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Best Hair Scissors

(Image credit: NeONBRAND on Unsplash)

A pair of hair scissors is the most critical tool for a hairstylist or barber. It's an invaluable instrument that creates any shape or style, adapting to new trends as they come. A high-quality pair of scissors makes quite a difference in the cut, easily producing that perfect style. To pick a pair that compliments your cutting technique, we have compiled a list of the best hair scissors. Read on.

(Image credit: JWShears)

JW Professional Shears

Reasons to buy
+Staff pick

Excellent for professionals as well as home use, the JW shears have razor-sharp convex edges for smooth cuts, leaving no split ends. The ergonomic offset handle is rubber-coated, easy to use, and comfortable on the wrist and thumb. It's made from Japanese stainless alloy for long-lasting cutting edges and performance. When you're not using the shears, put them away in the provided case.

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Jifront Professional Hairdressing Scissors Set

Reasons to buy
+Premium Pair

With the Jifront professional scissors set, you get a pair of cutting scissors and a pair of thinning shears. Effortlessly cut hair with the regular scissors and use the thinning shears to blend in the layers. There will be no hair-splitting or pinching with these scissors because they are created to make hair look great. Moreover, the ergonomic design and carved handle patterns allow the scissors to be used comfortably for long intervals.

(Image credit: ShearsDirect)

ShearsDirect True Left Hand Stainless Cutting Shear

Reasons to buy
+Best for Left Handers

This high-quality pair of scissors is made of Japanese stainless steel and has an ergonomic handle ideally suited for a left-handed person. The offset handle adds to the comfortable use of these ShearsDirect shears. They are not only light, weighing 2 ounces, but are also incredibly sharp for cleanly cutting through the most stubborn hairs.

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Treasure Gurus Hair Styling Cutting Scissors

Reasons to buy
+Budget Friendly

These ice-tempered scissors are easy on the pocket and smoothly style hair. These scissors are popular in barbershops because they are lightweight and cut cleanly, but they are also priced reasonably for home use. These Treasure Gurus scissors are seven inches long and made from stainless steel to offer many years of reliable service. You can't go wrong here.

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SMITH CHU Hair Cutting Scissors and Thinning Shears

Reasons to buy
+Great Value

A cost-effective and high-quality set, this SMITH CHU tool collection, is popular with not only professional hairstylists, but junior stylists and in-homes. The Japanese steel gives both scissors strength and a shiny surface that will not fade or rust from prolonged use. A muffler design is attached to the middle of the handle to reduce noise, and the ergonomic design improves proficiency without putting undue stresses upon the wrist.

If you want great looking hair, then use a good pair of hair scissors

A good pair of scissors will perform wonders on unruly tresses. To get a precise cut, the best tools must be selected. To that end, the JW Professional Shears would be the best tool for styling hair. The razor-sharp convex edge will leave no split ends for a clean even cut every time.

For a cost-effective selection, consider the SMITH CHU Hair Cutting Scissors and Thinning Shears. It's an easy way to own two pairs of high-quality scissors at a minimal price. Use the thinning shears to compliment the sharp and fast scissors that effortlessly cut hair, and are gentle on the wrist.

Happy cutting.