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Best filing cabinets

Best filing cabinets
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Filing cabinets are essential for any office. We all have so many papers to organize and sort, and for that reason we recommend having a good filing cabinet or two at hand. This list of filing cabinets will surely keep your documents secure and organized. We recommend the Han Systembox Drawer Set for its overall value, security and design.

Best overall

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Han Systembox Drawer Set

This filing cabinet balances value with security

It's hard to beat the Han Systembox Drawer Set for affordability or for its ample storage for all sorts of documents. Its five drawers have an ample amount of space inside of them, allowing you to easily hold C4-sized documents. You can also rest easy knowing that this is an environmentally friendly system, as it is 100 percent made from recycled materials.

The unit has rubber feet on its base to protect your floors from any pressure due to weight or to moving the file system around. The drawers are also easy to open and close, including a comfortable recessed grip, a spot to stick-on labels, and drawer stoppers to prevent any sudden closures that could damage the device.

Best design

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Pierre Henry Maxi Filing Cabinet

Bring style to your storage solution

The Pierre Henry Maxi Filing Cabinet is a stylish option for your office. There are several colours available to suit your office decor, and no matter which colour you choose, you will find a strong metal construction and high-quality paint finish. There is ample space inside to store your A4 documents, and the two drawers have smooth run-on rollers that make it easy to open and close the drawers.

Best safety

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Life Carver Filing Cabinet

Drawer stoppers and solid feet will stop this cabinet from moving

The Life Carver Filing Cabinet not only looks good, but it has safety features that would be useful in many office situations. Only one drawer of the three available ones can be opened at a time, lest it tips over. Balance is enhanced using two front casters with a brake function, along with one auxiliary caster under each file drawer. Security is also a snap, with one key locking all three drawers simultaneously.

Best portability

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Really Useful Box 24

Stay organized in small spaces and on the road

The Really Useful Box 24 will keep your office moving along on the road, as it is highly portable -- just look at those handles as an example, along with the lightweight framework. It is an ideal companion for your A4 papers, allowing you to have an office in a box. The transparency and stackability of this filing cabinet option make it a great idea even if you have a few extra papers you want to keep around your living quarters.

Bottom line

If you're looking for a filing cabinet that matches affordability with large storage space, the Han Systembox has a lot of space for papers at a reasonable price. There are five drawers included with room for numerous C4-sized documents inside. It comes in a sleek design that is environmentally friendly, allowing you to practice conscious consumerism.

For your safety, the unit has rubber feet to keep it steady on the ground while protecting your floors. The drawers glide open and close with ease, and include features such as a handy grip, a location to store your labels, and drawer stoppers.

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