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Best Inflatable Kayaks

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The best way to enjoy the water without taking up valuable space in your car or truck is to use an inflatable kayak. These typically come with a pump, but a basic bicycle pump will do the trick, too. The best inflatable kayaks inflate and deflate quickly, are reinforced to minimize the risk of punctures, and hold a decent amount of weight. There are kayaks designed for fishing, relaxing, or flying down rapids. We’ve put together a list of the best inflatable kayaks. 

Best overall

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Sevylor Quickpak K1 Kayak

For quick adventures

This inflatable kayak by Sevylor inflates in five minutes. It’s very lightweight and features a backpack system, so it’s easy to carry along on your outdoor trips. The bottom of the boat is made with tarpaulin to reduce the risk of punctures. And there are multiple air chambers throughout the kayak so if one area is punctured the rest of the kayak will keep you afloat. The footrest is adjustable to help you find and adjust your position to keep you comfortable throughout your whole trip. The Sevylor Quickpak is just over eight feet long and holds up to 400 pounds. 

Most versatile kayak

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BOTE Lono Aero Inflatable Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board

For all types of water adventures

The BOTE inflatable kayak features an elevated seat and a self-draining cockpit area to help keep you dry as you enjoy your water excursion. It has a cooler port and areas to secure fishing rods, tackle boxes, and buckets for your catch. If you’d like to try another water sport, simply remove the seat and use this kayak as a standup paddleboard. When you’re done, this inflatable kayak folds down small and has a carry bag on wheels that’s easy to transport and even take along as checked luggage. This inflatable kayak, while versatile, is quite expensive and it doesn’t come with any paddles. 

Best 3-Person kayak

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Ordes Kayak Series 3-Person

Holds a crew

The Kayak Series by Ordes holds three people in its inflatable kayak. It’s PVC and polymer materials are as thick as a nickel and are reinforced to be both waterproof and to reduce the possibility of being punctured. It is tough and durable to be used for emergency situations, such as flooding, in addition to fun water activities. This inflatable kayak fills quickly and includes two kayak oars. It has four individual airbags, so if one area of the kayak is punctured, the other three will hold enough air to keep you afloat. 

Best whitewater kayak

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N/P Inflatable Boat Kayak

Enjoy the rapids

The inflatable kayak by N/P is shaped more like a thick boat than a kayak, which makes it a stable and great choice for whitewater kayaking. It is more stable than a traditional inflatable kayak and will fit more than one person up to a combined weight of 440 pounds. There are handles on either side of the kayak along with eye-hooks for stringing a bed rope around it. This kayak is made from a tough PVC material that is pretty thick, so it’s more difficult for it to puncture. It has a double valve for quick inflation and deflation. Included with the N/P inflatable kayak are a foot pump, bed rope, and two kayak oars. When you’re done the kayak folds up small enough for easy transport, though it doesn’t come with a carrying bag or case. 

Best fishing kayak

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ZJS Inflatable Kayak Set

Holds all you gear

The ZJS inflatable kayak is a new product that features a hard deck to help keep you steady while both paddling and fishing. It also reinforced the kayak so you can carry several people or lots of gear up to 700 pounds. There are thick anti-collision strips around the entire kayak, so if you do bump into something the risk of the boat being punctured is less. The ZJS inflatable kayak comes with a repair kit, plus cushions and paddles. A deck rope is also included, plus the kayak itself has two side handles - one on each side - for added safety. 

Can you go on a trip without an inflatable kayak?

If you want to go as a family, then the Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak would be a great choice. It can safely handle the weight of two adults and a child. You can quickly remove and adjust the inflatable seats and balance the kayak for any adventure. But it also is a great kayak for single riders, too.

For fishing excursions check out the ZJS inflatable kayak set. It holds an impressive 700 pounds and has enough room to hold all your gear including tackle boxes, nets, rods, and buckets.

Finally, please remember to be visible and wear a life jacket anytime you go on the water.