Best OBD2 car readers for Android

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Every car owner needs an OBD2 car reader. That check engine light could mean you have a myriad of underlying car issues that need immediate attention. Taking your car to the dealer or mechanic just to read your trouble codes can cost you hundreds of dollars! Sometimes, it could be a simple fix that you could do yourself — so why take it to your dealer or mechanic without knowing the problem first? Grab a home ODB2 scanner, download an app, and become your own second opinion.

Staff pick

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Bafx Products diagnostic car scanner

A driver's best friend

The BAFX Products 34t5 works on all 1996 or newer consumer vehicles in the USA. All you have to do is connect the OBD2 car reader to your Android phone, tablet, or Windows computer, and start sending and receiving real-time updates. It's such a quick and straightforward way of resolving that blinking check engine light and other minor car problems.

Industry favorite

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BlueDriver pro-grade OBD2 reader

Read and clear codes like a professional

The BlueDriver OBD2 car reader will match your vehicle's model and trouble code to a specific fix from the Identifix database in its companion app. Also, you get access to repair suggestions verified by Certified Professional Mechanics, and a tone of information only accessible to professional mechanics using costly scan tools. The reader works with both Android and iPhones, which is super convenient for shared family cars.

Great value

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Veepeak Mini Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Real time diagnostics

Read engine diagnostic trouble codes and fix simple car problems by yourself using the Veepeak Mini Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner. This mini scanner supports all OBD-II protocols and works on most cars sold after 1996. All you need is a third-party OBD2 app such as Car Scanner ELM OBD2, Torque Pro, OBD Fusion, or DashCommand, to turn your Android phone or tablet into a fantastic diagnostic scan tool.

Fastest OBD2 adapter

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OBDLink Professional Grade OBD-II Scan Tool

When speed matters

The OBDLink LX is a pro-grade reader that features its own app, which allows you to scan, read, and clear trouble codes in a broader range of vehicles. The scanner's lightning-fast Bluetooth connectivity enables you to receive faster performance updates and realistic virtual gauges. Measuring just under 2" long, this OBDLink car reader doesn't obstruct driver legroom and will go to sleep when not in use.

Family plan

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FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool

Monitor multiple vehicles from one account

FIXD makes multiple car control easier by allowing you to link several OBD2 sensors to one FIXD mobile app account. You can remotely monitor the health of the vehicles, check and clear readings, get maintenance notifications, or make unlimited calls to ASE certified mechanics for DIY help or a trusted second opinion. The only downside of this scanner is that you need a subscription to unlock premium services.

Easy to use

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Foseal OBD2 Scan Adapter

Perfect for novice and intermediate users

The best thing about this Foseal ADB2 car reader is that it connects to both Apple and Android phones via WiFi, and it's compatible with all OBD-II protocol. Whether you use a shared car, fix cars for a living, or just like to see your vehicle running well, this handy scanning tool will help you troubleshoot and clear engine codes, eliminating all the guesswork and saving you tons of dough in diagnostic fees.

Skip the trip to the mechanic

Taking your car into the shop for a Check Engine light can often end up costing much more than what may have been necessary. These easy-to-use Bluetooth OBD2 car readers can give you a picture of your car's overall "health" and put you in control of diagnosing your vehicle's issues. If you're looking for an inexpensive and straightforward option, go with the BAFX Products reader — it'll work with just about any non-hybrid or electric cars sold in the U.S. in or after 1996.

If you want the very best of the best, you should grab the BlueDriver pro-grade OBD2 reader, which offers the most in-depth information on your vehicle and even sends repair reminders to your phone through its companion app.

If you have multiple vehicles you'd like to keep tabs on, though, the FIXD Professional Scan Tool lets you keep track of all of them at once — assuming you have an OBD II reader in each one. The FIXD readers are cheaper when you buy in bulk, so cover all of your vehicles at once!

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