Best iPhone Repair Kits

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Electronics, like your iPhone, are delicate, and when mishandled can sustain damage. Learning to independently restore your devices will save time and money. Specialized repair kits include instruments to make fixes, even big jobs like iPhone screen repair or battery replacement. Any of these repair kits will help you with tasks, both large and small.

Staff Pick

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Xool 80-in-1 Magnetic Driver Set

Comprehensive repair set with essential tools

This 80-piece tool set includes a magnetic driver with 56 swappable bits, as well as several other essential tools for repairing your iPhone. This includes guitar pick-looking spudgers for prying front and back panels off, tweezers for delicately removing small pieces, and anti-static cords to prevent shocks.

Heavy Duty

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EEEKit Precision 45-in-1 Maintenance Kit

Multi-functional tool set in a durable case

This kit comes in a rigid case for increased protection. The screwdriver can be extended with both solid and flexible driver extensions depending on the job you need to perform, as well as secondary drivers.

So Many Bits

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Gocheer Mini Screwdriver Set

Extensive screwdriver kit in a hard case

Gocheer's Mini Screwdriver Set has 115 pieces, including dozens of swappable screwdriver bits, tweezers, spudgers, and flexible and rigid driver extensions. It comes in a hardshell case for increased durability when taking it with you.

Carry It with You

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GANGZHIBAO Electronics Repair Tool Kit

Tons of tools in a travel-ready case

This 90-piece tool kit has all the basic tools that you'll need to repair most common electronics, from the newest iPhone to your custom-built PC. The screwdriver bits are stainless steel and magnetic, while ESD-coated tweezers help prevent static shock when removing delicate parts.

Repair Anything

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Kaisi 139-in-1 Repair Tool Kit

Screwdriver and then some

You've got 139 pieces in this kit, ready for either electronic repair or home improvement. Alongside the standard selection of screwdriver bits, spudgers, and tweezers, you also a small knife, brush, ruler, and cleaning cloths for ancillary tasks.

Flexible Repair

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ROADTEC Mini Precision Screwdriver Set

Compact screwdriver-and-more set

The Roadtech Mini repair kit can extend the screwdriver up to 105mm with its flexible extension shaft, as well as a magnetic metal extender. The set comes in an easy-to-store carrying case so you can easily throw it in your bag as you hit the road.

Expanded Value

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Johncase 18-Piece Repair Tool Kit

Just enough pieces to get the job done

Not as comprehensive as most of the other sets, Johncase's repair kit is more like an expanded basics kit, with five colorful fixed screwdrivers, tweezers, an air blower, and a suction cup for removing the display. It also comes with a magnetic plate that hangs onto your screws while they're out of your device.

Extend and Fix

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Royace Precision Screwdriver Set

Helpful tool set accommodates phone repairs and more

This kit is great for repairing your phone, electronics, appliances, and even some general home improvement. It's a great 119-piece set, complete with a small magnetic pad for storing screws while you work, and it features flexible and hard extenders for the screwdriver for those hard-to-reach spaces in larger electronics and computers.

Our recommendations

Unfortunately, repairs are a necessary part of owning electronics. So, it's essential to have a repair kit on hand to maintain your devices.  When purchasing a repair toolkit for your iPhone, you'll want to get something that has enough tools to handle any of your electronics. You'll also want something small, portable, and easy to keep track of so you don't go losing pieces left and right. To that end, I recommend the Xool 80-piece repair kit. It has enough pieces to be useful for any repair, but not so many that you'll start losing track of them.

You can also pick up the ROADTEC Mini Precision Screwdriver Set. It has 115 pieces, a more robust driver handle than the Xool, and a heavy-duty carrying case so that it will keep your tools protected. 

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