Best Photography Lighting Kits

Photography Lighting Kit
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If you're ready to take your photography to the next level, good lighting is a must. There are hundreds of options, from simple camera flash attachments to full-scale continuous lighting kits. For the best results and the most versatility, you'll want a quality photography lighting kit that is independent of the standard camera flash bulb. We've compiled a variety of lighting kits that will complement many different photography situations. Take a look and consider which kit will best suit your photography style.

Staff Pick


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StudioFX Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

Bang for buck

You can't beat this continuous lighting kit when it comes to value for money. Here you have three softbox light diffusers with stands, a boom arm with sandbag for overhead lighting, 12 45-watt fluorescent bulbs with 5500k brightness, and a carrying case that's large enough to carry it all. All of this comes at a surprisingly low price!

No Stick Required

Limostudio Kit

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LimoStudio Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Best for selfies

Influencers take note; if the subject of your photos and videos is yourself, your best bet is a ring light like this one that includes an attachment for your camera or smartphone.  The tripod ring light can be attached to your camera or phone and fixed to the perfect height for pro-level selfies. This way, you'll get bright, even lighting without the need for a camera man or bulky equipment. 

Best for Pros

Elinchrom Lighting Kit

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Elinchrom Lighting Kit

Professional quality

For next-level, professional quality shots, it's a good idea to invest in a high-end set like this one from Elinchrom. Not only does the system come with two softbox lighting stands for both continuous lighting and flash scenarios; it is also equipped with Elinchrom's Skyport remote system that provides intelligent control over the lighting system. Finally, the included 100W modeling bulbs are an excellent start for both portrait and product photography. 

Most Flashy

Godox Speedlite Monolight

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Godox Speedlite Strobe Monolight

For strobe and flash effects

A strobe monolight is a powerful, fast lighting solution that works well for action shots and high-glare situations. This strobe monolight kit from Godox provides powerful illumination in incredibly fast bursts to create dynamic shots. The lightweight, easy-to-use kit comes in a convenient, compact size that is easy to carry to different shoots. 

From Portrait to Drama


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Westcott Rapid Box 2-Light Kit

Most versatile

A great dual lighting kit for a variety of photography situations, this set will work for both traditional portraits and more dramatic settings. It comes with two softbox light diffuser setups, with the option to convert one of them into a deflector plate to capture more dramatic images. It also includes two speedlight lamps and a convenient bag to carry everything. 

On the Go

Flashpoint eVOLV Flash Pro Kit

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Flashpoint eVOLV Pocket Flash Pro Kit

A more complete travel kit

This exclusive set from Flashpoint has a little bit of everything to suit a wide variety of lighting situations. The two compact speedlights provide powerful illumination despite their small size, and they can be programmed to provide strobe effects when needed. This set also comes with bare bulb heads and interchangeable color gels to change the quality of the light in countless ways. Along with the extra battery packs, stands, adapters, and hardshell carry cases, this is a pretty complete - yet super portable - lighting kit. 

Max Coverage

Smith-Victor Softbox Three-Light Kit

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Smith-Victor Softbox Three-Light Kit

For soft, diffused light

For larger sets where more coverage is needed, large softbox lights like these are just the thing. The largest softbox is a full 32" across and the stands can be adjusted to an 8ft height. The kit also includes a long boom arm for overhead coverage. The result is a soft, diffused continuous light that can cover a large area from every angle. 

Shedding some light

If you're ready to take your photography to the next level, any lighting kit on this list will result in beautiful, well-lit shots. Our pick would have to be the StudioFX Softbox Kit for a soft, continuous light source that comes at an excellent price. This set comes with three softbox light diffusers on stands, a boom arm for overhead light, 12 bright fluorescent bulbs, and a convenient carry bag for everything. A pretty good deal right?

While the StudioFX set is a good set for the price, you might be looking for something a little more high-end. For a more professional, top-quality lighting kit, check out the Elinchrom Lighting Kit. This one promises pro-quality equipment and a smart remote system that gives you more minute control over lighting settings. If you prefer strobe fastlights over continuous lighting, however, then a Godox Speedlite might be more to your liking. This strobe monolight is small and compact, but it delivers powerful strobe and flash settings for more dramatic and action photography scenarios.