Best wax warmers

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Are you looking for a good wax warmer to help you achieve spa-smooth skin? Well, we have great options for you. While shaving body and facial hair is pretty quick and simple, it doesn’t always give us the best results. With a good wax warmer, you can safely melt your preferred wax beans and achieve silky smooth legs, underarms, bikini area, or face. Whether you are looking to improve your spa waxing kit or you prefer waxing at home, these wax warmers will help you achieve the results you want.

Staff pick

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Femiro Home Waxing Kit

Comes with all-natural hard wax beans

This new generation Femiro waxing kit will solve all your hair removal problems. The kit includes an electric wax warmer with a16-ounce wax pot, and all-natural wax beans formulated for gentle and irritation-free hair removal. The warmer is molded in a durable and heat-resistant ABS material and features 100% copper wiring that melts the wax in about eight to ten minutes. The 16-ounce wax pot is also removable for easy cleaning. A very accurate temperature meter ensures that you melt your wax entirely and then dial it down to a comfortable waxing temperature.

Premium grade quality

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GiGi Wax Warmer

Stunning stainless steel interior

The GiGi wax warmer has an 8 and 14-ounce capacity that accommodates most wax containers and hair removal wax formulas. The interior is made of stainless steel for pleasing aesthetics and easy cleanup. On the outside of the unit, there is a temperature control knob and two light indicators that help in maintaining optimal temperatures throughout waxing sessions. It takes about 30 minutes to melt the wax to perfection, and soon you will be showing off your glowing, smooth, radiant skin without fear.

For versatile use

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Salon Sundry Electric Wax Warmer

Works great with all standard wax cans and formulas

This compact and portable wax warmer is suitable for both hair removal and therapeutic waxes, including paraffin wax. Packed with 75 watts of heating power, a powerful internal circular heating element, and a temperature control knob, the warmer offers fast and even wax meltdown. Once the wax is all melted, you can dial down the thermostat to maintain ideal wax temperature and consistency. The metal wax pot liner is removable for direct pouring and easy cleaning.

Excellent value

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ILansley Waxing Kit

Waxing kit perfected for course hair

Lansley's all-in-one waxing kit includes a wax warmer and everything else you need for hassle-free home or spa waxing. The electric warmer has a sizeable 16-ounce waxing pot and an auto-off function that controls and maintains optimum wax temperature. Also, the pack comes with all-natural aloe wax beans and hard jasmine wax, perfect for ripping out coarse and fine hair from the root, giving your skin a silky smooth finish. The kit includes pre-wax tea tree oil that protects the skin from hot wax and post-wax treatment oil that helps in diffusing inflammation as well as cleaning up residual wax.

Step by step guide

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KoluaWax Wax Warmer Kit

Everything you need to wax at home

The KoluaWax hair removal kit comes with an electric wax warmer, pre-wax and post-wax oils, ten applicators, as well as hard wax beans intended for individuals with coarse and fine hair. The ISO Certified electric warmer makes safety a priority. It comes prepared with all copper wiring, a see-through lid, anti-slip rubber pads, a power indicator, temperature control settings, and a removable aluminum pot. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to melt the beads to the ideal consistency. The wax beads are engineered for different body parts and infused with coconut oil to keep your body feeling soft and smooth for longer.

Best for professionals

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Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer

Dual convenience

Estheticians will love the convenience offered by this Satin Smooth double wax warmer. The two independent warming wells come in handy when using two different wax formulas targeting different body parts or hair textures. The wells are designed to fit standard 14 to 16-ounce wax cans. An On/Off switch lets you know when the warmer is on, and the unit's thermostat creates even temperature.

Bottom line

Having the ability to wax your body in the comfort of your home and see salon-quality results is a great way to save money and time while you indulge in self-care. With a body waxing kit like the Femiro Home waxing kit, you have everything you need for a full-body waxing session. The kit comes with an easy to operate wax warmer and four different flavors of all-natural wax beans. 

If you prefer a wax warmer without any accessories, the GiGi wax warmer is a perfect fit. Featuring a user-friendly interface, a stunning stainless steel interior, and a clear removable cover, you are in for a seamless waxing experience.

The Satin Smooth Professional Double wax warmer comes in handy when you need to warm different wax formulas simultaneously. The cover sits up straight, giving you unobstructed access to the melted wax with minimal chances of losing the lid.