Best Over-the-Air Antennas

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Over-the-air antennas have been with us for nearly a century but are forgotten in most households. You can watch some of the best TV shows without paying cable fees and or streaming subscriptions. All TVs provide a connection to an antenna, so why not try to wean yourself from the countless cable channels that you pay for, but rarely watch. The only cost you will incur is on the purchase of a suitable antenna. We have selected the best ones for your consideration in the list below.

Best Overall

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Mohu MH-110598 Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna

The best overall value for indoor use

The paper-thin Mohu antenna is the commercialization of advanced US military antenna engineering. It's easily mounted anywhere in the home on a flat surface and in any direction, so no "pointing" is necessary. A ten-foot cord allows some flexibility in its location, plus you can enhance the 35-mile reception range with an amplified version of the same antenna. Set up the Mohu and start watching TV in minutes.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

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Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna

Install wherever it's convenient

Set up the ClearStream 2V antenna indoors or outside, as long as you can position it appropriately. With a range of 60 miles plus, it's one of the best performing antennas. You get a 70-degree beamwidth, and the aluminum construction keeps it light and sturdy for longterm enjoyment. And, you get all the mounting hardware you need if you want to attach the ClearStream 2V in the attic or on the roof.

Best Value

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Bikku Indoor Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

Cheap and comes with an amplifier

The Bikku indoor HDTV antenna boosts the range up to 130 miles. It's excellent value, is omnidirectional, and made from high-strength materials to give you the best reception for many years. Exclusive boost technology cleans and amplifies signals that have been weakened by obstructions between you and the broadcast towers.

Best for Outdoors

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Vansky Outdoor 150-Mile Range Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna

Built for outdoors and long range

The weather-resistant design and a wireless remote controlled motor allow you to spin the Vansky antenna in any direction. Tune in and pick up channels that are up to 150 miles away with the 360-degree rotation, and use the dual outputs to connect to two TVs without using a splitter. A 32-foot coaxial cable comes with the antenna while the retro design adds to the look of the home. All the elements are snap-on, so no installation tools are needed.

Sleek Look

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TS-Ant HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna

Best indoor with amplification

Get from an 80 to a 150-mile range with this indoor antenna that comes with switchable amplifiers via a settable switch. The circle shape adds a neat look that you can place anywhere or even hang to fit in with your decor. A 17-foot high-performance coaxial cable gives you plenty of options to locate the antenna. Enjoy clear reception and free HD programming, plus other national channels using the boost technology built into this TS-ANT digital TV antenna.

Attic Mount

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GE Pro Attic-Mount TV Antenna

Best for mounting in the attic

The GE attic or outdoor antenna is a long-range HDTV antenna that can reach up to 70 miles from the broadcast signal. A simple setup with a mounting bracket and mast gives you an option to install it in the attic out of sight but still get crystal clear reception. The simplicity of the aluminum design and typical GE engineering assures you years of uninterrupted viewing.

No monthly cable fees with an over-the-air antenna

Paying for cable is never-ending with monthly fees. Get an over-the-air antenna and watch TV for free. The quickest and best way to freedom is by using the Mohu MH-110598 Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna. It is a paper-thin antenna that you can conveniently mount anywhere on a flat surface. It's easy and straightforward to handle.

The Vansky Outdoor TV Antenna is also a great option, it gives you a 150-mile range, and a remote control handset to change the direction it's pointing for fine-tuning the reception.

Any antenna you choose will surely save you money in the long run.