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Bike racks can be used at home to store your bike when it isn't in use or attached to a vehicle so you can bring your bike wherever you decide to roam. Whether you're transporting a bike to and from the park, your local XC race, or a mountain bike road trip, being able to carry the bike outside leaves sufficient space for passengers. Besides, racks protect your car upholstery from a greasy mud-covered bike at the end of a ride. Whether you prefer a roof, towbar, or trunk-mounted bike rack, we have narrowed down to the best options with varying features.

Staff pick

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Allen Sports deluxe 2-bike trunk rack

Double the bikes, double the fun

If you and a friend want to hit the local bike trails, you might be trying to figure out how to get there with your bikes. The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike trunk rack fits many different models of cars, including hatchbacks, minivans, sedans, and SUVs. It can hold two bikes at once and has several different straps to keep it stable while you're driving. It also features easy installation since it's delivered fully assembled.

Best hitch rack

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Allen Sports 4-bike hitch rack

Perfect for family and group trips

There are times when you need to cart around several bikes at a time. In those cases, the Allen Sports 4-bike hitch rack is an excellent option because its built to hold four bikes while driving. It requires the use of a 2-inch trailer hitch in Class III or IV. There are six different options for this rack, which have unique locking options, but they all deliver a secure way to transport bikes for a carload of people.

For pickup trucks

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Softride Pick Up Tailgate bike rack

Converts the tail gate into a working bike rack

If you drive a pickup truck, a tailgate pad is the best way to tote a fleet of bikes to and from the trail. The Softride Pick Up bike rack is essentially a pad that covers both sides of your tailgate to protect the bikes and your truck from clanging. To fit a bike, simply place the rear of your bike in the truck bed, drape the front wheel over the tailgate, and you're good to go. The padded bike rack includes softwraps and daisy chains for securing up to six bikes to the rail.

Roof rack

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Swagman Fork Mount rooftop bike rack

No need to remove the front wheel

If your vehicle has factory or even aftermarket crossbars, the Swagman roof rack will conveniently carry your bike without taking off the front wheel. While it's a budget purchase, you don't have to worry about sacrificing quality or your bike swinging back and forth. The construction is pretty sleek, yet sturdy. Tie-down straps hold the wheels in place, and an arm connects to the down tube to secure your bike in an upright position. To carry additional bikes, you can install up to three racks on a single vehicle and seek that adventure with absolute peace of mind.

Single storage rack

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Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci bike storage rack

Modern design that looks elegant in any room

When you aren't riding your bike, you need a place to store it at home. The Delta Cycle single bike rack gives you an excellent option for keeping your bike safe and out of the way. It lets you mount your bike up on the wall, providing a unique opportunity to save space in your garage or apartment. Also, the accompanying tire tray secures the rear wheel & protects your wall from scuffing. Even when the bike is off the wall, the rack pair still looks elegant and could pass for modern wall decor.

Bottom line

It's safe to say there is no one-size-fit-them-all when it comes to bike racks because of varying vehicle models. Whether you need a vehicle option or a safe at-home storage spot, there are great bike racks out there for everyone.

If we could only recommend one, it would be the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Rack. It can hold up to two bikes at once, has multiple straps for stability, and fits many different car models. For home storage, especially with limited space, the Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Bike Storage Rack is a must-have. The mount fits most wheel sizes and bikes weighing 40 pounds max.

Hitch mounted and hitch towback racks like the Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack offer undeniable convenience when loading and unloading bikes. The arms fold in when not in use, and the frame tilts away, giving you sufficient room for the liftgate. Besides, you will be able to cart around up to four bikes.

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