Best Computer Glasses with a Blue Light Filter

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Whether it’s a computer or phone, we’re susceptible to the glowing screens of our electronics. These devices are necessary for work and even recreation, but sometimes the constant stimulation from these digital screens can have an adverse effect. They can strain eyes and even interfere with sleep. Blue light glasses filter the harsh light from digital screens to help resolve these issues. There are a variety of different style options to meet your needs, and we’ve curated the best selections.

Staff Pick

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GYsnail Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Computer-friendly glasses in a wayfarer style

These classic wayfarer-style glasses look cool while blocking blue light. To keep your new specs smudge-free and safe, a soft microfiber cloth and hard case are also included. So, get your geek chic on for less.

Stylish and Simple

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ANRRI Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Protective square glasses with a tortoiseshell design

This straightforward pair of glasses with tortoiseshell frames and clear lenses is an appealing solution for people who don't wear prescription glasses. They look great while blocking 90 percent of the pesky blue light.

Add Magnification

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LifeArt Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Round blue light-blocking glasses in many color options

These round blue light-blocking glasses come in your choice of 15 different levels of magnification. You can choose anywhere from 0.00 (no magnification) up to +4.00. This versatile pair is also available in a variety of color options to meet your style needs.

Clip On to Glasses

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Klim Blue Light-Blocking Clip On

Add protection to your favorite pair

If you already have glasses and want to add a blue light blocker, choose the clip-on style shown here. This convenient design has rectangular yellow-tinted lenses that filter out 92 percent of blue light. 

Magnification Option

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The Health Lists Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Square-frame glasses with amber-tinted lenses

These amber-tinted glasses come in three different styles and eight different levels of magnification. Choose from 0.00 (no magnification) up to +2.00. This classic and helpful design blocks 99.5 percent of blue light.

Wear Over Other Glasses

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Aspectus Fitover Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Computer protection for your favorite glasses

If you wear glasses all of the time, and you like the amber-tinted style, consider Aspectus. They are designed to fit over the glasses you already own. So you'll have the comfort of your prescription glasses and the added benefits of blue light filtering lenses.

Cute and Clear

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Cyxus Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Blue light-blocking benefits in various styles and colors

Choose from many colors and styles, including the blue-green ombré option shown here. The lenses are totally clear for those that don't want a colored tint. These fashionable glasses block blue light as well as UV rays.

Which one should you choose?

If you have a lot of screen time, do your eyes a favor and get a pair of computer glasses with a blue light filter. Blue light-blocking glasses filter out the digital light that can cause eye strain and even interrupt sleep. Which glasses you choose really comes down to personal preference. There are a variety of styles, including options that even fit over your existing glasses. Our staff pick is GYsnail Blue Light-Blocking Glasses with a simple wayfarer style. You can order them with a clear lens or with a yellow tint if you prefer. These glasses come with a case, microfiber cleaning cloth, blue light test kit, mini screwdriver, and a lifetime warranty.

However, if you need your blue light blocking glasses to have some magnification as well, go for the LifeArt Blue Light-Blocking Glasses. These glasses have a clear lens, and there is such a wide range of frame style options. Select from 16 different standard magnification options ranging from +0.25 up to +4.00, or you can customize your glasses for an extra fee.

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