Best Oculus Quest Accessories

Russell Holly in fitness Quest mode
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The Oculus Quest is an excellent standalone headset. It plays immersive virtual reality titles without requiring a PC, phone, external sensors, or external wires. But just because the Oculus Quest comes with what you need to get started in the box, doesn't mean there aren't ways to make the experience even better. These accessories help you play longer, more comfortably, and let you play more powerful games.

Staff pick

Quest carry case

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Oculus Quest travel case

Quest on the go

This softshell case has enough room for your headset, Touch Controllers, charging cable, and adapter. The compartment of the case that holds the Touch Controllers keeps them separate from the headset, which helps protect the lenses.

Safe and secure

Kiwi head strap

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KIWI design Headband Head Strap

Play for longer

This strap reaches across the top of your head and pulls the headset's weight off of your face. It's a simple accessory that makes a big difference for longer playing sessions.

Sharing with friends

Chromecast Ultra

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Google Chromecast Ultra

View on the big screen

The Oculus Quest is great for immersive VR, but it's also great for parties. You can stream your Oculus Quest to a TV using the ChromeCast Ultra. The Chromecast Ultra's ability to connect to the web through an Ethernet connection makes it the best Chromecast for the job.

Link up

Party Link cable

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Part Link 16ft cable

PCVR for your Quest

Oculus LInk is in beta right now, but you can try it out using this cable. The feature allows you to play powerful PCVR games on your Oculus Quest. This cable supports speeds up to 5 Gbps, which is enough to handle Oculus Link.

Power up

Energizer rechargeable battery

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Energizer Rechargeable batteries

Keep control

The Quest's Touch controllers each need a AA battery. It's a terrible feeling to pick up your Oculus Quest and not to be able to play it because your Touch Controller's batteries are dead. These rechargeable batteries will help you play on your Quest all day long.

Quick cleanup

Cleaning wipes

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Microfiber cloths

Wipe everything down

Sweat, grime, and fingerprints can build up on any glass surface. These microfiber cloths can clean your Oculus Quest's lenses without scratching the glass. They're also handy to keep around for other electronics like your phone or computer.

Personal sound

Oculus in-ear headphones

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Oculus Quest in-ear headphones

Add in-ear audio:

The Quest has built-in speakers, but if you'd prefer to keep your audio private, or you'd like to immerse yourself even further, you can grab these headphones. They plug into the two headphones jacks on the Oculus Quest, so you have fewer wires to deal with.

If we're making some suggestions

The Oculus Quest provides an excellent experience on its own, but the accessories in this collection help make it even better. The Google Chromecast Ultra lets you cast the Oculus Quest to your TV so your friends and family can watch you play.

The Oculus Quest is light enough that you can take it on the go. It also doesn't require any external hardware, so it's perfect for bringing to parties or a friend's house. The Oculus Quest travel case protects your Oculus Quest while you take it out and about.

Even though Oculus Link is in beta, it's one of the most exciting features for the Oculus Quest. It allows you to play powerful PCVR games on your Oculus Quest by connecting it to your gaming PC. The Party Link Headset Cable is fast enough for Oculus Link and flexible enough to work well with most PC setups.

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