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In most states, it is illegal to hold onto your phone while driving, and even in states where a law for hands-free driving hasn’t been passed, there are laws about distracted driving. It is just a good, safe idea to put your phone away as you drive, but sometimes you need it to follow your GPS. Cradle phone holders are bulky, but magnetic car mounts blend into your car’s décor and are much easier to use quickly while getting in and out of your car. Here is a healthy list of some of the best for just about any cell phone. 

Best Overall

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SCOSCHE MagicMount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder

The universal accessory

This magnetic, non-cradle phone mount works with any cell phone. It includes the magnetic plates and a flat base mount that easily adheres to most dashboards. The head is adjustable so you can position your phone in any way to clearly see while driving. Your car charger can also be secured with this mount so your cell phone can be powering up while you use it. The SCOSCHE MagicMount comes with a three-year warranty. 

Best Value

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Maxboost Car Mount [2 Pack]

Two for the price of one

The Maxboost car mount is already a best seller on its own, but this bundle comes with two magnetic mounts making it an overall great value, too. The Maxboost clips onto your car vent, so there isn’t any problem if you need to remount it. Plus, this is a great option if you travel a lot because you can use this magnetic car mount in a rental car without having to worry about residue being left behind. The Maxboost is strong enough to work with most cell phones and with several tablets. 

Best Vent Mount

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WizGear Universal Twist-Lock Air Vent Mount

Easy to reuse

This magnetic mount by WizGear is popular for good reason. You get a low-profile mount and the ability to adjust the angle of your phone without having to sacrifice an arm or a leg. The mount clips onto your car’s air vents and locks into place to keep it secure as you bump and dip during your drive. It works with any device, including Blackberry phones, and is covered with a smooth rubber that protects your phone or its case without interfering with the magnetic force. 

Best Dash Mount

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Syncwire Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Classic design with a beautiful finish

The Syncwire dashboard mount adheres to either the face or the top of your dash while the head swivels and tilts on a ball joint so you can position your cell phone to see it while driving. The finish of this mount is dusted with an antioxidant surface to give it a muted shine that is elegant in any vehicle. There are some drawbacks to this mount, however. The biggest is it doesn’t work with thick phone cases, such as Otterbox or wallet cases. It does come with a three-year warranty. 

Best for Older Cars

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Koomus Pro CD-M Magnetic Mount

Slip into your CD player

This compact mount fits into the CD disc slot on older model vehicles, allowing you to turn an obsolete feature into an ideal mounting location. The head of the Koomus Pro does move a bit to reposition your phone, but it isn’t as free with pivoting as other magnetic car mounts. This cradle-less mount works with every phone type making it a good, universal accessory that is easy to take along on trips and use in several different cars. 

Best Swivel Design

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Nite Ize Steelie Orbiter Dash Mount

Unique and highly functional design

This magnetic car mount is dome-shaped with a steel ball that lets you position and rotate your phone in so many different angles. The kit comes with everything you need to connect to your car’s dash, and it doesn’t have to be on top. This mount will work mounted to the front of the dash, too. Nite Ize’s original Steelie require a concave button you can’t hide under a case, but the Orbiter uses a flat metal plate to connect to a socket that stays with the mount. 

The final word on hands-free driving 

Keeping your eye on the road and your hands on the wheel is the safest way to drive. But if you do need to look at your phone while driving, then we suggest the SCOSCHE MagicMount. This device sticks to your dashboard and moves just enough for you to position your cell phone to glance at is when needed. However, it does stay put once set, so it isn’t the best if you travel a lot and need something that transfers between your car and your rental cars, or for use in a work vehicle as well as a personal car. In this case, we recommend the WizGear Universal Twist-Lock. This magnetic mount clips into any car’s air vents and with a quick twist-lock into place so it doesn’t move out of position while you drive. But since it doesn’t require adhesive like dashboard mounts, you can safely use it over and over again in any car. 

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