while providing much of the same functionality, including built-in power outlets, USB charging ports, and short circuit protection.

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