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Riding into the night is much safer when you have the proper lighting. To break through the darkness, you'll need luminous bike lights that will help you see and be seen. Bike lights are bright constant beacons that will help arrive at your destination safely during the evening hours. We've collected the best and brightest options for you to consider.

Staff pick

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Cycle Torch Shark 500

Ultra-bright lamp ready for urban travels

Get a better riding experience at night with the Cycle Torch Shark 500. Cree LEDs power this 500-lumen headlamp, and it recharges easily with an included USB or power cable. The mount is compatible with any type or size of bike, and it all installs without tools in seconds. The flat beam shape of the headlight and bright tail light make this the best choice for city riders. Your lights won't blind oncoming drivers and pedestrians, but you'll still be able to see up to 300 feet ahead.

Super bright

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BrightEyes 1800 Lumen Light Set

Luminous light with a waterproof body

With 1,800 lumen Cree LEDs fitted in a waterproof housing, the BrightEyes 1800 will make you and the path ahead visible when the sun goes down. The battery is encased in miliary grade plastic, so you're guaranteed an intense light no matter the weather. This set includes a head strap for attaching the light to your helmet or head when mountain biking, plus hardware mounting, USB cables for recharging, AC cables, and even a GoPro mount.

Long battery life

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Vont Dual Bike Light Set

Rechargeable light duo

The bike light set from Vont comes with a front and back light, two USB cables, and four straps to attach the lamps to your ride. The batteries are rechargeable and last up to 10 hours. Even better, this dual light set is made from military-grade materials and can withstand adverse weather and rocky terrain. The lights have four settings so you can adjust the beam strength to your needs. And they're super affordable.


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Team Obsidian LED Bike Light Set

Light set with with a customizable beam

TeamObsidian's bike light set includes a 200-lumen headlight and a red reflective tail lamp. Both install in seconds and fit any style of handlebar. AAA batteries power the Cree LEDs in the headlamp. It illuminates city streets and wilderness trails with enough of a glow to get you where you're going. Unique in this price range is the bike light's ability to use a focused beam or cast a wide spotlight. 

Two of everything

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HeroBeam Bike Lights Double Set

Radiant light set with several options

Your visibility at night improves with HeroBeam's double set of lights. This super pack comes with two brilliant front lights, two tail lights, wheel lights, and even the batteries. Cree Q5 LEDs fill the front headlamps, and they're adjustable from 80-200 lumens. All materials are machined from solid aluminum to be strong, lightweight, and waterproof. 

Bottom line

Fans of night biking will need a light that will cut through the darkness. Bike lights illuminate paths and alert drivers, so they are a safety essential. The Cycle Torch Shark 500 is our top pick because it has bright LED lights that create a flat beam, offering sight 300 feet ahead.

For those with limited funds, the Vont Bike Light Set is a great choice. It has a long battery life and bright lights.

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