Best Laptop Locks for PCs

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If you frequent coffee shops with your laptop, it’s a good idea to invest in some security. The last thing you want is to be without your computer. Adding a physical lock and cable is a great way to prevent your laptop from being stolen. Finding a lock that is compatible with your laptop depends on the security slot. If your laptop has a lock slot, it will work with many T-bolt configurations. If it doesn't have a lock slot, then you'll need to get a lock that attaches to your laptop another way, such as with an adhesive. While no lock is perfect, these laptop locks will help deter potential thieves, and we've selected the best options. 

Staff Pick

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Kensington Combination Cable Lock

Kensington combination lock with a carbon steel cable

Kensington is a household name when it comes to laptop security. Kensington locks are known for their durability, and many laptop manufacturers will specifically mention if a device has a Kensington lock slot. This lock comes with a cable made of woven carbon steel to provide cut resistance. The lock works with devices that have a Kensington Lock Slot.

Kensington with Keys

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Kensington Cable Lock

Kensington key-accessible lock with a carbon steel cable

This Kensington lock comes with a carbon steel cable that makes it difficult to cut. It works with the Kensington lock slot and comes with a couple of keys to make it easy for you to open. This newer version features a thin lockhead that pivots so it can fit into a wide variety of laptops.

Security Slot Combination

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FOLAI Combination Lock

Combination lock with an adhesive security plate

This combination lock works with any device with a security slot. It comes with a six-foot cable that's cut resistant. If your device doesn't have a lock slot, you can still use this setup thanks to its adhesive security plate. The security plate will add a bump to your device, so make sure you don't place it anywhere that you'd like to lay flush with a table or desk.

Security Slot with Key

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RUBAN Lock and Security Cable

Lock with a 6-foot cable and key access

This lock comes with a 6-foot cable and two keys, so you have a backup. It utilizes a T-bar mechanism which is a common design and makes it compatible with several devices. It works with any laptop with a security slot. The lock design allows you to attach and detach the lock very quickly, especially when compared to a combination lock.

Best Universal

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The Blade

Hefty lock with a strong 3M adhesive

This lock works with devices that don't have security slots. It attaches with 3M adhesive and adds a security slot. The Blade does at some heft to your device but provides added security. While the Blade does add bulk, it can also be used as a handgrip for tablets and lighter devices.

Our top picks

You laptop is an investment that needs protection, and locks are a great preventative measure. If you often use your computer at an office or need a way to secure your device in an area people may pass by, a laptop lock is a great solution. While no laptop lock will protect your computer from a thief with enough tools, having a lock bolted to your device provides a deterrent for would-be thieves.

If your laptop has a Kensington lock slot and you want extra security, the Kensington Combination Cable Lock is a good option. It provides the convenience of a combination lock, so you don't have to carry a key everywhere. If your device doesn't have a security slot, you should look at The Blade. The Blade attaches with adhesive so it can work with a much wider selection of devices. It is a more permanent addition to your device, but it's a versatile option that can work with almost any PC.

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