Best Galaxy S20 Plus Cases

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Samsung is pulling out all the stops with the S20 line this year, and while most of us can't convince ourselves to shell out for an Ultra, the S20+ is no slouch by any means. Before your pre-order shows up, don't you want to have a nice cushy case waiting to keep your phone safe and pristine from the second you take your new phone out of the box? Here are the best options available so far.

Staff Pick

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Spigen Liquid Air

Grippier than ever

Spigen makes one of the most popular single-layer cases on the market, the Rugged Armor. However, the Liquid Air is not only a fresher look, but it's got much, much better grip thanks to that diamond texture across the back. It's also got an excellent form-fitting design that fits easily in a pocket while keeping your phone protected. 

Layers of protection

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ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series

For a cruel, cruel world

Our phones are our lifelines, and the robust drop protection and dust plugs on these cases can help your S20+ survive what life throws at it. The ArmadilloTek Vanguard series delivers top-tier protection with a full body wrapped case. It also has a kickstand that works well in portrait or landscape mode.

Best Value

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Caseology Solid Flex Crystal

Clear control

This name-brand clear case gives us the best of all worlds: air cushions to protect the corners, shows off the signature Samsung style, and adds a great amount of grip for less than a large pizza. The design is slim with buffered corners that allows you to also take advantage of a screen protector or wireless charging!

Classy covering

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Samsung Leather Back Cover

Leather luxury

Samsung's leather cases are always a hit, and while the S20+ doesn't come in as many colors as the regular S20, the leather cover still comes in six shades, though the ruby red certainly stands out to me. This option delivers a bit of luxury to your phone case and is easy to snap on and off without a hassle. 

Maximum durability

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UAG Pathfinder

Ready for war

This mil-spec drop-tested case has a rugged grip, robust corners, and big buttons for those who are rough on their phone or tend to take their phones on intense adventures. These cases feature a soft interior and a tough outer shell to protect your phone even under the most adverse conditions.  There is even a raised rubber lip above your screen to protect it from face-down falls. 

Keep your phone protected

While I admit that heavy-duty cases can make the most sophisticatedly designed phones feel clunky, that's no reason to walk around with a naked phone. It's just plain indecent — and it invites Murphy's Law! If you want some slim protection, grab the Spigen Liquid Air or the Caseology Solid Flex Crystal so that your S20+ has at least a little protection from scuffs, scratches, and slips.

If you want some more robust protection, I've been a fan of the ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series for a couple of years now. The fold-flat kickstand doubles as a tentative phone grip while weaving through a crowd, and despite the case's beefier back, it still supports wireless charging so you can keep those dust flaps securely covering your USB-C port and keeping out lint and sand.