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Best Double Sleeping Bags

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The best way to get a queen-sized sleeping bag years ago was to zip two single bags together. It was awkward, but it worked. Today, double sleeping bags can accommodate two comfortably. My favorite sleeping bag for couples is the Teton Sports Mammoth. It's larger than a queen-sized mattress and so warm you'll never have to dress in layers at bedtime. For a complete rundown of our most recommended double bags, read on.

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Teton Sports Mammoth

Reasons to buy
+Best Overall

You'll never feel cramped inside a sleeping bag again with the Teton Sports Mammoth. This gigantic double bag is broader and longer than a queen-sized mattress, giving two more than enough personal space to stretch out, roll over, or cuddle up.

The Mammoth has zippers on both sides so that each person can control their own level of coverage and also slip in and out without disturbing the other. There's also a foot zipper to increase air circulation or let your feet hang free on warmer nights. The brushed-polyester flannel interior is soft and comfortable and has just enough padding that it can be used without a sleeping pad when necessary.

The Mammoth is rated to be comfortable down to 0 degrees, but we found it works best in temps that don't dip below freezing. There is an included stuff sack, but it's an absolute bear to get the bag back inside the bag. You'll need four hands for that job. If you can handle that, this is a comfortable, perfectly weighted bag for car camping or weekends at the cabin.

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Ohuhu Double

Reasons to buy
+Best Value 

Attention warm weather campers: the Ohuhu sleeping bag for two is soft but durable and just right for summer, late spring, and early fall outings. The 210T polyester shell is water-resistant enough to keep you from waking up in a damp bag, and you won't risk getting wet in the rain. The Ohuhu is stuffed with a 3D cotton filling that provides a generous level of cushioning and just enough warmth for temps that dip into the 40s.

This bundle comes with a few extras. There are two travel pillows included as well as a cinch sack. The bonus pillows are big enough to give your neck some support but small enough to tuck inside the carrying bag. This double bag can be separated to create a pair of bags when privacy is needed or kept zipped together for two to share the same space.

The Ohuhu is rated to keep couples warm in temps that dip into down to 32 degrees, but we found that to be wildly inaccurate. If you're not wearing layers, you'll stay warm into the upper 40s but will be shivering long before the air temperature drops to 32 degrees. For tent or trailer camping in decent weather, this is a reliable sleeping bag that will save you some cash.

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Sleepingo Double

Reasons to buy
+Best Lightweight

Weighing a hair under six pounds, this is the lightest double sleeping bag on our list. The Sleepingo is a waterproof model that is large enough for two adults but lightweight enough to be packable. The outer shell is camping grade waterproof polyester, and the inner lining is a combination of Tetron and cotton that is soft and almost cushion-like.

The Sleepingo unzips into two sleeping bags or can be used with a partner as one giant bag. It comes with a carrying bag that's easy to use and two tiny travel pillows that also fit inside the cinch sack.

The only potential negative is that this was not designed for larger adults. The bag is technically five feet wide on the outside but much narrower on the inside after factoring in stuffing, liners, zippers, and the shell. That doesn't leave much room for two average-sized adults to turn over, let alone those who are broader or taller. If you don't mind keeping close company with your tent companion or need a bag for two kids, this is a durable offering with an appealing price tag.

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Kelty Tru.Comfort Double 20

Reasons to buy
+Best Ventilation 

The Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 is a doublewide sleep system that lets you cozy up to the one you love while still being able to control the internal temperature on your side of the tent. This thing is amazing!

When the mercury drops, synthetic cloud loft insulation keeps you toasty down to 20 degrees. Its oversized design gives two people room to spread out and doze off without feeling squished or claustrophobic. Best of all, each person can take control of their own comfort level.  There are two built-in blankets - one for each person - and zip off foot boxes that let you hang your feet out to cool down when necessary.

This beautifully-designed sleeping bag has two hoods for super chilly nights and space to fit two full-size pillows inside for the ultimate in outdoor comfort. This is a premium setup, and it's reflected in the price. Still, if you and your partner have different ideas about what the ideal sleeping temperature is, this bag will make you both happy campers.

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Coleman Tandem

Reasons to buy
+Best Big and Tall

When a standard double sleeping bag feels too snug or too short, the extra big and extra tall Coleman Tandem is the right choice. The Tandem has a 3-in-1 design, which means you can use this as one bag or zip it apart to create two sleeping bags.

Hollow polyester insulation and quilted stitching, plus a cuddly flannel-like interior, keep campers warm when temps fall into the mid-40s. We love the softness of the lining, but it does create a lot of static, particularly when you're wearing cotton. Sizewise, this sleep system is fantastic! The Tandem fits most up to 6'4" in height, and the width is plenty big enough to give sleepers their own space while still being able to benefit from the warmth of another's body heat.

We think the zippers on this bag are worth bragging about to potential buyers. With a "plow" design, they never jam or snag, and move smoothly and quietly up and down. Zippers are located on both sides of the bag to make it easier to crawl in and out without disturbing the other. For the big and tall, Coleman's Tandem is a roomy yet packable bag that's nice for car camping or dozing on the couch.

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Canway Double

Reasons to buy
+Best Flannel

The Canway sleeping bag for two is a reimagined envelope-style bag you probably used as a kid. Instead of cotton on the outside, a material that soaks in moisture, the exterior is waterproof 210T polyester. The inside is velvety plaid flannel, layered over 3D cotton batting. The combination makes you feel like you've slipped into your favorite shirt.

Two small flannel travel pillows are part of the package.  Cute as they are, they're more decorative than functional. If you're looking for true neck support, I suggest packing pillows from home. The entire bag can be zipped apart and separated into two sleeping bags or kept intact for a large, doublewide bag.

This is a lightweight model, and it's thin. Too thin to place directly on the floor of a tent. If you're spending the night anywhere the temp drops below 50 degrees, a sleeping pad is highly recommended. The positives outweigh the tiny negatives with the Canway double bag. This is a cozy piece of gear you and your partner will look forward to using.

Bottom line

When not out solo camping, the bag I trust is the Teton Sports Mammoth. This sleep system is 94 by 62 inches, which is significantly more prolonged and broader than a queen-sized mattress. Its interior is abundant enough for two to stretch out or roll over without disturbing the other. And the two-way zipper setup is great for couples! Each side has its own zipper, so you can slip in and out without waking your partner, and there's a foot zipper for ventilation.

This is a heavy bag, and it's designed for colder weather. It keeps two people cozy enough to go without layers down into the 30s but has enough zippers and ventilation to work in warmer weather too. The shell is Taffeta, and the interior is a fleecy brushed poly-flannel that feels nice against the skin. The added padding in the shoulder area and around all three zippers keeps drafts out and warmth in, where it belongs.

My only complaint is the included stuff sack that's meant to store the sleeping bag during travel. All compression sacks are challenging, but this one is especially so. You'll need four hands to get it pushed inside, or you'll want to invest in a different sack or skip it altogether. If you like sleeping next to the one you love, the Teton Sports Mammoth is a fantastic sleeping bag that will give you plenty of room and do away with shivering.