Best Manicure Sets

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Master the art of personal nail care maintenance with a manicure set. Uneven, shapeless nails just won't do, and the specialized tools in these travel-ready sets make it easy to properly pamper yourself no matter the location. (So, no excuses.) Manicure sets include an array of essentials including, clippers, nippers, scissors, and more. Most sets also feature tools to make the perfect pedicure possible, as well as additional grooming necessities. These comprehensive collections offer the best accessories to maintain your self-care routine, and we've curated the best options available.

Staff pick

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Beauty Bon Manicure and Pedicure Set - 10 Pieces

Sleek stainless steel set built for beautiful nails

Preen to perfection with this multi-tool manicure set shaped in sturdy stainless steel. This easy-to-tote kit includes ten functional pieces for grooming and shaping packaged in a slim dual-color case. The complete collection includes nail-loving instruments like clippers, cuticle nippers, and scissors. Retaining well-kept nails is simple with this mani/pedi must-have.

Nails and beyond

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Tseoa Manicure, Pedicure, and Grooming Set - 12 Pieces

Beautiful nails and more with this multi-purpose collection

Prevent chips, cracks, and snags with this savvy nail-loving set. Featuring plenty of tools to trim and shape, this kit keeps nails looking their best. Each useful utensil is cast in sturdy stainless steel to easily maintain nails with every clip and snip. Manis and pedis are orchestrated by the bevy of beautification tools, with everything from scissors to nippers. Essential grooming items are also included, like an ear pick, tweezers, and a blackhead needle and loop remover. These efficient instruments are stored in a compact case, ideal for travel.

Complete care

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Esarora Manicure, Pedicure, and Grooming Kit - 18 Pieces

Manage nails and more with this slick black set

For complete care of your hands, feet, and face, this set has you covered. Each tool of this 18-piece collection is made of surgical-grade stainless steel for strength and simple serialization. Nail care is fulfilled by helpful accessories including, clippers, nippers, a dead skin fork, nail cleaning knife, and a callus remover. To keep your face freshly groomed, this kit also includes tweezers, an acne tool, and an ear pick. What also sets this collection apart is the sleek black color and matching carrying case.

It's electric

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UTILYZE 10-Speed Professional Manicure and Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

Drill-style gadget and accessories for speedy nail care

Refine and shape nails with the finesse of this electric-powered nail drill. This customizable nail-grooming device has seven unique attachments to maintain hands and feet. These attachments perform a variety of functions, including filing, shaping, and polishing as well as cuticle and callus removal. The device, when equipped with a preferred attachment, uses efficient rotations (both clockwise and counterclockwise) to offer the perfect treatment at any of the ten speeds. Each piece of this gadget stows into the convenient carrying case when not in use.

11 easy tools

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FAMILIFE Stainless Steel Manicure Set - 11 Pieces

Trimming tools in a classic leather-style case

Nail upkeep is important, and it's best to have the right tools. This group of grooming essentials makes nail care simple. Each of the 11 accessories is shaped in durable stainless steel, ranging from clippers to scissors. The tools are easily accessible with a handsome leather-style carrying case. So, you can keep this manicure set at arms-length for any nail emergency.

Flirty and feminine

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Keiby Citom Professional Stainless Steel Manicure and Pedicure Set - 12 Pieces

Must-have manicure set with a femme case

Nice nails are a must, and this cute contouring set will deliver. It includes a variety of lasting stainless steel tools, including clippers, trimmers, and a file, to make hands and feet lovely. The beauty basics don't end there, facial care items like eyebrow scissors, tweezers, and an ear pick make this collection full-service. Store these mani and pedi essentials in the space-saving lace-trimmed pink case for a stylish look.

Shape up

You can keep nails in shape with the right tools. And, it's even easier to conduct routine nail maintenance when these tools are available in one accessible manicure set. These sets include a variety of nail care essentials to administer manis, pedis, and more. Our staff pick is the Beauty Bon Manicure and Pedicure Set - 10 Pieces because it provides the perfect array of tools in a stylish travel case. The inclusive collection features precise instruments, including clippers, cuticle nippers, and scissors.

If you're looking for a more extensive, but just as portable, set the Esarora Manicure, Pedicure, and Grooming Kit - 18 Pieces is a great choice. This complete-care set includes tools to groom hands and feet as well as your face. Each piece is constructed in sturdy surgical-grade stainless steel with a slick matte black finish. Nail care is achieved with everything from clippers to callus removers. And, as far as facial grooming goes, the kit also includes tweezers, an acne tool, and an ear pick. Store these functional items in the convenient black case for easy storage.