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Best LED flashlight

Best LED flashlights
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LED flashlights are an energy-efficient way to bring light with you, no matter where you are. Today's torches have good durability and long battery life. Many are also waterproof or rugged, which make them ideal for hikes, camping or other outdoor excursions. We've gone through several options for torches. Our pick is the Linkax LED Torch for its overall design, which will help you in most conditions.

Best overall

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Linkax LED Torch (opens in new tab)

Waterproof, shockproof and bright

The Linkax LED Torch has a powerful 800 lumens torch that creates a large floodlight or a precisely focused spotlight, depending on your needs. It has five modes to cycle through, including high, medium, low, strobe, SOS and emergency. The high-quality aluminium alloy will keep it safe in rugged conditions, and it is easy to carry and charge (requiring only 3 AAA batteries).

Safety is top of mind in the design, with an anti-slip handle allowing you to use it in rain, snow or inclement weather. The torch is waterproof and shockproof as well. You can bring it along on a camping trip or other outdoor excursion for a long time, as the flashlight is designed for hours of use.

Best brightness

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Ledeak T6 Torch (opens in new tab)

The 1200 Lumens brightness will illuminate dark conditions

The Ledeak T6 Torch has a powerful XM-L2 bulb including in the package with a max output of 1200 Lumen, making it a bright flashlight for its class. Multiple modes, waterproof construction and durability make this torch a versatile partner when away from home. It's also small, easily fitting in your pocket, handbag, glove compartment or wherever you may happen to be.

Best versatility

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Rehkittz LED Torch (opens in new tab)

Light your way no matter how bad the weather

The Rehkittz LED Torch is a perfect companion due to its overall versatility. It's bright, with long battery life and even has a zoom to enhance the multiple modes of illumination. The torch is water-resistant, durable and advertised as "virtually indestructible" as it can be dropped from a 10-foot height with no issues.

Best multifunction

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Letion LED Torch (opens in new tab)

The torch's modes include a UV light

The Letion LED Torch has a combination of white and purple light and several modes you can cycle through to get the brightness you need. The UV light is handy for looking for mould, pet stains or other inconveniences that crop up in daily life. It is mildly waterproof and highly compact, letting you use it in ordinary outdoor conditions.

Bottom line

Our pick is the Linkax LED Torch (opens in new tab) due to its powerful light and its versatility in adverse circumstances. The torch is 800 lumens and can be adjusted into a large floodlight or a powerful spotlight, whether you need illumination far away or close up. It also features different modes, including high, medium, low strobe, SOS and emergency. The torch comes in a compact aluminium alloy package and only requires 3 AAA batteries for use.

You can be assured of safety whilst camping or working in remote environments since there is an anti-slip handle for a good grip in the rain or the snow. The torch is also waterproof and shockproof and has a long-lasting life, allowing for hours of use.

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