Best DVD players for TV

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DVD players are convenient to have since we still have DVDs stored somewhere throughout the house. They can come in handy to watch some of those countless numbers of movies amassed over the years. Even homemade film is a joy to watch and recover some of the nostalgic past.

Below are some of the best DVD players that you can use to watch or even convert into HD.

Improved quality

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LG BP175 Blu-ray player

Play blu-ray discs from any region

There are no restrictions to play your Blu-ray from any region, but you do get to enjoy watching it on your HDTV. Don't throw away the DVD collection, because this player will play them also. Not only that, but the DVD upscaling also delivers excellent image quality to 1080p via the HDMI connector. You are ready to watch the old movies with improved viewing quality, so enjoy the technology.

Best for budget

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Impecca compact DVD player

Play digital files also via USB

Revolutionize your viewing experience with a wide range of DVD formats, also play digital files using the USB port. Customize your experience with the skip, slow-motion, advanced zoom, and single-step play functionality. The Impecca DVD player also has anti-shock protection to give you uninterrupted performance as it caches the data and plays from its memory rather than from the discs directly.

Quality viewing

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Megatek home DVD player

Premium medium size fits any room

Play your DVD and enjoy the up-convert to full HD 1080p to view fine details you didn't notice before. You can also play your digital files via the USB port and enjoy HD quality with crystal clear sound. Additionally, watch your favorite slideshows with music playback at the same time. The built-in anti-shock technology will ensure you get uninterrupted viewing while the compact size perfectly fits any space in your room.

Modern LCD display

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Electcom DVD player

Advanced drive core to reduce noise

Get the full immersive video experience with near-perfect HD picture quality while playing your CDs or DVDs from any region. You can also watch digital files with the USB connector for hassle-free viewing. Progressive Scan technology and the advanced drive core design both combine to improve the video delivery and reduce noise at the same time. It all adds up to a nuisance free and enjoyable time.

Watch those old DVDs again with a good DVD player

You'll be surprised at how good some of the old DVDs play and look at your current HDTV. The newer DVD players have compatible HDMI connections and anti-skip technology to give you the best viewing experience possible, so bring out those discs and be prepared for some nostalgic moments.

To make the most of your DVDs using a Blu-Ray player like the LG BP175 instead of a normal DVD player will help upscale your DVDs, making them look better on modern TVs

Just like the vinyl records, the DVDs will be around for a long time yet.