Best Headrest DVD Players

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A portable DVD player is a lifesaver when traveling with kids, though teens and adults like a little entertainment on the go, too. Headrest DVD players attached to the front seats of your car to give you a completely hands-free experience. There are a lot of options that we’ve narrowed down for you with our top pick being the FANGOR dual DVD player because of it’s two screens, five-hour rechargeable battery, headphone jacks, and over all affordability. 

Best overall

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FANGOR 10.5-Inch Dual DVD Player for Car

Everyone can see

This DVD player features two screens that attach to both headrests so everyone in the back seat can see what’s playing.


  • Two screens
  • Five-hour rechargeable battery
  • Connected to television sets


  • Not compatible with wireless headphones
  • Doesn’t sync with mobile devices

The FANGOR portable DVD player includes two screens and all the mounting accessories you need to mount them both to your car’s headrest. This allows more than one person to be entertained on your trips without having to strain to see a single screen. The monitors don’t work independently from each other, so they will only play the same movie and not two separate ones. It only supports DVDs and not Blu-ray discs.

You can power this DVD player using your car’s charger, or use the rechargeable battery included inside this kit. The lithium-ion battery will hold enough power to keep movies playing for five hours without a problem. That is about the same time as two full-length featured films. It will also connect to a larger television so you can watch a movie on a bigger screen in a hotel room. This DVD player doesn’t have an HDMI connection to sync with mobile devices, nor does it work as a charging port for them. Also, you can connect headphones to this kit using the jack port, but wireless headphones are not supported.

Best hard case mount

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HD Juntunkor 10.1-Inch Portable DVD Player with Car Kit

Extra sturdy mount

The player comes complete with everything you need for an in-car DVD watching experience including a hard case mounting system. 


  • Car headrest case, charger and remote
  • On-board viewing mode
  • Break-point memory function


  • Not a Blu-ray player

This DVD player comes bundled with a custom-made car headrest mount case, a car charger, and can be operated in “on-board viewing” mode via the easy-to-reach buttons on the front of the display, so you have an all-in-one solution for in-car entertainment.

Specs-wise. You’re looking at a 0.1-inch, 1,024 by 600 swivel display, a 2,500mAH battery for up to five hours juice, region-free DVD and CD compatibility, a USB port, and SD card slot with support for digital codecs, a remote controls, and a break-point memory function. The HD Juntunkor doesn’t play Blu-ray discs.

Best mounting kit

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E-LU 10.5-Inch Car Headrest Mount

Make it so

The E-LU car mount turns your portable DVD player, or reading tablet, into a headrest-mounted device. 


  • Holds most portable DVD players
  • Adjustable straps
  • Water and stain-resistant


  • DVD player isn’t included

If you already have a portable DVD player, you can use the E-LU car kit to mounting it your vehicle’s headrest for easy, hands-free watching. The mount straps around the headrest and secures into place with a sturdy velcro strap. Your DVD, or even a large tablet between 10-inches and 10.5 inches, slips into the mount while keeping side ports accessible. Made from nylon, the mount resists both water and stains. Plus it’s easy to clean up if it does get dirty. E-LU does have a smaller mount available that holds devices with a 9.5-inch screen. This headrest car mount comes with a two-year warranty. 

Hands-free entertainment

You don’t need to simply hand the portable DVD play to your little one in the back seat and hope it doesn’t fall through the cracks or get crumbs in it. Even teens need a break and a way to play video games or watch a show without getting a kink in their neck. The FANGOR 10.5-Inch dual DVD player has two screens and the mounts to secure them to both front seat headrests. This lets everyone in the backseat watch the movie while sitting comfortably.

Both screens have headphone jacks so the kids can watch their show while mom and dad can have their own music or conversation going. You can plug this DVD player into your car charger to keep it powered, or use its own power from the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It holds enough power to get your kids through a couple of movies before it needs to be recharged. 

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