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Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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Some outdoor pizza ovens are attachments to your charcoal, gas, or wood pellet grill. Others are free-standing ovens specifically for cooking pizza. Both get hot enough to cook a fresh pizza within five minutes. We’ve gathered a good list of each so you can toss aside the mediocre frozen pizzas and skip the delivery fees and instead enjoy a truly delicious pie. The best part of cooking a pizza outside is the char and smokiness that’s sure to please your taste buds. 

Best large capacity

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Summerset The Oven Outdoor Freestanding Gas Oven with Pizza Stone

The big one

The Summerset outside gas oven is a smoker box and pizza oven all in one. The large oven area fits extra-large pizzas up to 16 inches. It features three racks so you can cook up several pizzas to be served fresh all at once. It also comes with a pizza stone to get you started. The door has a viewing window so you can easily watch your pizza cooking without disrupting the cooking process. On each side is a shelf that folds down when not being used and the front panel includes a drawer for storing utensils and hot pads. The large oven can be used to smoke meats and cook other foods. The stainless steel finish looks clean and is easy to wipe up after using it. 

Best for fire-baked

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Green Mountain Grill Pizza Oven Attachment

A GMG attachment

This pizza oven sits on top of the firebox of your grill and uses real wood and flames to bake pizza outdoors. The housing chamber of the oven us uniquely shaped to ensure every part of you pizza cooks and cooks evenly. It easily heats up to 800-degrees Fahrenheit to cook pizza in under five minutes. The Green Mountain pizza grill requires some assembly and attachment to your GMG grill to work properly. It only works with a select number of Green Mountain Grills and comes with a 90-day warranty in case something breaks. 

Best freestanding oven

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AZ Patio Heaters Propane Pizza Oven

Always ready to start cooking

This free-standing pizza oven uses propane as its heat source. It is made from steel and features two cooking racks inside. It also comes with a pizza stone, though you can purchase a second and make two, 14-inch pizzas at once. The inside of this oven can get as hot a 550-degrees and will cook freshly made pizza in about nine minutes. The bottom of this outdoor pizza oven has two standard feet and two wheels. There is a side handle to make it easier to move and position into place when you’re ready to cook. All controls are located in front just under the oven door. The AZ Patio pizza oven weighs 81 pounds before a propane tank is attached to it. 

Best for gas grills

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Zenvida Grill Top Pizza Oven

A versatile outdoor oven

This pizza oven is an accessory piece that works with your gas grill. It sits right inside your grill and uses the gas heat to cook your pizza. This oven only has one tray, but it does include the pizza stone that holds 12-inch pizzas. There is an integrated temperature gauge that lets you know when the oven has reached its maximum temperature of 600 degrees. The way the stainless steel is shaped your pizza is cooked evenly every time. You can also use this outdoor oven to cook bread. The Zenvida pizza oven works with charcoal grills, too, and doesn’t require any physical attachment or installation to work. 

Best for charcoal grills

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Broilmann Open Face Grill Pizza Oven

Bring it camping

The Broilmann pizza oven sits on top of the embers of your charcoal grill. The open face allows the smoke in to give it a fire taste while the ceramic pizza pan and stainless steel oven let you control how much char you want on your crust. There is a thermometer on the top of the oven so you can see when it is heated enough to start cooking. This open face pizza oven is lightweight enough to take along and use over a campfire. There is no bolting or installation required to use this oven. Just set down over your heat source and start cooking. 

Best for pellet grills

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Unfit Red Stag Outdoor Pizza Oven with Stone Kit

For smokin’ good pizza

This outdoor pizza oven a perfect accessory to your Trager, Pit Boss, or other wood pellet grill. It sits inside over the embers and smokes the pizza inside until it is done. The stainless steel oven has a single tray and comes with a pizza stone big enough to hold a 14-inch pie. On top of the oven is a temperature gauge to let you know when it is hot enough to add you pizza. Most pizza takes between five and 10 minutes to grill. This pizza oven does require some assembly before it can be used. 

Pizza perfection 

The Oven by Summerset is the ultimate pizza grill with three racks that will cook several 16-inch pizzas at once. It uses propane to heat which is easier to control as you’re cooking but still will give your pizzas a good char on the bottom. If you already have a grill and don’t want, or need another big cooking appliance, try the Zenvida Grill Top pizza oven. This lightweight attachment sits inside your grill over the heat source and works just like a regular oven, except with the added bonus of the smoke and flames. If you have a wood pellet grill, the Red Stag outdoor pizza oven by Unfit is our top recommendation.